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Author Comments

Hey there, it's a me again.

This track of genremelting goodness was made during the last couple of weeks. It took ages to render! Well I finally finished it and tadah i hope it doesn't suck :D Again I'm all about contrast in this track. I started with my main theme in a buildup thing which drops back to itself (dat sentence xD). Then I got some nice riffs which lead to the first break/buildup section in which I introduce the theme from the second drop. The middle "halftime" part is kind of a headbanging section with a "metal-ish" riff in the second part played by the bass synths. After that theres the theme from the beginning in the breakdown again only with a "quartertime" drumbeat and not that much fokus on the bass side. It should give you a more realistic feel and shouldn't be as hard as the other parts. After that we've got a nice DnB riff that really lifts up the mood again. I didn't really think much of the end it just ends then, but i liked the lead synth part so i ended with that.

Enjoy listening, I hope you like it. Feedback is as always greatly appreciated ;)

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The mood and instruments at the beginning were cool. You definitely left a lot of room for climax there! ;) :45 was the peak of the climax, as you can imagine. That bass at around 1:10 and on sounds very gritty and distorted. Maybe that's what you were going for, but I thought it couldn't hurt to clean it up a little bit. The part at 1:52 was quite jarring, disorienting, and just had too much going on. The silence at 2:18 didn't really serve as an effective transition. The bass is too loud at 2:45, even if it's pretty much the only thing going on. I want you to think more about balance. You can get an angry mood across without turning up the volume levels all the time. The piece was well-varied (maybe even too much so, as I would've found some more coherence re-orienting). I liked the melody at 4:43 but, again, the bass was way too loud. It was a long-winded piece overall. I liked the ending, and I do like the lead and drums, but the bass could've used some compressing and EQ'ing. The bass shouldn't really carry as much as it did - I would try getting rid of some of those higher-pitched tones there. I like a lot of the riffs, though, as well as the overall structure, but I think some more effective transitions would've greatly helped that structure. I've been tough on you in this review - it's really not that bad. While it is long, it's good to experiment with a lot of different ideas, which I see you doing in this piece. Keep at it, man! ;)


Voltus responds:

Thanks for the in depth Review. This was intended to be a fairly standard edm tune at least soundwise. So naturally I would use highly distorted bass sounds with a lot of high frequencys. Also this is Drum and Bass so I put a lot of effort in making the bass sounds stand out and carry the overall tune as it is kind of their purpose in this genre in my opinion ;) No harm done in giving it a "bad/tough" score. I see your points but I can justify for myself why I did certain things and I just think we would disagree on principle there.

Thanks again for the review and good luck for the underdogs contest! ;)

Wow, this is awesome! Love how it's constantly changing up.

Voltus responds:

thank you :)

this is neat. love this song.
nice work making this audio

Voltus responds:

thank you very much for your response ;)

A lot of unexpected in here.

I actually really liked the way it changed the whole way throughout the song, it didn't remain the same all the time. One thing that does bother me though is the few inconsistencies. It may be just me, but again this is my own personal opinion, so please don't take my review as the ultimate critic or anything. I'm just another musician reviewing someone's stuff. I'll get back to them later.

Right. Anyway, the overall track was quite good to be honest. It seems to follow a rather chaotic scheme, but yeah it does spice up some things. The mixing could be improved, seemed a bit harsh on some ends. Maybe a tad long? I felt like you were trying to incorporate a ton of ideas in there and cram them in.

The instruments used seem to fit properly into the song. I think I can hear a few presets (Harmor maybe? I'm not entirely sure.) in there, if that's the case you may want to learn how to make your own synths. Don't worry though, presets are fine to use, I use them often, but often modify them so it doesn't just sound like the out-of-the-box patch. I may be wrong though, so I didn't really count that in the score, just wanted to mention it.

So, back to those inconsistencies. The first thing that kinda bothered me was the spazzy lead you had at the first buildup... seems a bit off key? Then there was that drastic change of tone where you bring in some completely different chords... I'm not too sure about those. I don't really think it fits in there. However, you did a great job on the second one at the end :)

Overall... good track. Could be improved on some bits like the mastering or maybe trying to fit in less ideas and develop just a few ideas at once, and make a kick-ass track out of those. I felt confused when listening to this track, it just went left, right, left, right... though may just be me.

Please continue making music, it's the only way you'll get better at it! :D

Voltus responds:

Hi Thanks a lot for your review.

Yeah well the song is all over the place harmony wise but it actually are all modi of each other so (in my opinion) it blends rather well. And yes there's a shitload of Ideas in that track, because I dont like to hear the same 4 chords for 2 minutes in a song (personal issue I suppose :D).

I'd like to state that I didn't use a lot of presets in this track, actually the only one is the raiser at the start (but you correctly recognized it's a Harmor) the rest is tweaked all by myself, The main bass at the start for example is a gms bass I did. so theres that ;)

Ok on some systems the area around 10k might be a little harsh, but on my monitors everything seemed to sparkle along nicely. but yeah i get where you're coming from when i crank up my headphones, so I might fix that in future, I'll link it to you too if you want then you can reconsider your thoughts about the mix and master then ;) also maybe the newgroundsplayer has something to do with it. I dont know ^^.

So anyway, I'd love to get some reviews on my future tracks from you because you seem to have a rather different few on how music should sound like which I think is really interesting. With only praise you will stop developing as an artist and I don't wanna be that guy :D.

Thanks again, and hope to see you soon ;)

Like the chords that come in around 0:15. It almost sounds like a hip-hop track at first - nice use of gating to lead up to the climax. Really great percussion! Well mixed, great sense of dynamics, nothing peaking or too harsh. Oh, that's a lovely synth around 1:09. I can't tell if it's a square wave or not but it sounds like it blends right in.
Ha, it almost sounds like a Michael Jackson style with those major chords around 1:45, comparable to his older stuff.
Nice drop at 2:46. Almost unexpected, would have liked it to be more pronounced, have the drums really fuckin' kick around this point, maybe get some off-beat hi-hat panning left/right from center.

Nice, nice use of verb at 3:38. Bringing it back around to the main theme (I think) at around 3:55, like how you kinda went full circle here. I like your double kick here, sounds really well implemented. And god, I haven't heard that beat at 4:31 since ...1998? Love it.
Ooh, really cool synth arp at 4:41. Nice lead out to the finishing riff.

Overall a really well done, thought out track, with a great mastering of EQ, and fun to listen to. Reminds me a little of Snowboard Kids, now that I think of it. What did you use to write this? FL Studio?

Voltus responds:

Thank you VERY much for your review! Yes I'm using fl studio at the moment. I'm really flattered that you like it that much, I've worked on it quite some time to get it sort of perfect. The last drop took quite a lot of eqing to really sound like the way it does now, used to have way to much low mids ^^.

So yeah thanks again and:

Credits & Info


4.16 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2013
2:06 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
13.2 MB
5 min 48 sec

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