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i2 - Burst

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i'm done with it.. got tired of this cause i worked on it too much.. ehh..

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wow this is amazing,
this is the kind of stuff you would except a pro to have difficulty making. i would be able to make this thats for sure.
great work,
check out mine if youve got some time :)
4.50 / 5.00 (+ 0.036)

Sounds nice.

I like the piano, the breakbeat was a nice touch, although imo didnt fit TOO well.

the track just whizzed past me, meaning my ears couldnt find anything wrong or repetitive with it.

nice track man. the piano doesnt sound all that real though, but thats FL for you! :P

review my stuff, or just check it out if you have the time!

-Rave4Yourself (AKA DJ NozeBleed)


Hello i2abbitz.

I've been meaning to leave you a review for a WHILE now, I kept thinking I did, and then realized that all the thoughts I had written about your pieces, never actually made it on here, so lets change that shall we?

Lets begin our review by analysing mood and atmosphere the song presents to the listeners shall we?

That piano start had a kind of angry, sad start to it. As if a person was standing against a loose barrage of energy, and the way the song accumulates only furthers this image.

At 0:41 the song forcefeeds all of its energy down my throat and makes me knock my chair back and dance. At around 1:21 the song calms down, and around 1:40 starts to build up again.

Energetic, I suppose is the best word to infuse with this song.

That piano ending makes me think that the person standing in defience losteded :'(


Lets talk a bit about melody and instruments.

I would say your repetitive use of that loop in the background would be bad, but you've added layer after different layer makes the song diverse enough to completely hide that fact, and hide it well.

Now I know this is purely my classical side just spitting in my face, but I keep hearing these french horns in my mind, that would compliment the melody just perfectly! Of course I don't really expect you to consider it, this is just my over active imagination >:D!

I know that synth program you're using for those high pitchy sounds, but I forgotelled its name, you will have to tell me please ^^. I want to try making some Trance/Techno myself you see, and I will need nice synths like these.

Nice use of the pads in the background. I also liked the gated instrument you have slamming in my face around 2:08, excellent stuff.

Thats all I can think about for now i2abbitz, keep your chin up and the spirit strong. Above all keep them coming ^^.

Goodbye i2abbitz.

I rarely give out 9's

Here is something that really sounds good. I like the part where it powers down back to the piano. nice work but it could have used a hit to end it.


Hello, i2.

I too have some songs that I've given up on. :o

This is I can say had a lot of potential, the main synth was nice and slidey, somewhat sad (mood-wise) The drums were nice and loud, but they were loud to the point that something else needed to back it up, not sure what, something that would make it sound not so empty...Thats for the 1st section.

The second part...The snare should have a little more thump to it, I liked the kick. It was more full, not as lacking as the first section.

Doesn't seem like I'm liking the song so much, as it may look so far in my review, and I kinda expect more from you, but I liked it, and I understand that it's not 100% complete, and therefore I'll rate you on how much was done before you quit on this one.

A nice, somewhat sad melody, with good drums.

Mind telling me is your piano the built in one from FL or some other one?


Gawd I haven't made a review this long in a while...

Vote on some of my new stuff will ya? 1 of them was zeroed :(

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4.91 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2006
8:40 PM EDT
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