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Encased in Ice - DJDj

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Back when I was 17 (2010) I was just messing around with a MIDI keyboard after an ice storm had made it impossible to go outside. Ironically, I titled it "Spring", though I was inspired mainly by ice that encased EVERYTHING outside. I've debated calling it "Winter", but the irony is just too amusing to me, I guess.


[UPDATE: 11/25/23]

This song was originally called “Encased In Ice” but I never recorded that here because I used to be afraid what people would think of the name. Now I realize that this should be the least of my concerns.

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Liking the ideas you put in here. I'm loving the actual slides on guitar a lot -- though of course, looking at it now, I'm wondering if it couldn't do with a bit more pizzazz / gravitas.

Are you thinking of revisiting this one anytime soon? I dearly want to hear you expanding upon it, if the mood takes you.

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

Oh, man! I haven’t touched it in... Geez, must be like 10 years now. It had been an experiment in creating a two-handed piano piece (though it turned into this mandolin-sounding thing) back when I couldn’t play with two hands. I liked it so much in the end that I added a third part. I thank GarageBand and the USB synth I was using for the quality of the sounds. But YEAH! The idea of this becoming a larger piece does inspire me quite a bit. I’ll have to try and remember it when I’m getting blocked up mentally sometime.

To be honest, I couldn’t tell you if or when that could happen. I don’t have a synth anymore, which makes composition quite challenging. You are welcome to use the melody/timing in a piece if you feel compelled to do so.

Pssst! Since I’ve already got you on my page- you might also check out my song Jazz Loops. If only because it’s a bit more complex, and somebody compared me to Martin O’Donnell on in the comments, so we share that in common. 😂