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Author Comments

I started this a few days ago since I was inspired to do some kind of Disney-esque musical track and just went with a simple classical approach. Half way through I just ran out of ideas and came to the sad realisation that it just wasn't going to be what I wanted it to be without the vocals.... and with that the song took a different turn which I wasn't sure I liked.

I contemplated not uploading this since it didn't really turn out how I wanted but I remember to not be cynical and just put it out there. Since if I don't put it out there then I can't get feedback, If I don't get feedback I wont have anything to work on which means I wont be able to make more music and etc etc.

So yeah here it is! despite the problems I think it turned out pretty well! Enjoy

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This is absolutely lovely :D

DuttonsaysHi responds:

I'm glad you think so! thank you :)

Is it just me, or do I detect a bit of 'Whatever!' in here?

I, for one, didn't really find this song to be too Disney-esque. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. I enjoyed the electronic interlude and the chiptune elements pervading the rest of the song. Disney songs, whether older or more recent, tend to stick to one genre. I like genre-swapping better.

The atmosphere is really uplifting and inspirational. You did a great job on giving it an overall feel. However, at 1:19, I think you didn't have to make it softer. It seemed like a good place to introduce heavier music, like the electronic stuff at 1:35. The part in between that was quite redundant.

This is more of a nitpick than anything, but it's something that really bothers me. In places like 2:50 and in many places onward, there's a sort of double kick or something that just makes me cringe. It's like the kicks are just *THAT* much off the beat, and it just bothers me. It doesn't matter, though. It makes the end of the song a tad less enjoyable, but the rest of the song is absolutely amazing. It's absolutely fine without the vocals.

Yeah, my review may not sound too positive as a whole, but I hope you know that I really enjoyed this piece. I try not to repeat what previous viewers have already said, and because of that, my batch of constructive criticism turned out to be a pile of scrupulousness. Whoops. Anyways, good job!

DuttonsaysHi responds:

No man this was really positive! It really shows that you listened through, analysed the song and gave feedback accordingly. I appreciate that so thank you :).

Now my reasons behind those flaws:

It didn't seem to Disney to me either... I blame the lack of vocals. If I had some vocals and lyrics to go from I would have been able to structure the song around that and use certain instruments and effects according to the theme. Without that the song just kind of takes it's own path of orchestral electro without any real theme. That's why I mention half way through the whole thing turns chiptune because I realised it could never be Disney-esque without the vocals, so up until the midway section it was solely orchestral you see?

That soft section was the part I had the "realisation". It was going to be a whole soft section that would build up into a newer, grander verse but again... couldn't do that so I just used it as a bridge into the electronic section :I.

Yeah, I get your point about the beat in some places but they where more or less intentional. I went for a break beat approach when it came to the drums with little fills in between the kicks, so I guess it's supposed to sound off-beat but I guess it's just not for everyone Dx. That small section you mention was just a small break to re-invite the mean melody with the added chiptune additions.

Again don't worry about it man! constructive criticism is always a positive thing in my books! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and give me feedback! So thanks again ^^

Boy, can you write author's comments. There was Disney in those two melancholy yet uplifting paragraphs.

Okay, you want feedback? Here's my humble take. You cover the bases in orchestration, from the shimmering high glock to the deep bass. But I think you can make those blend better . . . somehow. I personally feel you could have come up with a second melody to play during the first half, because as good as it is, it was starting to sound a teensy bit repetitive.

I don't think the lack of lyrics makes it less Disney-esque. The thrills came just the same. Grand and majestic. Good work.

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Wow thank you! I rally appreciate that! It's nice to hear that I still managed to get it how I wanted it to be from another perspective :].

I get what you mean with the orchestral blend. I mean I spent so long trying to separate the instruments to try and get a clearer sound for them but I guess I split them up too much in the process? I always get unsure when it comes to mixing orchestral instruments because I'm never fully aware of the kind of sounds I want (Do I want the strings to be stabby? to the brass need to be smooth or resonant? should the woodwinds be subtle or dominant?) I'll try and get a unified soon next time!

I also agree with the second melody but with the change in chord progression it was hard to find an alternate melody and I found the original to work just as well, I guess because it's a simple melody. I must have over used it in that case. I just didn't want to keep creating new melodies out of fear of them sounding too disjointed.

Thanks for the critique! I'll definitely work on that next time! :D

Slap yourself for being cynical.
This piece actually suits the disney mood and it's not often you even catch ANYTHING like that on newgrounds. It's all new-age and trendy...and this is a scream away from that. I like it!
For a unique piece of music, it's catchy and has a very high melody and the switch at 1:37 into what I consider a dance beat, was a great addition! For some reason, the ending reminded me of the ducktales video game O_o

Great work, but maybe change up your instruments a little more? Add in some more powerful drums and a few more string instruments to really bring out the atmosphere in this piece.

DuttonsaysHi responds:

I'm trying! D: it's part of my new years resolution to stop being a tool when it comes to this stuff...
but yeah, Thanks! I'm happy you think so too! I feel reassured about the whole Disney-esque thing since to me it was just another happy orchestral instrumental :D.

Yeah! that second part was made using a lot the techniques I use for my chip tune stuff so I guess towards the end I guess it came out ducktales ^^ I'll take that as a compliment because that had an awesome soundtrack!

Oh! I've been contemplating buy a percussion track lately but haven't been sure on it. I guess now I'll make that purchase for more powerful perc :D and yeah all the string instruments are here except they're all put together so they come off as a "section" instead of a solo instrument, I'll try and make a few solo instruments next time :D.

Thanks for the kind words and feedback!

Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2014
9:12 PM EST
Video Game
File Info
8.2 MB
3 min 36 sec

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