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I Feel

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Author Comments

Invisible Observer Vs Sequenced

Thank you Step, Echo and the judges for a time extension - I had my wisdoms pulled and there were complications involving a loose tooth in my sinuses. Not much writing (or anything) was happening for a few very pilled up days.

Best of luck to Sequenced!

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What I would've done for that 3:20 transition that everyone is yapping about would've probably been to extend that section before just a little bit and perhaps in that extended section go for a closure feeling, as if the song was ending here, and once it's pretty much "ended", kick back in.

I personally enjoyed it the couple times I listened to it, though I can see how it could become repetitive to others, but I also know the fix! Add some vocals to this, man.

5 stars as in it's perfect and these are only ideas on taking it further, not to fix something that's not broken.

InvisibleObserver responds:

I had some effects lined up to time sync with it, but it was just too messy and too late. I think a longer pause or quick swell of some sort would have smoshed it up.

It will be retwiddled eventually!

- NGADM Round 2 Review -

Ah, another track with noticeable atmosphere. This is the kind of stuff I love! There is decent progression, and the simplicity of your composition goes well against the already established atmosphere.

Around 3:20 the song the transition is less than smooth, as others have noted and you've explained, though I honestly don't think it's that bad...although it is indeed abrupt, the mood is still consistent, and that's what counts for me. After that, it begins to pick up again, and the sounds that follow are really cool to listen to, although after a relatively short of amount of time, they already become repetitive. Your ending was also done well.

Oh and that koto(?) at 0:18 was nice. I'd have *loved* to see that used once or twice more, like at 0:26, or even 0:46. Looking back at it, those three notes seem somewhat random since they don't come into the song again after that. In fact sometimes as I listen to it again, I can easily imagine it appearing at parts where it actually doesn't come again at all. (0:26 and 0:46...hehe)

Overall, what I like best about this song is its defined tone and set mood, which I appreciate just as much as in your round 1 submission. I'll surely be listening to this again and again.

Score: 8.8

InvisibleObserver responds:

The koto like thing is my grandma's metal full scale dulcimer. I sampled it and played around with it, but I found its metal sharpness stood out potentially too much when layered in with a lot of other stuff. It really only worked (to my ears) when it was reverby and diminished in volume.

I think there is something that an atmospheric feeling can evoke that melodies can't quite do. I'd rather make someone feel something rather than think it sounds like something. Hopefully that makes some sense. I dunno, I'm a bit wiped at the moment.

NGADM Round 2 Review


This track is chalked full of atmosphere and in an odd way, it is very comforting to listen to. It would work perfectly in a game or film with touches of mystery or a complex and riddled story due to its absorbing and dynamic nature. This track really draws the listener in and compels them to experience a relaxed state of mind, which I really dig. Nicely done with the mixing, couldn't hear much wrong with that at all!

I understand that this song is directly influenced (stylistically) by the downtempo and chill genres, however, there still could be much more variation within this piece. 1:12 to 2:05 is quite 'catchy' at first, but hearing it again at 3:20 to 4:46 with minimal alterations can become quite cumbersome on the ears. The conclusion is fairly underwhelming, and could have used some sort of trailing effect or pad to gradually bring the song to a close...though the piano and strings were a nice touch.

This is a compelling track, and despite being repetitive it is worth listening to. I would recommend this to someone who is enjoying their first foray into the IDM genre. Well done! :)

Score: 8/10

InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks for comments. Brutishly honest answer is I just copy pasted the main chunk and fiddled with it some and layered in some new sound design stuff. People noticed. :P

Tooth pain is the worst kind of pain bro. Hope all is better now. Anyway, on to the review.

The opening is a pretty good build up. Makes me feel like something awesome is gonna happen. Nice use of choir and i believe strings for that build up. Ah, the song has begun and gives off a silent hill vibe to me. Running from monsters and the unknown. The song is tittled I feel for good reason obviously. Wonderful work on this. The piano added to the song gives a wonderful feel but i feel there could of been more to it. though i guess sometimes less is best eh? Wonderful work and good luck on the competition.


InvisibleObserver responds:

I think the section post 1:13 drags a little, but I think the song is at a mix point where non-head phone listeners lose a lot of the acoustically effects. I'll probably layer up the main flippy floppy panny reverb on/off synth with something subtle that's centered.

More to what exactly? The piano and its writing? PM me more deets. I think its worst hit by a few quick transitions with it, and needing a little more velocity layer work. Some spots are sexy and others sound to me like I'm playing piano with my ass cheeks (not a good thing).

Glad you liked the intro - I was certainly trying something a little more teasery there.


The Good:
-Those are some nice delayed effects at the beginning. I'm also enjoying the overall atmosphere.
-Great ambient effects throughout, actually.
-Sound design and mixing are sweeeeeeet.

The Not-So-Good:
-I think the introduction was a tad bit long, there wasn't enough to keep me interested.
-Wondering where the main melody is by 2 minutes in, the only thing that 'could' be called a melody repeats too much and sounds quite a bit like background.
-Sections seem to drag on for too long with a lot of repetition, a lot of repetition, like run-on sentences that keep going, and keep going, and keep going.
-Transition at 3:19 is sudden.
-The ending is bleh. I do not like it, very anti-climactic, you could have done this a lot better.

Overall: Score of 7.2/10. This is honestly pretty darn good, I like it a lot. The atmosphere is well-done, and the effects are sweeeeeeeet. That said, this suffers mainly from repetition and overly long sections, which makes it notably more boring.

InvisibleObserver responds:

3:19 was me cutting my losses with some post production effects. I felt the quick change was still solidly in time, and better then exporting a rather choppy incomplete effect-doo-dizzle.

Yay mixing/sound design, was able to mix this guy cleaner than round 1.

The structure is long in a trancy-ish way but the content is very not trancy at all. I think I could have handled arrangement and structure much better.

Ending - time constraints, I'll certainly be tuning up it, aswell as other above mentioned bits for later on album work.

Thanks for the time and words! Good job on not buttering up the cons. Keep them honest. <3

Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2013
1:27 AM EDT
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8 MB
5 min 50 sec

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