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Digital Freedom

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Author Comments

I always wanted to make a track about freedom.

Not just any freedom, but the freedom of expression and information. And SOPA, ACTA & PIPA are taking away the rights. I will not able make a song like this, when ACTA says my song sounds like something copyrighted. You will not able to stream your favorite music, because bills like SOPA stop you from doing so.

You think SOPA only affects US citizens. Wrong. SOPA affects everyone on this planet. What if Wikipedia disappear tomorrow? What if Google disappear tomorrow? What if you can't longer post your favorite shits on Youtube or Facebook?

What if, Newgrounds, gets take down, because some asshole does hasty "copyrighted" stuff? You decide.

Watch more about here watch?v=NXhIktkK78s

Sign the petition below and speard the words. This is how you help:



About the song? Review and rate if you like or hate :)


making digital copy is not stealing (:

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KatMaestro responds:


Fuck copyrights, they have done nothing but ruins.

As a man that constantly reviews stuff, I have an uncontrollable reaction to sigh whenever I see a time mark longer than 4 minutes. But this was interesting enough to keep me throughout the whole 5 minutes.

The intro is very nice. It conjures that EXACT mood you were aiming for, it sets the scenery for a conspiracy.

What I disliked with both instinct and intent were the female choir/voices starting at 0:45. My ear immediately dropped the quality it perceived this piece. The female voices were weak, not well blended and thus gave the sensation of kitsch, so that was a shame for the rest of the song.

The rest is pretty basic, but solid it reminds me of a lot of now-retro games such as Red Faction 1 or so. That is great.

The break at 2:50 shined. I really liked it. Nice, nice. It really saved the song on a lot of points.

The composition is nice, the progression and the pacing is nice, but I can't digest the female voices... They're not strong enough and not well-blend enough. They don't add the necessary force. The idea, the shouts and the notes which are shouted are nice, but those voices don't work for them.

I am actually deeply sorry to fret this much on them. But I really like the piece and I find it a shame that I think value is subtracted from the piece just because of the voices, but in my opinion, that is the case.

The ending/outro is nicely paced and again, saves the song after the female voices.

I actually love the ending a lot.

I apologize if I offended you, and I feel sorry that this is the only review that didn't offer a perfect score, but I just offered my 2 cents...

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KatMaestro responds:

Thanks a lot for your super detailed input. The choirs are indeed quite ruining the song. There is a non orchestra version, but not as powerful as this one.

Nope, your comment actually help me on future production, and this is the type of reviews I'm longing for. :) I owe you one for this great helps, good sir.

This is awesome man.
Absolutely love the hybrid stuff you are doing.
The electronic sounds mixed with the traditional elements are really interesting and entertaining.
As I have mentioned before, top notch production and worthy of being in any series/movie.
Look forward to hearing more!

KatMaestro responds:

Thanks a lot bro. Unfortunately, this will be left in the dark, just like me... forever alone!

Good combination of electronic and orchestral. Sounds very epic. I like those dirty industrial sounds. Where'd you get the voices from? The shouts? I've think I've heard them before in an online game called Raveleijn. Probably the same sample pack. It would probably be taken down by SOPA. Such a waste.

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KatMaestro responds:

The shouts are from Cinesamples Voxos, which I legally purchased it :D. I think the game's soundtrack might use the same shouts from Voxos' Women Staccato Phrase Builder, as I did. There are similar shouts in Requiem Pro, but not that epic as Voxos. The phrases are random, because I was too lazy to manually arrange them.

It's gonna be a waste if somebody wrongfully post this piece in Audio Cleanup in Audio Forum. I should put the instruments' names in the description.

I dont hate it, I love it instead. Bbecause you make a track against the 'cancer' of the internet: SOPA. And yes, ive already signed the petition. If there will be a movie against SOPA, this song needs to be the main theme! :)
And I like it too! I like those vocal shots and the sort of pressure feel in it. :3 But this song is really good for an action packed game too. Well done mister Elitistinen!

... But its right. STOP THE SOPA.

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KatMaestro responds:

It will be a wonderful opportunity if this ever get to be used in game or film. But now I think this track gonna bite the dust like other of mine!

Thank you sir for the review a lot. Salute to your helps.

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0.78 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2013
5:31 PM EDT
File Info
12.1 MB
5 min 18 sec

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