first flight.

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Imagine flying for the first time.


Stole the title from a song by JacobCadmus. I just couldn't think of another one. This has nothing else to do with his (amazing) song.

Composed in ~2 hours using my favorite chord progression ever. Cinematic electronic? Video game? Idk, you tell me.


chords r dumb

johnfn responds:


I love the strings and mood. The crash and the echo effect at the beginning seemed a little irrelevant, but it was certainly very beautiful and climactic. I love the melodies and that chill bass instrument you've used in Substructure, Inside the Machine, and now First Flight! I also liked the ending - it felt very conclusive. That said, I also wish you had brought the piece full circle a bit and ended with the emotional strings once more. But perhaps that's just a personal preference. Your drums samples were cool, too - they added a Southern rock-ish vibe to the electronic second half of the piece, which made for a very unique and interesting sound. Overall, it's an excellent piece. Great job, Johnfn, as always! ;D

johnfn responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah it's an electric bass and I use it in practically EVERY ONE OF MY SONGS (the only one in the last 10 that I didn't use it was "undersea world") because it fits literally anywhere and is soo versatile. One of these days I'll diversify my bass instruments...

And after reading your point about coming back to the string opening I completely agree. It's an easy thing to do and would make the song sound much more complete. It's something I'll definitely keep in mind in the future.

I had the same problem when I covered roaring tides ii. I didn't know what genre to put it in!
Anyway, I'm just spitting out bs, time for the review.
The song totally means it's name, I do picture flying for the first time when I listen to this song. I think this song does belong in the video game category due to the 8 bit like synth and adventurous melody you were using. I could totally picture this in a video game. That's all I really have to say, you did a really great job! Very inspiring. And in 2 hours. Jeez I could never do something like this in 12 hours!

johnfn responds:

Thanks! And yeah I was really happy with how well I nailed what I set out to write. To me, flying is very romantic for some reason. Maybe it's because I watched Wall-E when I was younger :-)

Ooohh do I get royalties from the title?? ;-)

Sick track btw! I especially love the bass line. Do you have plans to expand on this one?

johnfn responds:

100% royalties direct to you ;)

Yeah I have been working on making my basslines more groovy :)

The truth is I cut this down from about 4 minutes of material. Although I don't have any immediate plans for it, I do think that that melody line is quite special, so I might expand on it a couple of months down the road. I got the impression while writing it that I didn't have the chops necessary to fully do it justice, you know?

wow i love it. has a really good feeling. physically feels good.
that's how you know the song has done well.

johnfn responds:

Thanks! And nice reference to Cowboy Bebop :)

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