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My First Time Out Drinking

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Jeff, Cooper, and Randall head out to a bar for some reason or another.

My entry for <a href=http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1351870>Voice Acting Contest 11</a>

It's so Slammin'! And I squeezed it to 6 min! wooooo!

Music used: <a href=http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/519155>Heaven's Trial</a>

And lotsa free sound effects, many of them made by me.

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I have to say, this was pretty damn good. The voices are clear and understandable, not to mention that they're all pretty distinct. I LOVE the script too, because it takes a lot to make a good comedy skit that's just audio. If you wrote it yourself, start writing more. I would honestly like to see a flash movie of it.

five out of five stars mate. Keep up the great work!

Zakton responds:

Thanks for the review! One of the criteria of the contest was that we do everything ourselves with no outside help. It was definitely a fun challenge. I'd also love a contest where we team up with other voice actors on the site.

I do plan on writing more stuff for this site, probably involving some of my friends.

VAC 11 Judge Review:

Was there a subtle stool squeak signifying Randall backed out of his stool when he ordered/praised the Mountain Dew? Hahahahaha! The mist is mysterious! Hahahahahaha!! Wow! Those are some extremely precise characters!!! And there were a lot of laughs! Hilarious twist ending about the mist-ery. Wow...this is so well-balanced in every aspect. My only criticism is that I would have liked a touch of reverb on their voices to make it sound like they were in the space of the bar, as well as maybe turning up the sound effect of the people ambience a tad more. That way, it would really feel like I was hearing this dialogue happening in the exact location and give a little sense of realness. Other than that, I think this is pretty much perfect. Great range of emotions with the acting and a very clear distinction between characters with a really great script that was actually quite clever and never dull. Fantastic work!

Absolutely PERFECT. Is it okay, if i see if i can Animate this? Im looking for stuff to Animate when ive had more practice.

Zakton responds:

Thanks for the review! And sure you can animate this if you want, that's what this website is all about after all ^^

I listened to this one this morning but didn't pay full attention until now XD Good to see that you cut it down to six minutes exactly. Hurray!

Anyway it's nice to hear another entry that has obvious effort put into it. I especially like how Cooper and Randall go through their own character arcs, story-wise and emotionally. The character personalities, voices, and delivery are all distinct.

At first, I thought the ambience in the first scene was just background noise...then I realized, it's ambience, haha. It is a nice touch, though I am a little confused as to the actual setting for the first scene. College dorms? I imagined Cooper appearing at Jeff's doorstep at home and Randall just happens to be walking down the sidewalk. The sound effects are nice and clear too.

As for one little little recording/mixing problem, Cooper's heavy breaths after he drinks the Crimson Mist seem to get cut off. The bartender's voice could be a bit of a higher volume. And Randall's drumming REALLY annoys me XD

This was more of a joy to listen to the second time around (when I'm actually PAYING ATTENTION). Good luck in the contest :)

Zakton responds:

Thanks very much for the review. Tweaked some volumes. As for Randall's drumming.. well... it's supposed to be at least a LITTLE annoying, but I know what you mean.

A good variety of voices that are very diverse from each other and well-acted. Nice use of sound effects as well. The crowd in the bar really creates a good ambiance, and it's impressive that you did your own sound effects for the majority of them. The writing has a nice touch to it, especially in terms of how each character interacts with each other.

It's a pity that this goes way past the maximum amount of 6 minutes for the contest. If you can eliminate some of the dialogue, you might be able to squeeze it to six minutes or less. Wouldn't want you to lose points for the length of this entry. Thankfully, you can edit anything to your heart's content until this Friday. I wish you luck in that.

Overall, this is definitely not bad. Good chemistry and decent laughs made possible by a well-written script. Once you're able to snip a good chunk of seconds, I would say that you would make a big contender.

Zakton responds:

Stellar review moonvamp, many thanks! I managed to squeeze it to 6 minutes now too ^^

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Nov 13, 2013
1:04 AM EST
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