Yes, I believe in Fairies.

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I love fairies.

So here is the story...

At the start :

This happy gathering music represents a family of wealthy fairies for a important dinner. They are all having a happy time! eating, warm house everything...

How about 0:45:

This is where it looks out of the window and you see a fairy who is in the cold, no family, no house.. Homeless..

Poor fairy.. :(

So it is walking, and notices a house with a open door (this is at 1:56...)

It walks, as the rain is pouring down.... It looks very sad, almost crying and literally torn apart inside

(2:26 I think)

Just before it reaches that part, someone comes out of the door and offers him a blanket to wrap around and invites him in.

They then have dinner ready for homeless people and its basically a homeless shelter for the fairies..

YAY happy ending..

Now leave a comment if you like the composition itself or if you have a interesting story in your head to tell me and I will of course read it!

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Why does this track only have 4 stars?

Fairies believe in you too, my friend. This track is an atmospheric and cinematic ace. You definitely know what you are doing, and you clearly create with a lot of intent, knowledge and talent. This track is well mastered, excellently mixed. It isn't wholly innovative, it stays within boundaries of familiar tropes, but I think it was a more of a case study into this kind of atmosphere and composition style than anything else.

I'll give it 5/5 because atmosphere is something not so easily created and usually underrated by creators who focus on other things.

Wonderful track. The celesta / glockenspiel combined with pizzicato strings is just a beautiful combination - i also love to use this combination because it just feels so mysterious. You have to be very quited to be able to see the fairies without dispell them. I think loud part at 2:25 comes a little bit to abrupt. I would have prefered to build up a little bit more tension before this part so you can prepare for it (maybe that was your intention :D ). Also i am not really happy with the ending because the piece just seems to stop there. Some kind of fadeout, maybe some interesting chord progression or something like that should complete the whole thing.

Overall great piece with a wonderful athmosphere. Keep on your great work!

Bspendlove responds:

Thanks for the wonderful comments and helpful feedback!

I never got onto finishing this, I will get onto finishing this off when I get around to finding the project file (Which is somewhere to be found!).

The ending was not complete, that is why I did fade it out :( Thanks for the idea! I will keep away from the progression I used and maybe put a touch of a classical orchestration but keeping the fairy feeling?

Thank you so much for the feedback and review :)


Hi, sorry your song got skipped in the "Review for a Review" thread, but I'm here to save the day!

As has already been pointed out, the strong point of this piece is the mixing. The reverb really helps out the low end especially. The glockenspiel sounds nice and bright, and the arrangement you've chosen doesn't overwhelm the listener at any point, so you've avoided some muddiness that could have been an issue.

The plucked strings tiptoeing around softly in the background add a little bit of playfulness, and they kept me interested throughout the middle part of the track. That section may have been a tad long, as MichaelJ suggested, but I found it helped if I tried to visualize the story you laid out, which is very appropriate, by the way.

The ending is nice and powerful -- great brass at 2:30. Overall, I didn't necessarily have my socks blown off, but the atmosphere you created kept me listening. A success, for sure!

Have a cool day, bro.

Bspendlove responds:

Thanks such much for the helpful review! Thanks for all the nice comments, it really means a lot to me :)

I hope you have a good day as well :)

This is mixed so well!
The middle section, after about :45, evolves too slowly. It really doesn't change at all. I think you could have built up to the ending better. Maybe changed the glock up a little and added some more instruments.
I just love the ending. It is so nice! You should check out some of my latest music. I think you'll like it.
Great job.

Bspendlove responds:

Thank you so much!
I have to say a lot of my Soundcloud followers said this to me as well about the length to what it turns into.

Thanks, I will definitely check out some of your music when I get the time, thanks for sharing!


I have to say, this piece is great. Ending = <3

Bspendlove responds:

:) Thanks so much! Means a lot to me! :)

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