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I had been playing too much Max Payne again. Or maybe it wasn't enough. Maybe it'll never be enough.

In case I fail to remember how to use the collaboration system on here, I got the beautiful music file from Hellwreckage, and you can listen to it in its full excellence here:


The three scripts are each, in my mind, on separate storylines. They each reflect Max Payne 1, Max Payne 2, and Max Payne 3. I tried to convey that in the acting, subtly. Only shows in the third, I guess.





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Wow this is extremely good.

Gianni responds:

Thanks! This review is extremely generous.

O.O Wow...Just wow. i applaud you good sir. You have the voice of a rugged angel, How long did it take you to master that style of voice? or do you just talk like that all the time? (Which would be badass if you did)

Cant wait to see more work from you in the future! good job man

Gianni responds:

Thank you. To be honest I've been doing this stuff for a couple of years, and while I sure as shit wouldn't call it mastered, I have significantly improved at this voice type over time. It's not quite how I talk all the time, but it is relatively close to my normal speaking voice, more than it should be I guess considering a voice actor should be skilled in acting in many different voice types, and not just acting while a microphone happens to be in front of him. But whatever, keep trying I suppose.

Gosh I was sure you we're Max Payne for like 10 seconds. Good job, pal!

Gianni responds:


Wait, which ten seconds was it? Heh, kidding.

20 years and already a voice as low as my fathers. I'm 4 years ahead and I'm still struggling to get it like this. I'm afraid these kind of things can't be taught...
All my sadness aside, great piece nonetheless! Spot on script as well. As if I was playing the game itself.
Looking forward to hear more from you!

Gianni responds:

I once asked a local blues musician by the name of Ernie Southern some tips about being a vocalist. He said "Ya gotta do whatcha can."

Don't try to be someone else, let your voice be itself and your personal touch shine through. Training yourself to go lower is probably fine, but as far as I'm concerned you shouldn't worry too much if you can only go so far, at least for now. It's more about the material. The acting, the writing, the singing technical skill, whatever it is. Besides, I'm a one trick pony. I'll look into your stuff sometime when I'm not drunk and going to bed.

Also thanks a bunch for the compliments. Max Payne is so amazing. I know people want the next RDR, and I do too, but what I REALLY want is more Max Payne. I can only play these missions I've memorized so many times, and the in-depth multiplayer is mostly dead. And fucking Quantum Break is on a console, so until it gets PC ported, I can't even experience more of Sam Lake's wonderful writing goddamn it.

I love what you did here pal - the voice is perfect and also the script seems so serious that it is hilarious really. You are a true genius with these low pitch voices you can master so well. My only complaint here is that I think the background music could have been just a little bit louder - but then again that might be just me.

I also want to ask you how you have been doing pal ?

Gianni responds:

Hm, I did struggle a bit with getting the volume proper. I think you're right, though. The original Max Payne theme is actually my ringtone, and this interpretation was very wonderfully crafted, so it is absolutely a crime to not give it proper spotlight.

I'm alright, I'm in a little battle with what was diagnosed as chronic rhinosinusitis that's lasted me a few months now, but it seems to be getting better, and even if not, I clearly have bursts in time when I'm able to record regardless. Although it does make it a bit more of a pain in the ass for me.

Thanks for the review!

EDIT: In light of your words I did go and change the file to replace the current one so that the music would be cranked a tad, I think I did but Newgrounds doesn't seem to update the file immediately. That or it does, and I've failed.

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Nov 23, 2013
11:09 PM EST
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