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Hey hey. I started this yesterday between classes, but then decided to go ahead and finish it. It's sort of a departure from what I've been doing up to this point, it uses a lot of warm, 80s-sounding synths. Anyway, I hope you like.

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Believe it or not this actually makes a regular appearance in my current rotation of recreational jams. i do find myself looping the first 2:15 before the higher synth melody comes in, but the progression is welcome. Good stuff.

Love the variety of sounds used and the over all composition - keep it up :)

I like this song. I think it's well made.

The intro is beautiful. Those synths sound great, and the way you put them together seamlessly is awesome. However, I found that part at 00:13 awkward. The first time at 00:03 when you put that synth in it started lower pitch and then went high-low-high, etc. However, at 00:13 it started high-low-high, etc, and I found that didn't meld as well. Forgive me if that made no sense at all. In short, at 00:13 it sounded less smooth.

00:20 Those drums sound awesome. I like the background effects as well, they are subtle but noticeable which is great. This whole part from 00:20 - 00:58 sounds great. I really like that this part doesn't have a lot of different sounds in it, that way each one is emphasized more.

Then at 00:58~ that tone you add in works really well. It melds together with all the other sounds so well. This is something you do very well. All the sounds you put into this song go together, almost like they were created to go together in the first place. At 00:58, you introduced a sound in the background that became more noticeable at 01:33. I think you could have emphasized this a little more. Maybe made it louder, higher pitch, I don't know. It just sounded cool, but I couldn't hear it that well at first.

01:37...I am not sure what I think about this. The first time I heard it I thought the break went on for too long (~20 seconds). But, now I am thinking it didn't go for too long, it just should have had more in it sooner. So, that sound you introduce at 01:57 could have come in earlier, or actually right away, but just quieter. Then, at 01:57 it could start building up. It isn't a huge deal, it doesn't ruin the song or anything, but it seems noticeable enough for me.

And then, 02:15. Everything comes together beautifully. It just sounds so awesome. The rest of the song built up to this point so well. You put all of the sounds together after they had been individually introduced throughout the rest of the song. I don't know if you did this on purpose or what, but it sounds so good. Each of the sounds in this song were played largely on their own, first the synths, then the drums, then the tone, and so on. You didn't introduce more than 2 sounds at once at any time, and so when you put them all together at the end I can appreciate each one. When you did it like that I can appreciate the quality of both the over-all song and the individual sounds used.

Over-all, definitely one of my favorites of yours. The transitions are seamless, the background effects are well used, the sounds go together nicely...the only big thing I have against this song is the emptiness in some parts. That, however, isn't a problem with the song as much as it is with my personal taste. Again, great job! Awesome work!


P.S. I also like the title you chose, I think it fits the song well.

Wow, this song is very well made. Keep up the good work :)

Digging this 80's sounding song.
After playing blood dragon and listening to Power Glove, I've been hungry for stuff that captures the same '80's' feel.
Very good, but cliche, and loops well.

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Sep 24, 2013
12:57 PM EDT
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