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3 Reasons

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This is a response to the extremely useful criticism on my earlier song "Three Reasons" (as opposed to this one which is "3 Reasons" - see what I did thar). Anyways. Drums too weak before? Sure do hope you're a little happier with this. That annoying glitch-break a few minutes in? I changed it, and I hope it leaves y'all a little more contented. Overall sound weakness? I believe that is solved now. Anyways, please listen and let me know your opinions!

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Enjoyed it! It's a nice, housey song and I really like the beginning melody and bass build. Sometimes simple little hooks like that really work. In this song, that proves true. Definitely is a step up from the previous mix. My only criticism would be the mastering. A great master can provide so much clarity to the track and make it sound even better. That's not even really a criticism, as everyone's ears are different to different mixes, just more of a suggestion in my opinion.
All in all, another great track! Your music is always enjoyable, keep it up~

Honestly, I feel kind of weird listening to through the whole piece. It's possibly from sharper sounds for everything, especially percussions. You could work on mastering to make your piece sound more wet and softer. The beat is great, and melody sounds promising as well. I recommend adding some groovy bassline throughout to make the song even more interesting. :)


GershBeats responds:

Thanks for the review! Ahhhh I like the sharpness ahaha personally I think the sharpness characterizes it. I appreciate the bassline suggestion, I know the current bassline is quite simple (intentionally, but still...) and I'll certainly continue to experiment with it a fair bit.

I take your compliments to heart broski! And the criticism is much appreciated, thanks for spending the time to listen in.

Nice job at building up the track, everything comes together quite nicely throughout. Your lower frequencies are great and that flickering synth that begins dancing behind the main synth (and therefore melody) is pretty awesome! It was nice to hear a breakdown around the 3:05 mark, too.

The song does become a bit repetitive over time so I would suggest using more variety with your synths...in particular, the gritty saw that lies just in the background.The mixing could use some work so that everything sounds balanced. Try adding some depth to your kick to make things sound more dynamic. Also, increase the volume a tad on those lower frequencies to bring out that 'moody' tone a little more!

This is an interesting track, keep it up! :)

GershBeats responds:

I think you're voicing my own 2 biggest ideas for improving this song - I may sidechain the song to the kick more vigorously, and boosting the bass would be cool I think - although a bit of a mastering challenge.

Anyhoo, I really appreciate the time you take to listen, the criticism, and the compliments! :)

This piece pretty good.

Here is my personal view of what could've been changed!

The first melody that fades in right at the beginning is pretty a cool touch, but you could've changed the melody of that sound just to add a little variety. It gets a bit dull as the same tune is looping over and over. Create a certain twist so the listeners can think like: "oh nice, he changed a little tune here and OH here's a new sound added that mixes nice", etc.

Oh yes, the kick had to be boosted a little bit more xP. But that's just a personal opinion, so you don't have to agree with me.

GershBeats responds:

Thanks for the review!

I was going for a progressive-style build and didn't want to distract from the build with a particularly distinct melody in the beginning, but I'll consider what you're saying if that's your major issue with this.

Good start I guess.

You really need to practice on making sure each sample, instrument, and fx has it's own sort of frequency. Look up the basics of spacing out a mix. Everything in this track sounds kind of dull if you know what I mean.

You got some good ideas. I'm glad that you're not one of those "MUST HAVE DROPS IN EVERYTHING" kinds of artists. :)

Oh yeah, work on the synths a bit more too. that saw gets a bit annoying at times.

GershBeats responds:

I know what you mean - but that's not entirely true, the important thing is that no frequency is ever maxed out, not necessarily that only 1 instrument plays on each frequency. Which instruments do you think clash the most? (I guess cuza this comment system inbox me? if you care lol)

I'll think about switching up the saw! Anyhoo, thanks for the compliment and review :)

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Nov 16, 2013
7:15 PM EST
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