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An original audio, done with Audacity and Guitar Pro 6.
Experimental use of bass, synths, percussion, piano.

It's supposed to be mechanical, with a sort of progressive industrial undertone, but with a fluid dynamic.

Like most of what I enjoy, it's supposed to be superficially challenging, but quite easy when you get past the expectations and labeling... I'm quite pretentious, aren't I? :-s

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Challenging for sure!

I enjoy experimental music, I think the only way to get somewhere is through breaking the rules and conventions and trying to bring something new to the mix of existing genres! This is not exactly the kind of music I'd listen to on a daily basis, however I'll try my best to review fairly, a promise's a promise right? :)

Also, take this review with a bit of a grain of salt, as in, take it for what it is: another's musicians thoughts on this song. Don't take anything I'm about to write as something to follow or to apply without hesitation; I'm just stating my opinion, nothing more, nothing less :P

Even though it sounds chaotic at first, it's actually pretty well organized, drums seem to follow some logic, which is nice to hear. I liked the guitar taking over the bass and drums, it gave an interesting twist, enjoyed that!

I felt the song was a bit repetitive, I'd liked to have seen more harmonies come in at some point, maybe some very light piano playing low notes could have fit, although that's up to you to decide, it's your song after all!

Mixing-wise, it was fair. I agree with both reviewers below, the drums need a higher presence, the atmosphere you have present is nice but seems very bass-oriented, some more prominent drums and cymbals would help bring the mix up a notch. It also perhaps lacks a bit of spice in the higher-ends of the spectrum, but that may be just me :0

In any case, overall composition was good, needs improvement for sure, but it's already got quite a lot of value and definitely has potential. I like to throw in inexpected elements into my songs when I can, it sets it apart from others and really makes it shine if used right, which I think you accomplished quite well ;)

DexiAntoniu responds:

I'm a bass player, most of what I do starts from the bass, so that explains some bits.

Will try to address the repetitiveness, at least make things clearer for the section starting 1:43.

You have very fair points, I'm just afraid to touch this thing again because it was made in a brilliant moment of inspiration, and I'm afraid ever touching this will ruin the general atmosphere and what the song means for me, as it reflects an interior state I had at that moment.

But I will try, this is my craft after all...

Thank you very much for the review!

This piece is really awesome! The drum sounds in particular are amazing throughout (I would agree with Reinteck that they deserve a higher position in the mix), and I think you nailed the industrial, mechanical tone.

It kind of takes a while to settle into a coherent groove at the beginning (although maybe this was what you were going for--the beginning is certainly also the most "industrial"-sounding part). The backwards piano (I think?) loop underpinning the whole thing makes a great foundation on which to build the rest of the song.

If you're going to build on this from here, I would suggest adding in different backwards piano (I think?) loops later in the piece, perhaps in different keys, and making the different sections of the piece more distinct, as it kind of blurs together in the middle.

Still, rad sounds throughout on all of the instruments, and amazing job conveying the dark tone.

DexiAntoniu responds:

Yes, the beginning I'm most satisfied with, lol.
I definitely agree with the points you have given! And I am of major gratitude for this review, I'm very very glad you liked it.

Nice! It's very dark and industrial. The guitar part adds alot of emotion to the song. One thing I would suggest: having the drums be a bit louder could really add alot to the song. Overall I'd say it's a pretty good piece!

DexiAntoniu responds:

Wow, thanks a lot of the review, this was among the last pieces I thought someone would review or like. I'll try tweaking with the drums! :D

Again, thanks for the review, greatly, greatly appreciated!

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