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I wanted this song to be so much better but unfortunately EastWest hires complete fucking numbskulls to do their programming, so at this point my CPU is dying and I really can't put much more in here without making the project implode.

NGADM'13 Round 2

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NGADM Round 2 Reviewz0rz

What I liked:
- Smooth, flowed throughout nicely.
- Chill, relaxing.
- Everything seemed to compliment the other instruments well.
- Never got repetitive.
-Nice melodies.

What I didn't:
- This track really, really, really needs percussion. If their omission was intended or not, I really think it could use some percussion regardless. There were quite a few points in the song where I could just hear a bass drum or bells wind up into another section... but it was only in my head.
- While it never got repetitive, I did think a few of the transitions could have used some work, a couple of them felt a little abrupt.

Nice relaxing song, interesting and unique melodies... However, it really, really needs percussion, this was my biggest gripe about this song. I see no reason for percussion to not be included here.


Blackhole12 responds:

I deliberately did a song without percussion, but I would have been more willing to experiment with some light percussive elements in the background IF MY CPU WASN'T DYING

Sounds beautiful, even if you wanted it to be better. The piano in combination with the pads, the strings, the other instruments and the reverb give a nice effect. Very well composed and played.

NGADM Round 2 Review


Oooh! What a remarkable introduction! The piano and strings work so well together, it's as if they are dancing alongside one another with splendid grace. This piece bears a strong emotional side to it that makes listening a real treat. 4:54 seemed to drift by extremely quickly while listening to this track...I was dumbfounded that I had been listening for almost 5 minutes without being aware of it at all. That's successful immersion for you. Well done!

As much as I love how this track has the ability to capture the listener's immediate interest and emotions, there are some aspects of the song that are notably understated. The melody and progression become quite repetitive over time. The celesta (or what I think sounds like one...?) is far too loud, try turning it down a little. On top of that, there seems to be a lack of those deeper bass notes and tones throughout the majority of the song. Utilizing both the range of the high and low ends in unison would further the emotional development of the song.

What a fantastic track. Loved listening to it, great work! :)

Score: 7.75/10


The Good:
-I particularly like the piano in the introduction, though it's a tad cliche for this cinematic style.
-I'm liking the chimes at about 3:10, it's a very nice musical sound.

The Not-So-Good:
-By a minute and a half in, I'm wondering if you'll do anything different. The 'change' at 1:40 is virtually no change, it only comes in at about 1:55.
-Try using something more than straight quarter notes and eighth notes - syncopation is GOOD.
-Please don't Step on the cymbal rolls. ._. (You should know what I mean by this)
-Alright, this is a bit harder to describe in words. The song is 'flat'. There's no drama, there's no climax, there is no rising and falling of tension. Music *needs* this to continue to be engaging and interesting - I'm sure you've probably noticed it, but in nearly any song that people like, there are changes in tension that make people sit up and remember "oh, that's right, I'm listening to music".

Overall: Score of 6/10. Major reasons for the score are the lack of syncopation and lack of 'life' in the piece - the 2-dimensional feel of it.

This is an NGADM Round 2 review.


While this is not quite as impressive as your Round 1 track, it's a solid track in its own right. For starters, your intro is immaculate. I love the atmosphere you set at the beginning, the introduction of the piano, the melodies it played, everything. Everything flowed smoothly in the intro and did a great job at showcasing your compositional talent. Great idea to have the main melody play on the strings at 1:40. After having the melody played more delicately on the piano, having it play at 1:40 made it really shine. The climax at the end, of course, did the best job of making the melody shine though. Beautiful.

In some lights, the production is fantastic, and in other lights it could use work. Your background strings and piano are undeniably amazing. Frankly, the instruments all sound amazing, undoubtedly because of your excellent EQing skills. The song has plenty of depth and you use reverb well. At the very end there's this huge reverb tail that sounds like it's coming out of the piano but might be from another similar-sounding instrument - maybe that reverb tail was a bit much, but I like the atmosphere it created anyway so just turn it down a little. So yeah, when it comes to EQing and reverb and whatnot, everything's just fine.

Unfortunately, at times the track can get incredibly cluttered, which very much ruined the impact of certain sections. The main culprit would undoubtedly be the climax you have at the end. I can hear what you're trying to go for, but execution needs touching up. The brass, for example, while sounding lovely, has too much of a high velocity which clashes with what's supposed to be in the foreground. There are similar clutter issues 1:56. Also, I think the piano at the beginning could've been a bit quieter, but that might be just me. Lastly, I would've liked more changes in texture. You use high strings over deep, warm background strings a lot, to the point that 3:13's flute section comes as a real relief. Lastly, I totally agree that the chord progression could've been changed a bit more - I think it's a habit of yours to stick to the same chord progression throughout a track, and while it does help unify it, some more chord changes would do wonders.

It sounds like you have some truly excellent ideas over here, but some of the execution needs work! Overall though, it's a great piece of work.

Score: 8.2/10

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Aug 24, 2013
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