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Everything is Broken

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Author Comments

IO Vs SteamPianist

Best of luck.

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- NGADM Round 4 Review -

Ah, I didn't expect that plucking at the intro, nor the other strings for that matter. 1:12 sounds pretty cool, and I love the bass right after that. There are some pretty obvious elements that are reminiscent of your earlier work, and they all sound great. The glitchiness in your low sounds are always pleasant to listen to. Still, as you've probably recognized, with your score ceiling expectation, there is a lot of repetition in this track, with nearly all of it in the strings and general structure of the song. This track, for the most part, is stagnant, and bland. I imagine you're probably burned out from creating good stuff all this time, so congrats to making it this far. You had a good run.

Score: 8.1

This is an NGADM Round 4 Review.


What I liked:
-This was funky!
-I dig the glitches (for the most part)
-You use some really neat effects.
-Cool mix of realistic and synthetic sounds.

What could have been better:
-Some glitches felt a little out of place.
-Could have used more melodic variation
-Even with the glitches it started to get a little repetitive
-It sounds a little disjointed all together.

This was a pretty cool piece, and I enjoyed it a lot. I think that incorporating a new melody/chord progression would help make this stand out more. Great job!

Score: 8.6/10

Hey there!

The Good:
-Oh god those glitches again. Ahahahahaha, you always have the weirdest sounds in your music from what I've heard. It's pretty impressive, actually.
-This has some of the best Edirol usage I've ever heard. Great effects on it! I'm still having to use Edirol for most of my orchestral stuff right now, unfortunately.
-Composition is far better than last round's piece.
-Cool vocal-ish bassy growls.

The Not-So-Good:
-Similar to your last piece, the composition still suffers from the repetition issue. I've noticed you focus a lot on the bassline and glitches, and then not so much on other things. Glitches are cool and all, so are basslines, but they're not the substance of the piece.
-Transition at 1:54 has a great chord, but doesn't really transition to much of anything different aside from a change in chord progression.
-What did you do with the ending. Just, what. It was fine until the weird backwards effect. :(

Overall: Score of 7.0. Not much of a change in your normal style, and still many of the same issues. Also on a side note, you're using the same bass synth - I'm curious about why.

This is an NGADM Round 4 review.


I, for one, think this NGADM submission of yours is the least developed/fleshed out, but has the most impressive sound design and ideas from all the NGADM tracks you've made. Examples of ideas I enjoyed would be the combination between electronic and orchestral elements, the little soundscape in the intro, the way the drums evolved, the unexpected but sweet change at 1:56, and your low-key but surprisingly satisfying ending.

Nothing to complain about when it comes down to the sounds you used, the production, etc. This track doesn't have the muddy low end you have a habit of incorporating, and it still offers the excellent palette of sounds you have a habit of incorporating. The drums especially are fantastic. I'm hearing a lot of clarity, sharpness, variety in the drum sounds you used and also that neat 808 tom at 0:53. The glitching is fairly standard but pretty enjoyable!

I pretty much agree entirely with johnfn. This sounds like it lacks development, mainly in the foreground. Unlike in your previous track, over here the glitching and impressive sound design aren't enough to drive the song forward in a memorable fashion, making this sound noticeably directionless (until 1:56 where it veers off into a different direction momentarily).

Also, the string sounds you used sound a bit dull, which is the total opposite of how you used the strings in your Round 1 track, where they were a lot more vibrant and enveloping. This might just be because of the sample you're using, but it also has to do with the fact that the melody you play on the strings doesn't really go anywhere. They seem to be used for what might have been intended to be a motif that unifies the track together, but ended up sounding a bit banal and redundant.

I think this is an improvement from your last track, and while so far I've always found your Round 1 track to be my favourite, you've got some golden ideas here and the usual sublime sound design to top it all off. Solid job!

Score: 8.5/10

This is a very interesting glitch track, to be sure. I dig the downtempo vibe and find most of the percussive elements to be quite solid, but I feel as though the hats between :27 and :36 could use a touch more subtlety. I really love the intro and the way it leads into sort of a false idea of what the song is going to be, and you've busted out some very cool glitches throughout the piece.

The symphonic arrangement is rather lacking, unfortunately. There's a thematic progression that plays out repeatedly, but it's never really expanded upon beyond the glitching, which is nice and dramatic but doesn't really add any musical content. With some nice melodic interludes or at least a build up with that initial progression, I believe that this could really shine; something to hold the listener's attention and give a sense of anticipation. I suppose the fairly limiting two-week deadline is at least partially to blame, and it's still very enjoyable to listen to. Good luck in Round 4!

Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2013
11:27 PM EDT
File Info
4.1 MB
2 min 58 sec

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