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My First Time Being A Hero

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My First Time Being a Hero
Horror / Comedy
Voice Acting Contest 11 Submission
*WARNING* Profanity

Description: Wesley Simmons recounts how he defeated the evil emperor and consequently, his first time becoming a hero.

Edited on 18/10/13 - More effects, Shortened the dialogue with doctor, +2 to Creepiness

Sound effects credited to Freesound.org
Music credited to Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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Epic dude

"My First Time Being A Hero" by KirbzVA
Acting - 47/50
Range- 24/25
Fit - 24/25
Mixing - 17/20
Originality - 14/15
Writing- 14/15
TOTAL- 140/150
Comments: Turn down the gain or back up from the mic. A little puffy into the mic which could help if you back up. Good acting with the "normal" voice. Sounded like you switched into Ziggy's voice without doing a separate take once or twice and it was a little confusing as they blurred between each other. Other than those couple of moments, the voices were nicely ranged. Around 4 min, I think Wesley was thinking to himself? It wasn't very clear who was talking because at first it was some new random character since the voice was deeper. Next time try using an echo effect or something like that. I'm still not really clear as to why the doctor was interviewing Wesley, but the story telling you did was well done and the twist was pretty cool. Overall, Great voices, acting and range with decent range. I'd say the doctor was the weakest voice since he was very flat emotionally and didn't catch my interest. To progress his voice in your repertoire, maybe tag something a bit quirkier to him. Lastly, just needed a very small amount of polish in the editing and writing, but it was minor. Great job and I'm very happy to see this as an improvement!
Your work with creating a soundscape during fights by use of sound effects and voice acting was really cool, I could visualize the scenes unfolding. As such, the overall mixing was also very good with an effective balance of what things were happening in the foreground and what things were happening in the background. But the pacing was sort of slow to me, even though I did really like your transitions. I just thought some lines could have either been sped up or cut out. I also thought your character range could have been wider. For example, I thought Ziggy could benefit from being a few pitches higher in tone to really differentiate from your Wesley voice. And that narrator at the end telling me what actually happened in Wesley’s head threw me off, but I got to understanding what that voice was in the end. But, the story was interesting, it spun off what the title was and did not match with what I initially thought it would be, and your acting in general had some meat to it. Great work!
Wesley -great voice, but lacked suffcient energy given the situation. The moments of stuttering/sputtering/finding the words didn't land on point consistently, so instead of a character quirk, it sounded like you forgot your lines. The other characters were distinct and well acted. Excellent use of range. Most of the characters sounded very natural, even your older voice, which for a lot of people can sound too cartoony. You found the sweet spot with the older voice. The emporer, however, was just out of your reach, sounding forced. Moments with a little reverb helped, but overall, that character was too deep/rough for your natural tone to handle. Some static surrounding spots of audio. The rest was well done! Clever scene, and it came to a nicely played ending. Well done! It was only a few minutes long, but the story felt full and had depth. Each character was fleshed out, the scenes went at a good pace, and the climax/denoument were both excellently done.

Very well written nice twist. Lovely job on the editing and the sound effects definitely added to the story rather than taking away from it. I really like your voice, it's nice to listen to. I absolutely loved your range in voices, all of them. Good job, man.

KirbzVA responds:

Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it :) Glad you liked the story!


I have nothing to say but how awesome this was to listen to. Good luck in the running to you kind sir.

KirbzVA responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it! ^^

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Oct 15, 2013
5:23 AM EDT
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