Dark Reflections

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Three in the morning and yet I lie awake reflecting, strange stories playing out in my mind. They are dark but oddly beautiful, and their emotions are captured in this sleep deprived improvisation...

What story is the music telling you?

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Wow... It feels dark...

I'm saying this because I am actually undergoing an depression that feels too strong, I somehow blame my mother for making me do this. Because it was at a critical point where I am studying for my Year 10 exams for the year, and as it is in this step, I start to study, but my mother takes me the wrong way, as I'm trying to work, she thinks I lie, she thinks I'm a failure, but it feels too rigid, normally I would take it, but as it is now in this stage... She was... harsh...

She wanted me to pass... I somehow blame myself because I don't do it, like I don't try hard enough, I do want to pass, really I do, but my mind always tells me to do something else... and after one crucial step she did, she broke me... I got angry, and I spoke back, I became foul and abusive (not in a bad or harsh way), and she just made me angry... and after that... she had it, she didn't like me in this way anymore...

My Dad now keeps an eye on me, and my sister isn't even caring, because I encounter the same stuff everyday. And I don't like that... It feels like I no longer want to exist... But I want to fight through it, it's too hard... for my bad side of the brain to take...

I understand I was supposed to give a review about this masterpiece, but this music made me wanna say how I exactly feel, because as soon as I heard this song, I wanted to let go of my troubles... But I don't know how...

I want to thank you for making these incredible piano pieces, and I hope, you will keep that classical dream alive.

- Shifan Patel (AKA: Krazzy)

Best kind of music come from dreamless mind.It expess the agony of wanting something but you can't get it for some reason. Simple and short.

BlazingDragon responds:

Good analysis. Thanks for commenting!

Hi again BlazingDragon, again a very lovely track, very calm, peaceful and this is something I'm putting on my "Trying to sleep" playlist, Thanks a lot again. :)

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you zivoz! :)

Why is it that the sky represents freedom and the vast open ocean adventure?
The sky is cold and harsh winds blow there is no rest for those in flight but the ground below.
The vast ocean dark and murky filled with vile predations where the only sanctuary is the reef.
They represent solitude.

BlazingDragon responds:

Interesting take on the sky and ocean. I lean toward the optimistic side, so I can't say I'm inclined to see the world in such a way. Still, what you wrote has some truth, and it certainly fits the music. Thanks for sharing your poetic idea. :)

I think this song is about your former past, containing dark emotions, and hinders life and the way you live. The song is calm, peaceful, but has a dark tone to it.

It's a bit too abstract to make any symbolism, except the title and the tone of the song. But overall, I believe it's something of an abrupt end to a joyous life. To put it more in detail, this abrupt end destroyed a new life, and ended up living the past again, learning nothing, and not doing anything that one desires anymore.

Whether this new life is only a dream, a fantasy, an illusion, or any fake and false experience, it at least has its right to have a significance and position for the one that experiences it. But truly, the only false experience is the one that isn't exactly direct, and we experience that all the time.

BlazingDragon responds:

I like your description of this piece having a calm, peaceful, and dark tone. Those are things that seem contrary, but they can work together in a really interesting way.

Thank you for reviewing. :)

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Jan 3, 2014
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