Skyline V2

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As a backup judge for NGADM I was asked to review all the tracks. This one stuck out for me above so many others and I just had to get my hands on it.
With Wolftacular's permission, I redid the mix and master and added drums, bass and guitar.

This is what I heard in my mind when I listened to this track, right form the start.

Wofltacular - Original composition, orchestration, lyrics and vocal performance.
MetalRenard - Guitar, bass, percussion, mix and master.

I've added Wolf as a project "manager" but he isn't online very often so he won't appear right away. :)

iPhone microphone for vocals and piano (yep! T-T)
Orchestral Samples: I don't know, I received grouped sections as 160kb/s mp3s... Ask Wolftacular!
Native Instruments Studio Drummer
LTD F400 guitar
Some Ibanez bass
Line 6 UX2 and Pod Farm 2
Reaper 4
Izotope's Alloy 2 and Ozone 5
Melda Production's free plugins

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DAYUM, This is amazing, I loved Wolftacular's song, and this edit on it is astounding!

10/10!!!! :DDDD

MetalRenard responds:

Thanks so much!!

Talk about some synergy! I'm not the kind of person who can pick out all the nuances of sound like true audiophiles, but I can really hear the major differences between this and the original tracks.

I really enjoyed this track and I'm glad it got some love. I'm gonna have to jump over to Wolftacular's page and leave some nice commentary. The vocals are amazing.

MetalRenard responds:

Aww thanks mate! And of course, go and show him some love too, he deserves it! :)

awesome work! and iPhone mic really? you did a great job mixing your voice and the piano!

MetalRenard responds:

Thanks man! I enjoy a challenge and I love mixing to bring out the potential in things. It's as much an art as anything and I enjoy doing it as much as writing music.
(Oh and it's wolftacular's voice, mine isn't quite that great... :P)
Thanks again for the review!

Aw DAMN this was a surprise. You have done the track so much justice it's almost ridiculous. If Wolftacular submitted this I THINK he could've gotten one of the highest score averages in the round! Really goes to show what some good production can do to the track.

Really, you've just done an excellent job. The mix, while still slightly blurry/muddy during the string+flute sections and piano solo (probably because of the actual samples), is much much better now. Clear and balanced very well. I think there are still a few quirks; the vocal recording quality still isn't excellent (nothing you can do about that!), and I can hear some static/white noise (presumably from the recording) in the background, which you could've removed with noise removal (or at least gotten rid of in parts which don't have vocals in them like the piano solo).

The drums and guitars are excellent. They add depth to the track and give it the pacing and emotional power that it deserves. They were mixed in very nicely, and fit everywhere except 1:29 which I think would've sounded better without drums, at least up until 1:44.

The track itself is great, as I said in Wolftacular's NGADM review. Amazing singing, composition, and so on and so forth. I want to make my review look a bit longer though since I'm supposed to be the guy that writes long reviews, so I'll review your Author's Comments as well.

Solid grammar, apart from a few quirks ("I redid the mix, master, AND added drums, bass and guitar"). Stylistic complaint; I personally prefer having smileys BEFORE the full-stop (i.e. "he won't appear right away :)."). That's personal preference though. You could've pasted the lyrics of the track in the Author's Comments to improve them, but I like how you posted all of the things you and Wolftacular used, with a good "Tools:" heading that works well as a transitional element.

OK I literally can't lengthen this review any more. Excellent work, you two.

MetalRenard responds:

You really... Stepped up... For this review... *sigh* Ok I'll avoid the humour.
To address the issues you raised:
The muddy mix issues all come down to the fact that I was given all the strings as one file, all the lead elements as one file, vocals and piano in their own files too, but all as 160kbs mp3s! I can mix but I can't make miracles. Haha

1:29 Yeah, that would work. I turned the drums down for that section though, to keep it subtle. I agree more subtle would probably be better. ^^

Noise removal.. I don't have my noise removal software any more because of some "quirks" in the system, to reuse your word. Sadly they've lost my information and I can't download it. The piano was recorded with a microphone, I expect the iPhone microphone just like the voice, hence all the issues with clarity and noise I had to battle with.

I really appreciate the time you've taken to review this and I'm really happy to have had the opportunity to work on this amazing track by Wolftacular. Thanks for having me as a judge in NGADM too, which lead me to finding it! :D

(I put emoticons after punctuation! In my mind they're not part of the sentence structure but, instead, provide a context for what has just been said... Let's not get off topic, eh? :P)

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Sep 1, 2013
12:00 PM EDT
Classic Rock
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