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Recorded up in my room on my ghetto home studio rig.


This place is a discrace that keeps me wallowing in hate, i cant do anything but sit here and think
the same old fucking sights, repeated lonely nights, i might just head downtown and order up a drink
cus the cycle never ends, getting drunk with all my friends, i try my best but baby i aint a saint
i put it all into my music, practice hard so i dont lose it, im good enough to fake it or break
cus it aint my fault, i was born to be this way
maryjane and hathaway barely take my pain away
but i dont really care
cus i was born to be content
cuz im happy with a guitar and a notebook to write in
ive burned alot of bridges and ive lost so many friends
so fuck it all, im staying in
i cant break my heart again
cus youre a fool.....
youre doing what you SHOULD do
but your making unconcious moves.
just doing what they tell you to do
dont you have anything to prove?
youre acting like you know youre, gonna lose.
my lifes not easy but im, not confused
i know exactly what i wanna fuckin do
cus it aint my fault, i was born to be this way
maryjane and hathaway barely get me through the day
but i dont really care, cus i was raised to be content
cus im happy with a guitar and a notebook to write in
ive burned alot of bridges and ive lost so many friends
so fuck you all im stayin in.
i wont break my heart again.
*slow it down, broken picking the chords*
cuz everyone, goes away in the end.
so fuck you all, im stayin in with my friends....
we where born to play.


Dude, put some more air through your words! I can hear the potential of a good singing voice in there, but it's not living up to said potential right now.

Good solo song though.

Dude, I love this! I have felt some of this same stuff. As a matter of fact, the last month playing shows, all I did was play and drink with the friends that came to play or listen.

You're like a twisted Sublime/Jack Black mix and I want more!

You in a band or anything?

5/5 man

FustigateM responds:

yep =D there is some sort of link up on my profile. we're called "the glashtens" lol. we're the only thing that really comes up if you google us n have a bandcamp and facebook and some shit up on youtube.

thanks for the enthusiasm tho! reviews like this makes everything feel so much more worth while lol.

oh and the comparison to sublime and jackblack is possibly the nicest thing anyone's said to me all week haha, sublime is a huge influence...TD is awesome...but not so much an influence though haha

I like that your lyrics begin with a story and race through thoughts and emotions. Is rare to find lyrics so descriptive and unconvoluted. You just say what you mean, and that's pretty unique now days.

As for the technical side of things, it is great that you were able to record in your bedroom. The beat and chords came through very well. The vocals, unfortunately, did not. A few times they were overpowered, though nothing major. I recommend amping your vocals up a little, but that's all I got for you. I loved it! Keep it up!

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FustigateM responds:

thanks =D this is a still a work in progress too, i posted it here to look for collaborators while i polish the final track ; )

my writing means alot to me, specifically , so thank you again for the compliment. i put everything ive got into it.

No, THIS is my favorite. Even before the song finishes. Dude, you gotta hook me up with the chords and lyrics for this. This is something I would wanna cover myself because not only does it sound great but it sounds fun to play.

I mean your band sounds great but it's personal songs like this where it's just a guy and his guitar that sound the best to me. Probably because that's me and my friends.

all I got to say after marathoning all your audio, you guys are better musicians than me. At least as far as acoustic ska and punk. Probably the most clever shit I came up with is about a horse fly in my background.

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FustigateM responds:

thank you so much man, and this one is all me so far =D it is a very personal song i would be happy to share chords and lyrics for. its also one of my newest ones ive written, ive been having writers block lately. ill PM you the lyrics and a basic idea of the chords, they are all bar chords pretty much

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