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Meeting Aunty

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Author Comments

Meeting Aunty(and family for the first time)

NG Voice acting contest 11 entry

*sound effect from soundjay.com*


"Meeting Aunty" by Orias1992
Acting - 30/50
Range- 16/25
Fit - 22/25
Mixing - 11/20
Originality - 11/15
Writing- 9/15
TOTAL- 99/150

Comments: There was a lot of distortion in the audio. The acting was a little uninspired, especially with the "normal" voice. Tommy and the normal character were very similar save for the gayness. At times it sounded like you switched between voices without cutting. When you did cut, there were pauses that were just a little too long between lines. Also, I'm kind of assuming this was supposed to be the first time he met the aunt, but it was never eluded to. Your audio is distorted either because of your mic or you used some sort of noise reduction. When you listen to your acting, you can tell you were just reading a script instead of becoming the characters. Put yourself in that situation. When you looked for the cat, would you just say "oh no. fuck that". Probably not. You'd more likely say "*Gasp* Oh... oh nooo... FUCK that!" You had some very overused tropes for voices. The aunt and uncle weren't bad. The uncle was probably my favorite. Overall, the audio needs cleaned up and I think you'd do a lot better if you spend some time before recording, really getting into the characters. Scream, jump around, physically act it out, make faces in the mirror... whatever you need to do to get into it.
This could have seriously benefitted from at least some underlying victrola music to keep the wonky mood going. Some of the lines I thought were quite funny and I actually thought your range was pretty good, especially with aunty and uncle. The mixing was probably the biggest problem, as well as the pacing. It mostly sounded like you were acting through the entire piece in one recording. Recording lines separately and occasionally having them overlap one another keeps realness to the conversation. The story itself was okay, a little disjointed but I got the general gist. It could have been a little more creative as well, but overall I thought this was pretty complete as a story; all it needs is more technical work. Nice job!
The pacing was off throughout, which is a shame because the actual lines were quite funny. More energy was needed overall to sell the absurdity of the scene. The straight man character especially fell flat.
While the range was wide, the execution was not solid enough to sell that many characters.
Many times you fell out of character, or lost the vocal qualities that should define each character.
The audio was quite distorted. It sounded as though you may not have been using a pop-filter. There were many plosives, and many of your breaths seemed to hit the mic hard.
I really enjoyed the scene and the idea you were going for.
The writing was great! Very funny moments,great cast of characters

I liked a few of the voices, but I did feel like the quality of the recording created a great loss. The acting and a bit of the delivery seemed forced and I wasn't able to enjoy the story as much as I would have liked. Creative idea. Thank you for sharing! :)

Orias1992 responds:

No thank you for the review! I did kind of rush this a bit to try and get an entry in. But, once i get some better equiptment (and now that i'm moved) I can get some quality stuff out there and increase my chances!

The voices were, at times, felt a bit forced in terms of delivery. There were moments where I couldn't quite believe the characters and almost felt like caricatures. None of them really seemed memorable and sound just like any other adult trying to do a old man, flamboyant boy, etc. However, they were decent for what they were and they did make your range more differentiated. A fair warning though. Having a vast vocal range does not necessarily mean success. Remember to keep in mind the voices that you can do with believability and skill are always your friends. Acting is the most crucial part of voice acting. It also is helpful to know what sort of character type your best voices in (cocky teen, mysterious stranger, villain, etc.) and learn to often stick with that typecasting in order to nail it. One might think that this may limit them artistically, but it does make wonders when you're good at one or a few particular types, especially when it comes to auditions. Just keep at it, believe in yourself, practice, and audition if you feel that you want to do this for more than just a mere hobby.

Now, the writing is a bit awkward. The gross-out scenes seem to be trying too hard to really hit one in the funny bone in its delivery, and the overall focus of the story,in my opinion, it doesn't seem to exemplify the theme entirely well. The main character may seem to be meeting his aunt and family for the first time, but to have it revealed that he was at the neighbor's house the whole time sorta kills it. If this was going for the theme, "Simple misunderstanding/mistake" or "In the life of another family", this entry might have done it justice. Though this is just my opinion on the matter.

Lastly, the sound effects did have a dull quality to them. Nothing really stood out, and often times there could have been a better example to fully exhibit its purpose. If you ever want to look for other sound effects, check out these websites: www.freesound.org, www.soundbible.com, and www.freesfx.co.uk are some examples that I use for sound effects.

Overall, this was definitely not a bad effort. There is some potential in this, and if you really like doing this, don't give up on it.

Orias1992 responds:

Thanks looking into getting some better equiptment so the sound quality is much better, also it was kind of a rushed job. I knew I had so much time to put into it, but was kinda busy so an entry was better than no entry I figured. lol Anyways thanks for the review!

Nice job, fellow entrant! I think the voices were nice, but the most outstanding problem is the quality for me. It sounds very muffled, and the delivery sounds a bit forced. Other than that, it was actually pretty good!

Orias1992 responds:

yea, did it in one take. really kinda tried to tweak it to make it sit together right. But I don't have high end equiptment so I'm only using an Earforce X11 by turtle beach to do it. Thanks for the review though!

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3.28 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2013
8:36 PM EDT
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