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w/o vox. Not very well mastered but could be fun!



This is beautiful. Could open up to a serious film, maybe forensics, and the sadness could result in something else.


I love your work! Before this I had only heard 3 of your other songs, and I'm definitely wanting to go to the person who...exposed...me to your music and ask him "WHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't you tell me about all this other stuff, WHY?!"

haha anyway, awesome. It's really upbeat and the percussion really works with the melody line. Keep it up :)


Very nice work, I like how this one flows and glides along. Great piano riff and what sounds like a muted horn in the intro. Awesome bassline flippin octaves, nice and bouncy.
Nice lead synth, has a nice amount of motion in it, ahh, nice transition.
Quality track, keep up the good work!

LaymanLove responds:

Hey, appreciate the review! I've been trying to put vocals on this thing forever...apparently the world is against it.

You never cease to amaze me =)

This was wonndderrffuull! You had some really neat and unique synths in there, especially that slightly dissonant synth you had come in every once in a while, it made the song even more awe-inspiring. I noticed that the percussion sounded "damaged" (in a good way, it added to the piece) at times during the song, which reminded me of the "Scream 4 Destruction" module in Reason 3. Just wondering, but did you use Reason in the production of this? Or did you just solely use Cubase with some plug-ins and stuff of that sort? Anyways, which either way it doesn't make this song any less absolutely awesome. I really wonder how you do it sometimes... that and why aren't your songs higher rated and more popular? Your current downloads and ratings don't nearly do these songs justice, it's some serious blasphemy. I wish I could somehow help you out and advertise or something, ya know, spread the love. It's obvious you put a lot of effort into your music and I know plenty of people would be moved by the caliber of this song's professionalism along with it's spacy and quirky atmosphere (which I just loved by the way). It honestly evoked some emotions and feelings in me, so I can say that I was touched by this piece. Anyways, nice job and keep making more music for me to jam out to, cause this song rocked!

Warmest regards from one of your biggest fans,

LaymanLove responds:

Long time my man! I'm glad you liked this one. I will be recording vocals this weekend hopefully. All the synths are straight from the Korg Triton. No Reason 3.0 on this badboy. As for the ratings, I'm perfectly content with where they're at, and I might have some more downloads if I put in more time in on the forums and reviewing other peoples stuff. Unfortunately, I got a full time job now and I never make it around anymore. Thank you though for any promoting/word-spreading you do though. Take care broham!



one of the best pieces on Newgrounds Audio Portal. On my speakers, it sounds like you compressed the bass synth a bit too prominently, but god damn I love that bassline when it comes out in the break, and the percussion is fucking ACE. I love the melodies, and the choice of instruments is perfect, in my opinion. Fucking awesome work, you sasshole. Hang on while I chuckle bits of Ross on your hand while you roll your eyes into the back of your head before you sing lyrics. I have to admit though, Circa Survive rocked pretty hard. OFF TOPIC! I WANT THAT


LaymanLove responds:

I think I love you. It's your style, your voice, your musk, the way you look when I'm tonguing your balls. Hotdamn!

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Jul 19, 2006
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