Mortal Philosophies

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Song: Mortal Philosophies from the album A.M.D Dimensional Distortion released in 2010.
All songs will be uploaded in the coming days.

This track serves as an interlude that will lead the listener into the next track called Apex Of The Universe.

Mortal Philosophies-Apex of the universe
The war rages on until they reach the capital city Kerroch, the final stand against the emperor that holds the Fragment and the destiny of the universe in his hands.
The allied forces deals a massive blow to the city as Jason and his elite force races through the streets towards the palace. Flying enemies hunt them at every turn but the Eldrin forces take them out. As they get closer to the palace a huge mechanical machine appears in front of them. Thanks to the Eldrin forces diversion they manage to slip through leaving the blood stained streets so that they can enter the palace.

Inside the fighting seems endless as Jason and his friends rush up towards the throne room, adrenaline is high and they carry the hopes and dreams of every one on their shoulders.
As his friends gives him cover fire Jason manages to get into the throne room but what awaited him he could not explain, there was no throne.
He now Stood face to face with a walking mechanical being, that seemed more alive then a machine. This was not the emperor, that was as clear as day but who was it or what was it?
It spoke to him as if it had been waiting for him and in its hands it held the core fragment.
It introduced itself as Alius Mundus Deus. It gently put the fragment on a pedestal.
Jason did not believe that statement one bit as he tried to grab the core fragment while aiming his gun at the mechanical being just standing there.
Just as he almost had it the pedestal closed up and crushed the core fragment.
Sadness and anger washes over him as a laughter from Alius Mundus Deus echoed through the room.
Jason holds his weapon in a firm grip and pointed directly at the mechanical being as it spoke its final words and boasted that it was impossible to kill him, he wasn’t really there.
Jason pulled the trigger and blasted the being until only metal dust remained.

Outside the battle was over and the people celebrated, however Jason and his friends were all filled with sorrow, they had failed in their mission.
They speak with the Eldrin leader about this and they reached a horrible conclusion.
To save the universe they had to destroy the planet earth.
With sadness and grief they had the special bomb that the Eldrin gave them loaded on board their ship and said their farewells to this planet.

1: Gathering Of All Life 3:39
2: Dimensional Distortion 7:03
3: The Message 0:49
4: New Horizon 8:16
5: Fragment Of A Heart 11:15
6: Mortal Philosophies 1:36
7: Apex Of The Universe 14:03
8: Heavy Burden 8:40
9: Arrival 1:29
10: Alius Mundus Deus 10:39
11: Original Universe 3:52

The songs Heavy Burden and Gathering Of All Life were released here in 2011, feel free to check them out.


RADICAL, once again, Doom!
Not only does this have an imaginative title, but it really paints a tense scene of a militaristic advance. The booming roll of the background percussion radiates the whole 'ominous march' theme that you strive to (and successfully) portray in this track.
I read through the story extract in the description and I admire how you detail the visual side behind your audio. 'Blood-stained streets' did it for me, I reckon: a brutal, sci-fi scene of chaos, calamity and carnage just snaps into my thoughts.
I already understand that you aspire to be a game designer/developer in the future, and I'd say that with music like this, there's already a lot of inspiration and progress. A sci-fi epic with the addition of this as a soundtrack would be ace!
Terrific as always, and keep on delivering the Doomrider sound!

TheDoomrider responds:

Thanx man! YEAH! I appreciate you taking your time to get into the story. The music, lyrics and story make up the whole of this epic album.

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