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Author Comments

Round 4 for NGADM! Spent a good 6 days on this after scrapping other ideas. Hope you guys like it, sorry to get a little adhd on you this time around, and it's a little loud too. I still can't mix right i dunno wtf i'm doing. Also I found the chiptune noise on my keyboard so I had to use it a little SORRY

Here's the lyrics. lol drugz.

Kind of like dancing around a fire
Feel that? It's got you a brand new vibe
Time to start cramming a lot more good drugs in you
To jolt your brain

Can you see yourself
Floating in vacuum?
Don't you dare give way to your phobias
To achieve euphoria and learn how to soar
Til your drug is done

But you won't sober soon

Hey, I think you got a terrible illness post-trip
I think you should wind on down
Time to start getting a lot more fluids through you
To bring you home

I see you're still going
Aren't you yet neutral?
Don't you dare lose hold of your head
Now I look at you and feel like I'm bounded
We're so alike both stuck in this curse

Maybe we are one?
Mirror, lie to me..
Now I dare not dance

I can see myself
Staring at blank space
Out of body, third eye keeps watch
To assure I'm sane still, til I sober

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OMG! You have some serious skill man! I am Insanely jealous!

This is an NGADM Round 4 Review.


What I liked:
-You’ve got chops, and it shows!
-Love the solo!
-Great vocal work.
-Your intro and outro are both fantastic.

What could have been better:
-This got a little repetitive at times.
-Feels like this was overcompressed a little bit overall.
-I don’t have a whole lot to complain about.

Great job as always, Kor-Rune! You’re an excellent songwriter and you’ve got some serious skills both on your instrument and in production. Keep it coming!

Score: 9.5/10

You did NOT just use the main theme from John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" as one of the main themes of a Power Metal song! XD

Overall pretty damn solid track, even though this is far from my cup of tea in terms of style! I find the harmony too disconnected for my taste (which is a rare feat!), often modulating to a distant minor chord mid-word and changing to another one the word immediately after it.

You can very much inspire yourself from the track that you emulated the theme from to get a good idea of highly contrasting modulations that still works, or the Jazz Metal remake (http://youtu.be/pr0KHcioPeo) by the band Panzerballett for some sweet metal sounds (look them up, seriously, they're completely bonkers!)

Other than that, I really can't add anything that hasn't already been said Obviously the chip sound, while very creative, was poorly executed and resulted in a cluttering of the mix. I think the words of the song sometimes don't really sync well with the pacing of the song, so perhaps look into that.

Technically this song was masterful. The arpeggios were very well-articulated and equally-divided, which is SO good to hear as opposed to the usual slob that metal performers, even in big bands, usually play. The harmonies, other than the disjoint modulations, are stellar, and are remarkably creative. The subject of the song is pretty original, and the images depicted through it are enjoyably twisted. The Giant Steps quote immediately gets a big thumbs up and seal of approval out of me. :3

Again, pretty damn solid track, and except for some nitpicks, this was a highly enjoyable song to listen to. Would definitely recommend to others.

Keep up the good work!

Kor-Rune responds:

Thanks for the review dude! Chords are hard and gay I will try and get them super c: glad you liked and noticed the giant steps nudge LOL

Hooooo boy.

The Good:
-The instant I hear this I know it's yours. Classic Kor-Rune with those crowd-pleaser arpeggios and then your voice.
-Great break at about 1:07, and even better transition at 1:34. I really like the break there.
-Wonderful vocal work! I love some of the chorus sounds and harmonic lines.
-I like your motifs and ostinatos in this, they're very nice.

The Not-So-Good:
-Alright, nitpick time. Be warned, I'm going harsh as hell on you from here on out in the entire contest. The transition at 0:22 is something you use far too often, to be honest. It's not the best transition either, you could have gotten a lot more creative with it.
-Some seriously off-key parts, such as at 2:22.
-The atmosphere is fairly inferior to that of your last piece, except at 3:34 which has an excellent and eerie atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, it barely changes at all until then.
-The transition at 4:00 is a bit excessive and sudden.
-Overall it feels like you're relying far too much on overall chords and distortion.
-It'd be cool to hear you using a different drumset. Hearing the same one over and over again is getting tiring, however good it is.
-The ending is a bit sudden, though I love the final effects.

Overall: Score of 8.8/10. Eh. Definitely not your best piece. This could have been much better in a lot of ways. That said, this is still pretty good. Luck to you next round!

This is an NGADM Round 4 review.


I find myself agreeing with johnfn a lot in this round. Like him, while I don't think this is as good as your Round 3 track, which I found bit more thoughtful and full of awesome atmospheres, this is still brilliant stuff, definitely on a more intense note than your Round 3 track. Plus, you've got vocals this time, and they're more well-executed than they were in your Round 2 track, so greta job!

Plus, it really doesn't sound ADHD at all. You've got just the right amount of the unpredictable and the unexpected, while still tying everything together with much more solid transitions and sections where you repeat motifs that you introduced earlier in the track. Also, I love how the track winds down so well at 3:23. Damn, that part was awesome.

I actually think that your mixing needs a bit of work, as you seem to be aware. The drums sound pretty drab and lacking the crisp sound I was hoping for. The chiptune noise sound was a cool idea but yeah, it overloads the mix with too many high frequencies. The worst part is that you use it in sections where there are already a lot of cymbals, making the high frequency a battle between white noise and cymbals.

There's a bit of clutter present in the busy sections that contain your vocals. In those sections the mix sounds a bit strained. This not only makes all the different instruments hard to follow but it's also hard to understand the lyrics, which causes the track to sound pretty messy (*cough* 2:57 *cough*)

Aside from the mix and the drums, this is another dynamic, exciting and brilliantly composed track. Amazing work.

Score: 9.3/10

Credits & Info


4.76 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2013
12:03 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
9.6 MB
5 min 16 sec

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