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Heart Grenade

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Author Comments

The song does not go with the title of it's name, which I named wrongly.


To make a decent song, you don't hit random notes and hope for the best. A song needs a melody. I would never call this a song. It's horrible and you need to learn what music is, because it's definitely not whatever this is.

Stop it

Sounded like you got lucky with the first six notes and then continued to just punch random keys. Don't post anymore garbage in hopes of slighlt recognition, you're only going to get what your looking for if some guy with no musical taste whatsoever gives you a lucky review of "nice".


Dawei responds:

If you knew how much work it takes to make this, you would be respected on ng. It's called the dumming down of america and it's a shame people like your work, you put no effort into your songs, and if you ever want to become a professional, check the Boston Garden which my band (Deep In Sin) has been invited to, and as the my bands letter the mail said,"Deep In Sin has been invited to the Boston Garden because of our humor on stage yet staying mature about the music and having the teen spirit that it takes to work on stage and be filled up with energy when you take the worst of insults about your music." The letter also says, "Your lyrics are so deep it will say within the core of the world forever." The letter said after that, "Another reason we have chosen Deep In Sin over all the other bands we have heard is because we beleive that you have the power to bring the whole music industry back from the current trashy hole it is in." And then, "The great sounds of rock have been buried ever since after the movement of Grunge. Deep In Sin is so strong it has dug up the sound and lyrics with your powerful sounds and words true musicians need. Your hits like like your self titled song 'Deep In Sin', and 'The Death of Rap' have brought music back to it's early roots of the Sixties with such bands like 'The Doors'", and I took that as a compliment because The Doors are one of my favorite bands, and the last line, "As you said in your song 'Train Going Down' 'It can't rain, All the time, Traid a guitar, For a rhyme, Poor old train, Went down slow, I guess you gotta, Let the river flow,'. Ever since we heard those words, we were meserized with the truth of rock flowing back to the world's hands. We hope your record deal at Warner Bros. Records goes well, and we can't wait to see you in two weeks here at The Boston Garden."

-Your Truly,
The Boston Garden."

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Could improve

I liked the modulation on the synth throughout, however a trance tune would normally contain many more instruments. I saw a review before where you said you had some on there before, but you took them out because you thought it sounded worse. I think if you figured out how to mix those other audio tracks in there better, it would make the entire mix a lot clearer, and as an added bonus, you would have a much more diverse sound. Keep trying.


Dawei responds:

Well, I will work on one, maybe in a bit, but with those other tracks were in, it wouldn't be trance so I'll work on it, and keep checking back, there should be a different version of this in here

its ok...not bad.....

well try adding more intruments to it...otherwise it was an ok audio

Dawei responds:

at first it had more instruments, but it really stunk with those on it, so i took them out

i don't see why

again, i don't see why you put your GB stuff on here!

Dawei responds:

i don't know either

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Jul 9, 2006
11:30 AM EDT
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