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This song for me is about the fears of growing up and losing innocence. I'm at the stage in my life where my inner child is swiftly fading away and personally, that scares me. There is nothing like a child's perspective on the world where beauty is at its simplest and everything is so pure. This song is called 'Agnos', the Greek word for 'Innocent'.

A big thank you to Panagiotis Labrou for helping with the Greek translations. Greek is such a beautiful and ancient language that I believed would fit in better than English would towards the end of the song. I hope I succeeded in creating the atmosphere I desired to create. Good luck to ChronoNomad and I hope you enjoy! =^o^=


Tell me the truth child, before you forget,
What troubles you deeply, in times of regret?
Lest we be lost now, between right or wrong,
Follow your heart to the place you belong

Young one fear not for the lore lies within,
The journey ahead is about to begin

Gia agapi ke timi
Lampse fotina, pedi...

Kyrie Tu Eleus

Vres To Dromo
Odigise Mas


For hope and honour
Shine brightly, child...

Lord of Mercy
Be safe

Find your way
Guide us

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Much have been said and directions have been given. But sure I wanna comment on mixing which is great and of high production quality. For me, your voice is really ethereal as of your name. Truly amazing work, mesmerizing sounds and perfect in every sense. Good luck and keep it up!

NGADM R.3 Review

What I liked:
- Great use of vocal harmonies.
- Natural flow and creation of atmosphere within the song.
- Great mixing all around.

What I didn't:
- Song felt like it stalled a bit in the middle section a little too much.
- I agree with bassfiddlejones that the ending felt a little unnatural with the choir trailing out like that.

Amazing track, awesome vocal work, awesome harmonies, chill and well created atmosphere. Stalled a little bit in the mid section, and the ending I think could have done without the extra choir bit, or at least filled it out with something else as well... but near flawless execution otherwise.


NGADM Review


Yet another beautiful entry etherealwinds...I am in awe. Fantastic instrumentation and vocal work. The mixing is also top notch. On top of all of this, I feel like I really connected with the theme of this song. Due to all of these things coming together, I can say that I was fully immersed while listening to this track.

In all honesty, the only thing that really bothered me was the 'emptier' portions of the track where things just seemed to trail on (1:21-1:43, for example). I understand these are transitional sections, and while they are quite atmospheric I feel as if they could have had a more 'wholesome' sound (they are still beautiful nonetheless). There were some very minor mixing issues with the guitar during certain sections of the track, where it sounded as if it was strictly in the background.

Such a magnificent song, well done! :)

Score: 9/10

This is an NGADM Round 3 Review.


Impressive track!

What I liked:
-Excellent atmosphere (that's something you're very good at creating).
-Inclusion of Greek lyrics. Very cool
-This is soundtrack material, great quality and balance between natural and synthetic sounding instruments.
-The vocals at 2:08 are wonderfully juxtaposed to the normal major key stuff you have going on in the background.
-The mixing is quite good.

What could have been better:
-There were a few times when you transition that everything just seems to stop, almost awkwardly. This is inadvertently also a plus, because I'm all about letting the song breathe, though it feels a little unnatural at times.
-The middle section between the English and Greek lyrics lacks a bit of transition.
-The ending was ok, but sounded unnatural when left with just the choir patch.

This was a fantastic track, and I very much enjoyed listening to it. Keep up the great work.

Score: 9.3/10

- NGADM Round 3 Review -

As usual, you've displayed excellent vocal skills. I find that your voice matches well with your instrument choice, and your mixing skills are pretty great. Your pads are nicely - intriguingly - placed, as well. I've found there to be a defined atmosphere in your works, and this piece not lacking in quality when it comes to this. I did find there to be a few directionless spots throughout your song, which hold only very loosely together; they go largely unnoticed after a few listens, however. As for your intro, I think you start off wonderfully. Your melodies are very beautiful, and strings perfect. Overall, this is a solid, quality piece.

Score: 8.7

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Sep 7, 2013
3:59 PM EDT
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