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VAC 11 - "My First Time"

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This skit is about several characters in a mental institution because they have voices in their head. For some reason, the doctor wants them all to come out about their, "First Time..." in order to make some progress. This is what happenes... Yes... it's meant to be weird!! Don't question the plot!

*All Voices Are Me
*All Editing Me


I lost it at "beaking off."

VAC 11 Judge Review:

I was skeptical about this after reading your description, but this turned out to be one of the funniest entries I’ve heard. I started laughing almost instantly. There was quite a plethora of variation in voices and the mixing was very well done, though I have to say your voice booming quite louder than the music at the beginning surprised me, but it wasn’t too big of a deal. Although you tell me not to question the plot, I have to say that that’s my biggest question. This was really more of a voice demo, and I’ve heard some of your stuff before and they’ve been mostly voice demos as well. I would have liked to follow a real plot instead of listening to joke after joke after joke. Though the voices and the humor were outstanding, I really want to hear how you take control of your voices by sticking with a coherent dialogue. Anyways, this was quite good and I enjoyed it very much. Excellent work!

First thing's first.
Beaking. Off... Perfect.
Now on to the actual review. The writing: Very good. Takes the "My First" theme to THAT level, but does it well. It's something I can get down with. The whole Yoda scenario didn't sit right with me at first, but it's funny to an extent. One problem, however. The mental institution and voices in head idea doesn't really fit for me. It feels as if there could have been a different way to present the "first" idea, yet there's not so this is the best option. It's hard to explain, but anyway, good job on that front. I enjoyed the ambiance and sound effects. Each piece of music fits each character presented and gives more tone and feel to these characters. On that note, the characters are varied and actually feel different. Nice work. Now for the meat of this whole audio burger, the (voice) acting. You've put emotion and feel into these characters and made it work nicely. On a technical front, however, it sounds... "off". It's as if you were speaking away from your microphone slightly, it just doesn't sit right in my stomach.
To conclude, you did good work. The voices fit, the writing was excellent, and it was overall done well. Needs a bit more work done though. Keep at it.

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Laphin responds:

Well the cool thing is, none of this was written down, I just kinda voiced as I went a long. Thanks for the compliments!! The microphone thing, ... I think my mic is perfectrly fine, it may have just been the audio equalizing, mostly on the 'narrator' / Doctor.. I wanted him to sound kinda 'intercomish', so that's why he sounds like that. I probably put a little too much, but it's okay. Actually, I notice too when I upload stuff (doesn't matter where), the audio never sounds as great as the actual file itself when you open it raw on the computer. But that's just how places take the audio I assume, lowering the quality down slightly.

I use Adobe Audition CS5.5 btw.

Again, thanks for reviewing!! :)

*Update* I figured out why the mic probably sounded off... I just started using this Porta Booth by Harlan Hogan, like brand new to it... I found out just now that the booth won't work right at all unless you have your mic pretty close to the front and not actually INSIDE the booth. If the mic is inside the booth, the mid-range frequencies get ANNOYING (boxy), which is what you were hearing. But now I have found the sweet spot where everything sounds crisp... Wish I would have known this earlier!

Nice job, fellow entrant! I think the plot was a bit predictable and kind of...Well, you went right to the place that most people would go to, and it wasn't bad, but it was very straight forward. The voices were great, and they were varied pretty well. Good luck!

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Ahaha well done. Great use of music, although I think you could have done more with the sound effects during the robot's story.

Honestly my biggest complaint is just that there's no real reason why this needs to be in a mental institution, and I think the inclusion of that detail ends up being a bit confusing; I kept thinking there was going to be some big reveal, like the Doctor would turn out to be just another patient who wanted something to masturbate to or something.

Great voices, great acting. The really important stuff you did perfectly.

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Laphin responds:

HAHAHAH! That's actually a really good idea about the doctor being just one of the patients.. >P We'll have to revise this and have it animated one day. XD! Hey! It could happen!

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Nov 4, 2013
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