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Bosa Revolution

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The sequel to Bosa's End. A thanks goes to Soulstrings for giving me an inspiration.

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Great music one after another great job.

The title is very fitting

I must say, it reminds me of the French Revolution, the reign of terror and Maxamillian Robespierre ordering the death of hundreds of people. Then Napoleons overthrow of the directory, his fall, and finally, at last peace.

Great job as usual
-The Bravo Fox


so when are you going to become famous? cause from your music u can definately get there. 5/5

Bosa responds:

Oh? Thanks. Some day, perhaps..



Hello Bosa. I am glad to see you submit something, lets begin our review with the mood and atmosphere your song presents.

The subtle, soft beginning was pretty neat, convinient, happy, innocent, and on a lesser scale, but not insignifcantly, hopeful. The harp really did work out, quite glad you put that in there, really gives it a neat twist.

at 0:50 when you bring in that choir. I was very taken by it. It sounds very real, is that your voice? If it is, its a wonderful voice, and works well with reverb. It gives me an image of a women, probably of celtic origin, slightly dancing through a field of flowers.

All is good.

Suddenly at 1:14 the sky turns red, swirling clouds of black rage manifest to consume the sky and light the sun would want to shower the ground with.

The dark choir there, did what it was meant to do. As well as those strings that followed shortly after.

I liked the layer you added on the strings at 1:53, it gave it a much more darker feeling, yet it was a suffering darkness, a darkness bent on crushing only because of the pain it went through before. A man in black robes, standing in the flower field, watching this women, as the flowers around him begin to die.

The women looks up with fear in her eyes at 2:37, and begins to venture towards him. Holding his angry gaze, she carefully makes her way to him. She holds his face at 2:50.

Unexpectantly the man's eyes begin to water, and his hands drop to his side, and he gazes up to the sky. A single tear strikes down the ground, and he begins to crumble away.

Sorry, for the long story, this is just what I get from listening to it.

Now to talk a bit about instruments and melody.

I feel some background strings, low octaves would help make this song more powerful, some right chords could have that beginning extremely powerful stuff. I liked the silence you presented around 0:53.

I'm also thinking, when the really dark music comes in, an organ. Some bells, and an organ. Epic destructive evil, a reckoning of absolute chaos. You present this feeling with the brass here as well, I just feel it would have been better emphasised with the addition of these bells.

The brass part was a tad saturated for me too, but again my earphones suck, it just as you said, helps me focus on the song ;).

Also as a contradictory idea, perhaps having a flute in those parts too. Kind of like Ying-Yang thing, you know, happy flute, evil flute, happy flute, evil flute kind of thing.

This is what I get from this song Bosa, keep up the good fight, I really enjoyed it.

Like it!

The flute was nice and the arpeggo with the harp did really work!Then,the nice chorus for some seconds and SUDDENLY,brasses,like the omen of something terrible that will happen very soon,and then the evil comes from nowhere!Too bad this part was too loud,the sound was saturated.And then,the peace again,then,some kind of triumphant tune,but again,something seems to lurk,somewhere in the haven of peace,ready to strike when it is not expected.Ending too sudden,you should let the brass and strings sound to let the the music die little by little.That is what your song inspired me.This is a very well done song,except for the fault i noticed.Great work,keep up like this!Oh,and check out my stuff,i would if this inspires you something.

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4.90 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2006
11:31 AM EDT
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