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The Ageless

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This is the opening theme to my animation project called "Ageless: Fall of Vigil". To know more about that, visit my blog site from my main page on this site.

About the song, Idk what genre to put it in. I'll put it in miscellaneous until I find out (usually by someone telling me.)
Also, this song took forever to render for some reason.

Edit: 1-8-14

I reuploaded a louder version. I thought the volume was too low.

Thanks flash and fox for setting me straight with the genre =).


has a nice cinematic feel to it, great job, i make music aswell n__n;

ClimbLadders responds:

thank you =)

So, I've heard that you will be making music again? I will be able to review your newer songs! I should have reviewed it earlier, but for some reason, it didn't show up in my Newgrounds feed...

Anyway, as for the song, I really liked it! I really enjoyed the percussion and the handbell in the song. The bass was also just at the right level, not too strong nor quiet. The strings were perfect and the choir fitted the whole song.

I also feel like a better ending couldn't have been made for this song. The fact that the whole song feels calm and slow prevents it from ending with a grand finale without it sounding too different from the rest. The song ending like that makes me feel like pressing the replay button again and again.

The only thing that kinda deceived me was the lack of a more intense part, a part with more emotion than the rest of the song. In cinematic/orchestral songs, it's usually the best part of a song for me. But, I still really liked the chorus ending (The part that repeats itself at the end), and I really could feel the energy from it. The song was just missing an intense moment, maybe right before the last part.

Good job! And great song, it is really fit for a medieval game, or maybe a calm forest. Keep it up! I'm eager to hear more new songs from you! (And yeah, sorry if some things don't make sense, my english isn't that good)

ClimbLadders responds:

Thanks for the detailed review.

I'm afraid I won't be focusing on music as much because now I'm working on 2 animations atm. I might skip a couple of month to move along with the animation, but I'm not sure. One is a big project and the other is something I"m using a "new" program.

I'm glad you enjoyed the song =) I wish I could have thought of a bridge (a way to connect the final chorus) to the ending, but I ran out of ideas. But it is what it is =). Next time, I'll keep a climax in mind (though the final chorus is one, but one with a different rhythm=p)

your English is fine =) don't worry about it.

Good Job Ladders! I can see this being in a video game or a cinematic scene I like the way the song ended, All in All this song has a great feel to it, like someone is getting ready to take on every challenge that the world throws at them.
great work once again!

ClimbLadders responds:

Thanks! I'm planning on using it in the titile screen for the big animation project I've been working on for... 2-3 (+) years? Regardless, its a long time lol.

thanks again =)

Cool epic sounding track. Reminds me of something that would be in a retro-ish RPG or Fire Emblem type of game.

ClimbLadders responds:

Thanks for reviewing Cain =)

Sound like a medieval other- cinematic music.

ClimbLadders responds:

Thanks for reviewing and helping me with the genre =)

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Jan 8, 2014
12:56 PM EST
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