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Aug 24, 2013 | 10:08 PM EDT
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Rated 4.20 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

Unfortunately, Bosa was busy being king of the world, so I had to make this up... I think he's going to enter next round if we make it... He popped on skype at the start of the contest and murmured something about trolls and a quest across the kingdom, but you all know Bosa.

I got some organs a while back and I really really have been wanting to use them for a long time. So I did. I also used my own bells virtual instrument- you can hear it at the start! (so technically I'm playing bells!). The style of the piece is a mix- a little bit of medieval, a little bit of modern.

The title is in my mythical language and can be roughly translated to "Lords of Our Land".



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is not a NGADM review... I'm here by choice! lol
Actually I feel that the organ is used perfectly, despite having read opposing reviews from others. All due respect to them, their opinion is as valid as mine. I can really feel the atmosphere of this piece (there I go, on a wild journey into metaphoratopia), I think you did a good job.

Next time you should chain Bosa down until he finishes his share of the work. ;P

samulis responds:

I tried, but Bosa is my superior. That would be betrayal! :(

Thanks for your thoughts. I liked the organ too, but I think it was too irregular for what a lot of people were expecting.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is an NGADM Round 2 Review.


What I liked:
-Choir sounds were quite good.
-Orchestration is done well.
-I really like the brass near the end.
-I can hear a lot of classical influence here, which is awesome.

What could have been better:
-This piece is a little underwhelming. When I think "organ" I think 'BIG'. I know that that's not always the case, and it shouldn't be, but it sort of feels like you were shooting for a really big sound but didn't quite get there.
-I think the organ should have been more of a supplement to the track rather than the focus.
-You end on a V chord. It leaves me wanting. It sounds like it's the end of the first movement of a longer piece. NOW I WANT A FUGUE.

Overall a really nice piece, but it doesn't reflect your potential. I really enjoyed listening to it!

Score: 8/10

samulis responds:

Thanks for the review, BFJ!

I wasn't really going for a 'big' feel. I instead wanted to go for more of a softer more intellectual style. Sure, this wasn't as intense as a Bach organ piece, but I tried to do something that at least wasn't the normal orchestral-cinematic blast-fest. :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

NGADM Review:
As always, great instrumentation and orchestration. You've got well developed themes and sufficient development to keep the piece interesting. Even though it tends to feel a tiny bit disjointed sometimes, it progressed pretty much consistently in most cases, so kudos.

Mixing got a bit muddy at points, with some instruments struggling not to get drowned out by the others. Also the piece kind of ended too abruptly for my tastes, and I felt like it could have gone on to much more. While I understand the time constraints in question, I think this particular aspect could have used more work even in the given time period.

All in all, it's definitely not a bad piece, and it has a good number of excellent qualities, but it did have potential to be more than it is.

Score: 7.8/10

samulis responds:

Thanks for the review, Echo. No amount of time would ever make a work of mine any longer tbh. I stop them when I reach the point of "if I go any longer on this, it's going to turn into 1,000 unrelated themes in a row". If I made this any longer, it'd get worse and worse.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


The Good:
-Tubular Bell VST. :3
-I like the various melodies you have here.
-Instruments are good as always, mixing is clean.

The Not-So-Good:
-Mixing gets a tad bit muddy at times, but not much.
-Would be nice to have more consistent ideas as well as a theme which recurrs at least once, but you know this from me, I support composition that works for more than soundtracks.

Overall: Score of 8.4/10. Without getting too nitpicky, those are my comments. I think you and Bosa can do better than this. :(

samulis responds:

You didn't read the "this was just me" part, did you?

Oh boy... what am I going to do with you Skye... Thanks for the feedback, Mr. Use Forms. ;)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is an NGADM Round 2 review.


Ah, that Bosa. Being the king of pretty much everything makes him a pretty busy person. Quests are quests though, looks like you were on your own for this round! Despite not having Bosa with you, you still created a fantastic piece that's very characteristic of your style and has these wonderfully well-woven textures that are a blast(issimo) to listen to, no doubt because of your excellent chord voicings and instrumentation that fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. You also have a very good structure and progression, as you almost always have in your music. I loved the melody-answering at 1:24 and the 1:37 abrupt transition to the soft choir section akin to the one you had at the very beginning.

I should also commend you on the excellent ending you have. I don't think you mucked up the ending at all (and I never even knew blastissimo was amusingly an actual musical term). I think you managed to create a very apocalyptic and almighty final section with artful use of dissonance and a spine-tingling brass sound. Some heavier percussion at the end would've wrapped up that outro nicely, but it's a great section anyway. To my relief, despite you starting this track quite late, it doesn't feel very rushed. Sure, it's somewhat lacking in intricacy/detail at times, which is a bit of a let-down, but not glaringly so.

You saw this coming a mile away, but for a long while, production value will be your downfall, samulis. You have such a heavy focus on composition and so you never do stuff like small melodies that lazily repeat themselves all the time, predictable chords over a pseudo-epic brass melody with staccato strings going insane in the background or generally any kind of simplistic and bland composition that tries to sound epic (something I might be guilty of in my music). You always deliver solid composition with excellent harmonies, and then your mix is thin and lacking the oomph I so desperately want.

You've got a solid track here, with awesome textures and lots of good composition. Keep up the awesome work.

Score: 8.5/10

samulis responds:

Thanks for the review Step. I've always known my Achilles Heel and struggled with mastering (at least I can blame it on the fact I use a notation program). That's why I'm going to a college with a focus on modern music- the place where I can learn the most about mixing and mastering and technology. Let's face it, teaching yourself chords and the form of a Fuge is a far cry from learning how to properly use compression without making it sound like a dead cat. Maybe in a few years I'll have that final step down (no pun intended).

Blastissimo isn't actually a word as far as I know, but I use it a hell of a lot to describe the brass parts in 90% of modern cinematic-action music (essentially it's FFF + Full Tilt + Cuivre in music lingo I guess). XD

I figured give it the old Samulis approach... it's only failed me a dozen times so far, hahaha.

thanks again for the review, Step! It's been a Blast(issimo) too!