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The Wanted Light

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Here some epic metal for you poeple! The theme is kinda dark; used chords like Cdim (the devil chord) for the extra dark stuff etc. Not partically reason for the theme, I just happen to like it.

I made the composition and progression in about 4 years ago now. But have now "remade" the project to something more.

I used Shreddage 2 for guitar and bass. The rest are played on the keyboard. Here are list of some vst i used:
- Shreddage 2
- Superior Drummer
- Omnishpere (Gad I love this!)
- Ezmix/Izotope etc.

Hope you enjoy it, and feel free too make a comment.

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This has a lot of potential. I was impressed with a lot of things in this song. The opening 49 seconds or so is absolutely wonderful. From 3 minutes to the end this is a godsend. The problem is getting there from the opening. I was expecting you to take it to shift to a higher gear at some point, but there was never a moment in the middle of your awesome opening and closing sequences where you did that. To be honest, I felt like almost much of the middle of your song was wasted as filler. It took away from what otherwise may have been a really epic song. Here's my breakdown of my thoughts during the song:

Beginning to 10 - Nice start. I like how it sets the tone. Leads well into the next section.

10 to 29 - This is an epic way to introduce the song. Kudos to you.

30 to 49 - I just love the way you are building tension in the song right here. This beginning is just so good.

49 to 55 - I like the little rift here. A little unexpected but it's a nice touch.

49 to 1:18 - I thought it was a good transition. A little tone down isn't a bad thing so long as you raise it again. This section also has some really good vibes.

1:18 to 1:44 - The tension is rising a bit slower than I would have thought by now, but it's still very good. If the last section had some really good vibes, this section has absolutely amazing vibes. You are really working it, and I do dig it. But you are also dangerously close to taking away the momentum you had built so far with the song. This is where you have kick it up a notch, or at least go back to the level of the beginning. Let's see what you do next.

1:44 to 1:54 - This is the first place where I thought you lost a lot of potential in this song. It's a decent bridge rift. But you should have saved it for after a more intense moment. By doing this, you relieved all the tension you had worked up without even taking advantage of it yet. You have to eventually break out of that tension instead of letting it just fade away in the middle of the song.

1:54 to 2:13 - You let the air out of your tires with that last bridge and you come back with this? It's not bad. But it also doesn't cut it for your song. You put this in one of the most important areas of the song. Maybe you could have used it as background, and played a kicking melody over it or something? Because you are missing that kicking part of the song that the epic beginning implied.

2:13 to 2:23 - No. No, no, no, no, NO! Going back to the same bridge rift without even giving me any life in between? It's an ok rift, but it simply doesn't fit. It just feels like filler from the first time you did this through the the second. I won't say it doesn't belong in your song at least once. But it certainly doesn't belong twice in place of what should have been sections with far more life in them to go with that opening. The better part of a minute now is wasted right when it was supposed to get really good.

2:23 to 3:02 - This is so bad for your song. Don't repeat this rift, too! Don't do this again for even longer. It's not a terrible rift, and it has some good things going for it. But it goes on for way too long and it should not replace an area where you song needs more than filler. Let alone replace it twice and double the continuous filler time in your song. You could take it to the next level. I keep waiting for that and I'm getting this! I know it is metal, but where is the main melody (or as close to it as metal comes) for your song? Where is the highest tension? It's in the beginning and end, which is wonderful. But the entire middle is just filler? You can do so much better.

3:02 - 3:27 This is where it gets good again. Not exactly taking it to the next level like I would have liked to hear somewhere in the middle of the song, but it takes the song back to the appropriate level. It does sound really good. But it also feels somewhat out of place because you have just put me through over a minute and a half of complete filler right in the middle.

3:27 to 3:29 - A nice little transition through a semi-break. It's a small detail, but I think it works for this moment.

3:29 to end - Great. Great way to end it. I cannot tell you how much I dig that part. However, it also feels kind of empty because the entire middle of the song is relatively empty.


The beginning and end deserve a 10/10 or 5/5. The middle deserves a 3.5/10 or a 2/5. The beginning and ending parts of the song are amazing, but it feels so disconnected. It simply doesn't travel well from point A (start) to point B (end). It has enormous potential, but I can't make myself give you more than three and a half stars for this as an entire song. You get a 3.5/10 or 3/5.

Warhector responds:

Hello! Wow, thanks for a long and thoughtful review! I do not like comments like "Awsome" and "Wack", cause they do not say what is awesome or wack, they are too short although I of course prefer awesome over wack. But you my good sir take your time to write an extensive review.

Thanks man! I am glad you liked it. Back when I was writing this I got a little help of a guitar player that suggested the ostinato melody that goes on the top. We was aiming for some epic metal with some lamb of god stuff in there. To the point where the transition started my mind was blank. I just filled it with some random riff I played on the guitar and thought that could work.

1.44 - 3.02
To this point I was like "I love this synth! It goes so well with the guitar", that I did not pay attention to other important stuff. Like the dynamic of the song (the tension, not the mixing). And the structure for that matter. Possible changes: What I should is go into a faster phase to lift the song more instead if going even lower. Maybe go down again if the song isn't feeling to long/repetitive.

3.02 - end
Eventually I thought that I could not go on forever in the low zone. The last epic part (as in the intro), is originally played in the first tone (Gm), but I figured that its best that it keeps the modulation in C. The solo was newly played, since I play much better now that I did 5 years ago. I do not necessary need to change this part since it is solid, but weird because the last parts that did not make sense. Possible Changes: But I could add some more stuff it to emphasize it.

Now bear in mind that I was about 15-16 years when I wrote this song. Back then I did not know anything about analyzing and music theory that I have today. What you hear today is just a remake of the song with updated synth and some riffs that I put in there. I think its a lot better than what I started with tho.

I may not change this song, but I will definitely have this review in mind when I'm composing my next similar projects! Thanks for the review. Its very Helpful! Any thoughts on the changes I wrote about above, PM me. Nice to have people like you in newgrounds! Cheers!

It's good all the way but, it feels like the song is about to rise up but it just wants to stay in the same zone.

Warhector responds:

I reflected and analyzed in detail, and I agree with you. When I objectively listen to the song, as if I am am not knowing what is coming, I wait for some faster/better/intensive riff after 01.45. Thanks for the review!

From now on you'll be on my list of interest, because I realy like what you did there and I'm going to search for more. Don't let me hanging tho.

There are some parts that don't realy sit well with me. Parts that nearly sound disharmonic.
Love the power that constantly flows thru this piece, even tho I believe that you could have gone even higher.

Warhector responds:

Thanks Deshiel. For the harmonic comment; I'm just experimenting with different things. Glad you liked it overall! I could always add more guitars for more power. That usually works, but the other instruments tends to drown in it. Anyway, glad to hear from you. Cheers!

I thought it was really well done, the plug-ins sounded solid; Especially the drums! Loved the synth background angel choir, and the other progressive metal elements . Sounds like you put a lot of work into this man, i enjoyed it.

Warhector responds:

Hey man, thank you! Yes I've put in a great deal work expanding over 2 years with this. I'm glad you liked it!

Composition is really great. It sounds like you know exactly what you want. Like you said, it has some lack of recording-quality because of the plugins you used. Maybe real drums next time or maybe even guitars that are recorded with mic & amp? I think that'd be great ^^

Warhector responds:

Thanks for comments and like! I'm pretty limited with recording resources. Even tho I had miced drums I do not have the skill-set to play something that I would be happy with.

Shreddage got some pretty descent sounds out from the box, even tho it can never replace a real guitar, it's pretty nice and handy as someone like me, as with little guitar experience/skill.

But the quality on Omnisphere is phenominal! Compared to other synths, that is hand down the best sounding one so far. (and I've used most of em VST synths). If i had rented top-end studio with skilled players that play the instruments I cant play; Sure I will record and remake this. But in the nearest future as a student, probably no..

But thanks for hearing and sharing your thoughts.

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Nov 21, 2013
1:56 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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