Sand Falls Onto Disk

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The actual title of this piece is "Sand Falls Onto A Rotating Disk", but apparently this title is TOO XTREME (that is, long) for Newgrounds to HANDLE.
This piece was recorded in Tracktion 2.0 with 4 guitar tracks (fed through a chorus pedal), a bass track, and two tracks for electronic noises. Like in "The Limping Colossus", I constructed the waveforms for these noises myself in Wolfram Mathematica, and added a bit of reverb.
Constructive criticism (or praise, or questions, or knock-knock jokes, whatever) would be appreciated. And make sure to check out my other music!
(Also, if you have any idea how you would classify this and my other pieces, genre-wise, please tell me, because I'm not really sure!)


You already know my opinion on this.

Do you by chance listen to a band called Animals as Leaders? If not, you should check them out. They're more metal, but that's not what they're made of.

secantwave responds:

Constructive criticism is great, of course, but this kind of review makes me so happy. Thank you very much.
I have the first Animals as Leaders album; I like it quite a bit.

Two blondes fall into a dark hole, one says "Its quite dark in here isn't it?"

The other replies: "I don't know, I can't see".......

Well! Off to the composition xD

The start....

Very chill, straight away when the guitar started, I could tell... Very relaxing... To me,very spacey feeling, riding on a little rocket, maybe on something... Seeing loads of colours... Sounds like a cool feeling (in my head)

I would recommend adding another instrument for that detail or to fill in the blank parts when the guitar/bass is just playing.....

Although the noises are quite cool, I would say they instantly fade out 1:15.. You should of faded them out a bit sooner (Or left a tail of reverb on it)

I love the idea itself, around 1:48, it started to remind me of the game 'BlockStory' similar to Minecraft... I like it ;P

I do like it, I would think about adding a pad underneath to give it that extra detail that it is missing (Personally I think that)

The guitar has a cool tone, love the chorus...

Cool idea and very unique Composition, I would just say one thing as mentioned, just add some more small amounts of detail like 1 more instrument and maybe some other sound FX to make it MORE! interesting, I would love to hear some ambience noises at low levels during the composition near the last min or so...

I really enjoyed it!

Great work mate


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secantwave responds:

I can definitely see what you mean regarding adding more noises/pads. I did intend for the piece to start out and end fairly simple, but I would agree that low-level ambience at the beginning and end wouldn't go amiss.
And I love the tone of a chorused guitar too. It's one of my favorite effects.
Thanks for the review (and the bonus joke!) I'm glad you liked the piece.

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