Remote Start - G Plattinum

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I have a rockband microphone.... I need something better!! >:O
Remote start this rap game, and rip it apart, leave it tame, never left the
window sill, still I, a force to reckoned with, I'm a Darth Vader and I got many
siths, on hold with no delay, they attack right away, even with traffic no right
of way, but this is why you pay homage to greatest man brought down to your
knowledge, your garbage it doesn't take a genius to see it, it doesn't take a
nuisance to be it, its a challenger to invoke me, and choke me right off my high
horse of course my throats hoarse From killing, no remorse for the fallen, but
keep snipping at me stallin' and I'll come back like Stalin rushing my rhymes
yet taking my times til halftime, crack a cold corona lime and watch the line
roll over you, lookin like you swallowing glue, Youre awfully quiet, is your
pride stolen? Use money to buy it, no body will ever know, that when your dead
you have nothing to show except a fake glow , a catchy innuendo, and played like
a Nintendo for your fame which is right out the window, your heart beat stops,
your wife is a widow, and I fed off you and your constant fear of losing pace,
grinding gears, this unfamiliar place, bloody tears your dead and gone, pride
picked up by salad tongs while I'm counting how many thongs hit the floor, when
they walk through my door even though half start nude way before, and I haven't
counted the ones hanging from my decor, am I loosing you, am I a bore? Is
listening to me such fuckin' a chore? You piece of shit I'll erase you, to the
core, but first let me mayweather those ears sore, You're already hannable from
me, a lyric cannibal, stuff me with gunpowder here comes the cannonball, the
final knockout punch where I hear your bones crunch from a punch down your
throat to your lunch snapped cords now you hunch, more washed up than the Brady
bunch, and i've ran you through, I can turn my back and you wouldn't have a
clue. Left clueless led into the darkness to imbue something due- time past its
date you little fuck making me late, true feelings, let me go and
masturbate,wait a second, pause the song, you telling me we don't get along,
that I'm racist, and I'm based off prejudice? Wrong. I'm a honkey, and my high
horse, really a donkey, so go ahead and mock me, so go back up your tree, and
starve while I'm grinning greedily, and let me restate that it isn't hate, its
fate, the gates to your checkmate better luck next life with a clean slate
~By no means am I serious... I like to have fun. Hence the rockband microphone! If I ever had a serious offer, I could step up, and write in my own time, not while im pissing at work lol.


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3.42 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2013
5:08 AM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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