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Real Life Absurdities

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for my round 3 submission in NGADM
these are actual scenes from my reality
like the sun would always wake me up.. shed slap me if i dont wake on the first try
and a man with a sombrero would make me coffee
my breakfast would always try to escape
i travel with a mechanical flying turtle if i need to go to rehearsals......
outside the sky is pink and the city smells wonderful!
i love my reality...

Used: Akai-MPK Mini hope you like my ad-libs

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Dude this is... INSANE...ly good. I love it!!!

This song sounds like the circus on steroids! I love it!

steampianist responds:

Hehe OJ is one of the clowns

This is an NGADM Round 3 Review.


So much going on here!

What I liked:
-Extremely creative piece.
-This is actually a very short piece, but you've packed so much in here that it feels much longer!
-Love the marimba!
-Both the intro and outro were constructed and executed well. Not many pieces can say that.
-Great transitions!
-Excellent use of percussion.

What could have been better:
-I didn't really like the electric bass sound.
-I feel like the trumpet was a little overused - would have liked to see the melody pass to some other instruments more often.

You never cease to put out fantastic work, and I'm greatly impressed. As always, an excellent composition.

Score: 9.2/10

steampianist responds:

Thanks for the review!

Other judges complained about the length but you actualy gave some positive feedback on it
I really wanted to do a short piece that packs a punch. So i really appreciate this feedback. Thank you

NGADM Review


This is awesome. Actually it's kind of reminiscent of the N64 Banjo-Kazooie games! :)

Do you know what's absurd? How well all of these whacky melodies and effects fit together so perfectly with no issues when it comes to pacing...how on earth do you do it steampianist?! Overall mixing is great, and the instrumentation is wicked! I couldn't help but smile the whole way through because I was just imagining all of the crazy things that this song could be based on.

There are really only two things I can complain about: the length of the track and the rather simple 'circus' drum-line. The length of the track was just a bit of a letdown. I feel as if you could have had a period of musical relaxation where everything just settled down long enough for things to get all zany again (much like 0:36 – 0:42). As for the drum-line, there was nothing really 'wrong' with it at all, just slightly generic. However, your clever use of other percussive instruments were the spotlight and therefore it isn't much of an issue!

Fantastic all the way through, keep it up steampianist!

Score: 9.25

steampianist responds:

Yes Absurd is something unreasonable/irrational (see my description)

the review from you finally arrived. i really appreciate it dude, thank you

"There are really only two things I can complain about: the length of the track and the rather simple 'circus' drum-line."

yeah i might make something like this again but this time with a decent length and maybe some variations on the beat :) though there is a reason why it is short.. and it is health related.
too much exposure to this kind of music damages your sense of reality so yeah.. :P

NGADM Review:
So absurd, and yet so ridiculously fantastic. This is the definitely the most original piece this round, and it's amazing how so many seemingly random melodies can fit together so superbly. You've got great compositional skills, and instrumentation is out of world, with some truly otherworldly use of those synths and soundfonts. Fantastic work!

There is very little I can say against this piece. You've got a couple of mixing issues here and there, but nothing that truly deducts from the level of the track. Drum-work could have been a bit better, but again, nothing major. Solid intro and outro, and great development in between.

Overall, an amazingly well-done piece. Keep up the fantastic work, looking forward to hearing more from you!

Score: 9.2/10

steampianist responds:

Thank you very much

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Sep 11, 2013
12:32 PM EDT
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