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GM - I Surrender(NGADM13)

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Author Comments

I didn't had enough time to do something worthy of competing against the amazing Kor-Rune. I had a couple of ideas, but didn't found the time to explote them... But I didn't wanted to leave and not to submit anything was not an option for me, so I did this ^_^... I know I still have a lot of time, but I have to study, and do some household stuff I left behind.

For me this song is more like a tribute to Kor-Rune and the NGADM for the great time I had during this contest :)... Thanks everybody!

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This is an NGADM Round 4 Review.


What I liked:
-Very cool intro.
-Great atmosphere right off the bat.
-I like the beginning and end with the strings – it’s a cool combination of sounds.

What could have been better:
-I would like to see some more variation overall in this piece.
-This is pretty short – it’s hard to develop a song in such a short period of time.
-This doesn’t have nearly as much punch as your other pieces, especially after last round!

I liked the ideas presented here a lot, but I feel as if they were put together in a rush and don’t end up being very cohesive. The bones you have here have the capacity to be awesome, but it’s not quite there yet. I’d be interested to see you revisit this, particularly the middle section - still, a joy to listen to!

Score: 8.8/10


The Good:
-Cool percussion and atmosphere in this.
-I like the effect at 0:11, though it doesn't have nearly as much "oomph" as it could.

The Not-So-Good:
-The mixing feels sloppy and pretty unclear.
-Unfortunately, the polymeter fell flat on its face for me.
-Intro and outro aren't too good.
-This gets pretty boring without much of a driving force behind it. There's nothing really making me want to keep listening to it.

Overall: Score of 6.3/10. I don't think I really need to provide many comments on this, you know more than enough about why it doesn't make the cut.

This is an NGADM Round 4 review.


Aw man! I expected a lot more than this from you, considering each track of yours is improving over the last. It's a shame time restraints can be so restricting. So yes, what you've got here doesn't quite match up to the high bar you've raised for yourself, but it's still a solid piece of work with good ideas and a fair amount of potential. As you'd expect, I'm loving the mix between electronic, orchestral (strings) and metal!

This tempo is a lot slower than what I'm used to from you, but it works. This sounds exactly like something I'd hear in some arcade space game during a menu or level/character selection of sorts. It has a good way of setting expectations for something bigger, making it a pretty sweet song introduction. The production is great as always. Amazing guitar sound, crisp drums (which your opponent didn't have), and a highly well-balanced mix.

While your production value is great, I feel like no space was given to the arp synth thing at 1:21. It seemed to fit more at the beginning, and was covered up entirely in that section. You have an AWESOME riff at 1:00 but it's far too repetitive and doesn't go anywhere before leading to the premature and unsatisfying outro.

Apart from that, there's the obvious fact that this is pretty short, lacking in content, and a lot of the time there doesn't seem to be any kind of proper melody going on. Consequently, this sounds more like background fluff than a track one would listen to on its own. Because of this slow and directionless pace, this track falls short of being interesting.

You've got some impressive ideas here, like the mix between orchestral strings, techno synths and your trademark electric guitar, akin to what you did in New World. Sad to see you go out of the contest, but you had a very, very good run! Good luck with your future projects.

Score: 8.1/10

It says: "Write a review".


I tell you, I love this shit. haha. No "review" necessary.

InYourDreams responds:

And I love YOU man... no homo... well, maybe just a little O_O

xD thanks for your not-review, man! This song isn't finished yet... just wait a couple of weeks :)

It's too bad you ran out of time :( You were really becoming one of my favorite musicians with your last few NGADM pieces - you can just write a really fantastic melody - and I'm sure that with more time you could have really developed this one too. Even still I enjoy the synth/organ and guitar combination. Along with the strings it gives a really creepy/eery feel.

NGADM or not I'll be keeping an eye out for you :-)

P.S. What does GM mean?

InYourDreams responds:

Hey johnfn! thanks man! ^_^... I'm happy to hear you liked my songs for the NGADM. Coming from you it sure means a lot. I'm definitely gonna work on this one when I get the time. Probably in 2 weeks :D... I have some cool ideas I wanna develop and finish, so there's gonna be more from me. don't worry ;)

P.S. GM means "Gabriel's Mask", which is the name of my solo project (cause InYourDreams doesn't sound really metal xD...). Check out my facebook page if you like ^_^. I'm making an EP and am gonna publish it with that name this year (or at least try to finish this year). It's gonna be probably for free :D

Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2013
2:23 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
5.1 MB
2 min 14 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.