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B7 - DaerkynVolt

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Hola amigos! This is another song I was working on from a LONG time ago that I reconstructed the files to and can now actually post what I have.

Which is TOTALLY super incomplete. There's no ending. And my vocal takes are shitty near the end. But all that bullshyte aside, HERES ANOTHER SONG!

- On the clean vocals, I used a heavy autotuner on the left and right channels. I left the middle channels autotune-less, and am honestly surprised at how sort-of on pitch I sound.

- On the unclean vocals: From the beginning to the first chorus, all unclean vocals are processed through the same channel busses as my clean vocals. (My EQ's worked well with it, and an autotuned scream does not sound like you'd think an autotuned scream would sound. It just sounds like scream. It's actually kinda disappointing)
The reason I made this decision was to try and draw contrast to the section immediately following the first chorus. On THESE screams, I left it as the center channel, ran it through a distortion compressor, threw on a bit of EQ and sprinkled some synchronized delay? Tada! Center solo scream that differentiates itself from the other unclean sections in the song! VARIETY BABY!

- I recorded the beginning section with my acoustic guitar that needs new strings. Badly. I also recorded it through the world's shittiest microphone, which consisted at the time of a paper clip, a bundle of sticks and some gummy bears with an electric current running through them.

- I recorded a lot of guitar takes. I don't even want to begin to describe how hard I tried to insert a real "solo" into this song because, seriously, it was like 80 or 90 different takes that all were immediately trashed. That's at least a few hours of my life, depending on the takes' length and so forth.

- About the end section: I don't have a bass. That bass was recorded with my 7-string guitar and processed through my PODHD. AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE THE BASS UNTIL I SAID SOMETHING, DID YOU?!

- Addendum to "About the end section": The strange trippy guitar "solo" at the end was actually just me messing around with reversing the recordings and screwing with their timings. Manually. Not with a program that glitches things for you, I never take the easy way out. I always go in, by hand, and CUT the CLIP where it NEEDS to sound GLITCHY. I don't rely on hoohaw tools and yankeedoodle whatever the fucks. But that's because I'm stubborn, and ain't nobody gone done told me about how to even get one of them there fancy VST things working properly.

If you want me to post lyrics, leave a bag of horseshit on my doorstep. Then we'll talk.

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more vocals pls


Who would ever say that stuffynipples could sound this epic? sure not me, but i'm listening and there is no doubt about it, it is time, for nipple kind to raise and move for conquest!

You good sir, need to stop being so epic at music making. The vocals are actually pretty good in my opinion. That's just me though. Just saying. Everything else? What can I say man. Has that epic Burn7 feel we've come to love over the years. Keep it coming m8. Great job all around. Kthxbai!!!!


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Sep 23, 2013
2:44 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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