B7 - Shitless Lunatic

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Sorry, I had a break in my schedule that caused me to miss yesterday's "personal deadline". But I'll try my very fucking hardest to keep pumping things out this whole month. I might crash a few times, but I'll bring it right back within a day or so.

Oh yeah, this is the Shitless Lunatic (The other name was I Renounce My Faith In The Desire Of Ambition but that's FAR too long). With this song, I tried a new method of inputting my drum mappings and it turned out absolutely horrid. Trial and error, you are a bitch. Fortunately, I was also able to try out a new mixing technique that worked out rather well. It forces the song to clip in certain areas to make it even heavier, which I'm totally cool with. Let me know if you notice either of these things, as they're wanted for perjury and soaking a baby in lizard urine/fecal materials.

The fuck did I just say? Damn I've been writing too much music. Sleep. Need that stuff.

Anyway, if you enjoy it, LEMME KNOW!

(Thanks to everyone who has supported what I've been doing. It's really helping me move out of some shitty places in my life and I feel like doing this for even just one person is worth every second I spend on it :D)

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uhm, hope you don't mind me using this song for one of my upcoming games. i love this soooo much <3

Burn7 responds:

Go right ahead! Just try and link me so I can spend some time checking your stuff out like you have mine!

Black cloud and Silver Linings? Totally a Dream Theater Album. Maybe similar to Trial, Error, and Silver Linings? Anyways,

Quite enjoy this song. Love when you get to put some grove in your riffs. I didn't notice the clipping. But it does seem that your drums are ridic loud.

Favorite part, 1:06. Right after the heaviness and build up!!! Then, let me grove on my guitar and have a groovy drum beat. The next transition i feel is not quite as smooth. Although the next section is after that little bit is heavy as fuck. Breakdown! And then it dies off...

Your shit could be extended! As most of your WIPs i guess. But love what you have done with this.

Burn7 responds:

FUCK YEAH! I love the 1:06 part, I want to just write music like that all the time, just groove forever. But I'm not quite that good yet. I need to work on my grooviness skills. Maybe I should play bass lolol...

We seriously need to jam soon or I'm going to die. We can either set up at your parent's place or my pa's new house cause his neighbors need to know who they're fucking with :3

i have a question... i havent read much of the comments.. but.. is it only you how makes the songs? or you have a band with many ppl? i read a thing u typed.. and, u said that "it took 20... guitar takes." so... is it only u who makes songs? sorry my english, or grammar c:

Burn7 responds:

Don't worry about your English buddy :P It's WAY better than most people I know who only speak just one language.

Yes, it is just me. I program the drums, I sing vox, I record the guitar/basslines and I mix/master everything. I am a one-man music making machine xD

But thank you for the kind words, friend. I do appreciate it! <3

Oh HECK yeah this is pretty heavy, funky too. Loving it. You're doing amazing with this considering coming up with ideas every day is hard. So props to you good sir!

Burn7 responds:

Ahah, well thanks man. I really love funk and blues, I wish I could incorporate more of it into my music xP

This is awesome and inspiring!
You are king!!!

Burn7 responds:

Ahaha... I didn't think about it like that actually, I think you're right! It totally kinda does sound like In Flames :P I mean... Not as good, AT ALL. But sorta the same style :D

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