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dj_padman - Unsettled Future

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Author Comments

Another attempt at classical. Strings and brass. Let me know what you think!

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i thought

it was different from most classical pieces... the trumpet might have gone out of its range (low range) a little bit too...maybe just one note. i liked teh change of pace too. the brass didnt sound real, but then brass never really sounds "real" unless ur listening to a live recording or something...im sure ur gonna be really good when u start refining ur classical music. it sounds like u were just experimenting chords a lot, but thats the same thing i did when i first started out. the only thing i would have done at 1:06 would be a little less trumpet. it overpowered at some parts. also, i liked the nice, full chord at 0:52. had to get that in there...nice job and keep it up. sorry about the "in depth" review but i got stuff to do. c ya

dj-padman1 responds:

ItalianStallion, dont be silly, your review is more than "in depth". You've raised a lot of useful points, and I thank you for it.
I think I know which trumpet note you're talking about, at the start right? Possibly its clipping, there is something going on there...you're not wrong!
The brass SHOULD sound real, its real-world samples. Possibly the reverb I applied gave it some artificial qualities.
Thanks for the encouragement man, and your judgement. Its very useful!



My friend SecurityInACan got to you before me... the bastard...

and those were my ideas too >_>.

Well since Security handled the imagery, i'd like to suggest a few things to the piece.

As stated, the piece has a good ambiant quality, and those disjointed strings serve to produce a chaotic atmosphere effectively. I feel the chimes may be unnecessary.

I think a great instrument for this piece which I didn't hear often enough is the timpini, it would work great to set a war like, uncertainty, which is the image I get from this piece itself. I heard it for a short while around 0:54.

That is what you must remember, percussional instruments like the crash, timpini, clavbell etc, must be used more then once to have an effect in most cases. For example, I heard a triangle sound once, and a crash only once in this piece. I think it would have made the song a bit more uniform if you used these more then once, or none at all. The chimes near the beginning (0:22) served a good purpose, I don't think you should use them near the end.

I can imagine this piece with rain going on in the background, and then it reminds me of the movie Blade Runner. I don't know if you've seen it, but its about the uncertain future of engineered clones who are hunted down on Earth. The music would fit perfectly in that movie as well.

Thats all that comes to mind right now. 5/5 from me dj_padman1, keep them coming.

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks very much for taking the time to listen and review MaestroSorrow, means a great deal to me.

I think your comments on the percussion were spot on, I shall definitely attempt to assimilate those ideas into my future works, the percussion is so important for emphasis! Possible use of superfluous percussion also noted :)

I appreciate the Blade Runner reference, I've sure heard about it and the ideas it raises, but my only direct contact was with the computer game, which utterly defeated me!
Later MaestroSorrow, thanks again :)


Hey dj_padman1

In response to the reviewer before me, I highly disagree with you on pretty much every level. It's true padman hasn't made a lot of classical pieces, but I do not see this lacking in any way. I see a great amount of potential to it, it would right new server great for an ambiant bg music to some movie, probably sci-fi setting.

Those strange strings at 1:06 were very interesting in my opinion. They were off key? It served to make a very chaotic, kind of unsatisfying feeling. Do not take that as a bad sign, that means the song can make somebody feel unsettled, yet keep them listening. I suppose to somebody who doesn't listen to instrumental pieces often, this may not be catchy, I was captivated by the images it presented.

I think the title fits the image perfectly this time.

I would like to see you produce a classical trance/ambiant piece padman. Try to merge both worlds. You have ample experience with the electronic musical department, see how far you can take it. I did a few songs like that, and I feel it helped me understand both worlds better.

5/5 from me dj_padman1, keep them coming.

dj-padman1 responds:

Woah, I appreciate the time you've taken to give me this guidance. You and MaestroSorrow are unbelievably generous.
I need all the advice I can get my hands on!
Thanks for the boost, I suppose classical music is highly subjective, so differences of opinion are to be expected, I'm glad this one met with your approval.

You've raised a very good idea with the trance/ambiant combination. That sounds like something I can see myself doing. Fingers crossed I won't butcher it :)

Thanks again for your support. I can see that the quest to become skilled at classical is among the hardest of all, it could take a while to really come to grips with it.


I recommend you don't prodcue classical anymore. Not that it's bad. It just doesn't suit you. Stick with, ambient, trance and drum n bass. Lol. The itself. It doesn't grab your attention. The trumpet is cheesy sounding. Try lowering the velocity on strings to make them sound more realistic. Anyways, good try.


Fifen'd anyways.

dj-padman1 responds:

Well, thanks for the review. I intend to keep trying to produce classical. i really care about it, so hopefully I improve in the future. You may have a point about the strings, I guess they COULD have dropped back at times, I just got a bit excited.
Well, thanks again!

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Jul 7, 2006
8:42 AM EDT
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