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NGADM Round 3 Submission

I really love world beats. And choirs. And I hope you enjoy too. <3

There's something in these woods
It would get you if it could
Ready to jump, ready to jump
Ready to jump out at you

There's a quiet little village
On the side of the river
And a piece of the jungle follows us
All the way home

There's a woman in a yellow dress
She is sun-kissed, she is blessed
Many will go, many will go
Many will know who she is

There are children in the fields who
Are close to their mother
And the sounds of the evening
give us a sense of being home

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once more a good song. although it is a bit odd and a bit different it is a good kind of different , the kind that makes it unique. very impressive feel to it with an odd sense of unity in it. almost as though i can picture this in a friendly group dance such as a tribal dance or something you would find at woodstock

maybe that is an odd conclusion but either way it is a very nice song with a good rhythm and sound. i am curious to ask what your inspiration is for the unique kind of music you produce if you are inclined to answer?

headphoamz responds:

Thank you very much. I don't have any particular inspiration to my songs, they just kind of happen!

NGADM R.3 Review:

What I liked:
- Fantastic singing, never missed a note, never missed a beat.
- Awesome harmonies and group work going on all throughout.
- The percussion, when present, was really well done and felt really natural, and added a lot of enjoyment to the song.

What I didn't:
- At times, the song felt extremely empty when the percussion stopped. I think some ambient noise or textures could have gone a long way to help the song feel less empty when everything but your voice stopped.
- There were a couple times where the vocals inexplicably sounded very dry, around 1:54 is one of those times, during the "close to their mother" section.

I really enjoyed what you did here, although I really think it needed some ambient texture or atmosphere going on in the background to fill in the empty space that occupied a lot of the track when the percussion stopped. And save a couple hiccups in mixing on the vocals, the rest of the song had excellent execution.


headphoamz responds:

Thanks Purgy! ^_^

NGADM Review


Well what do we have here? A fantastic track I would say. I think this is one of the more unique tracks in the entirety of the NGADM thus far. You have such a marvellously beautiful voice, I love it! :3

Speaking of vocals, I was really impressed by the 'tribal-like' choirs that backed your own singing - they were fantastic. The lyrics were great and I could easily imagine seeing hazy golden plains or a vast green jungle just brimming with life. The percussion was spot-on, it really sets the proper pacing for the track. Oh, and I just have to say...this sounds like something out of the Lion King (that's a good thing)!

The strings at 1:24 to 1:32 could have been mixed to sound much more clear and vibrant, they had an 'airy' quality about them. Since this was primarily a vocal track, the other instruments seemed to be brushed off to the side just slightly. Focusing on your percussion and those stringed instruments a little more in this track would help create a more 'wholesome' sound. The conclusion of the song was a bit sudden and could have used a little more work , but it was still good nonetheless.

I love this track, keep up the good work headphoamz! :D

Score: 9.25/10

headphoamz responds:

Yay, thank you Neon! ^_^

This is an NGADM Round 3 Review.


Wow, what an unexpected track!

What I liked:
-So unique! I loved the approach you took.
-The bassy voices (which I'm assuming are also you?)
-Great use of percussion all around.
-The harmonies at 1:13, which bring me right back to "O Brother Where Art Thou" for some awesome reason.
-Great vocal work.

What could have been better:
-This is a very vocal drive piece, which is good, but I would have loved to see more strings throughout. I think it would add a lot.
-I was waiting for a big climax that didn't come.

This is a great piece of music, and definitely outside of the box. I'm impressed, and never know what to expect from you!

Score: 9.7/10

headphoamz responds:

Yay! Thank you bassfiddlejones for the great score and review. I agree with the ending - very unfinished. Maybe when I have some time I'll rework the song. :)

- NGADM Round 3 Review -

Ah, what a nice song. I like the ideas you have, here. Nice melody and use of your voice, especially how you applied reverb to them. Flow is excellent. And your lyrics are easy to hear, and are enjoyable to listen to! However, one thing I did notice a second time around is the general lack of soul in the vocals (the harmonies initially help make up for it), and during several parts it feels a little weak, especially compared to the full sound of the percussion (which was mixed a little too cleanly to combine well with the vocals, in my opinion).There is also an odd emptiness around 2:10, in terms of sound, not quite composition... Also, your lowest voice layer is too warbly and sounds pretty unnatural to the track, although this is a very minor thing. I was definitely disappointed in your ending, as it was beyond inconclusive. It just...stopped, and not in a good way. This contrasts highly with your intro, which draws you in with its warmness. And the general warmness present throughout combined with your lyrical content is easily the strongest aspect of this inviting track. :)

Score: 9.4

headphoamz responds:

Thanks alternative!
Hehe, yes, it is indeed warbly (I love that word) in the lower parts. Thanks for the kind words though, and the generous scoring. I wasn't happy with the end either, actually, and you made good points. Maybe someday I'll revise it!

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