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If Ling Kano's Fighting Show had a theme song, it would go a little something like this. It's also my entry for the second round of NGADM13.
If you haven't seen Ling Kano's Fighting Show yet, rent the VHS. The complete series is on one tape, because it got canceled after 4 episodes and each episode is only 30 minutes.
A dictator named general Link Ano, has secret weapons locked inside a military bunker/lab. Two offspring of a demon and a human witch who both died right after saving the earth from an alien invasion.
Link Ano is very scared to die, that's why he has several clones of himself in sleeping pods, and he backs up his memory every day on a computer, so in case he dies his back up memory will be transferred to one of his clones. One of these clones Ling Kano escapes and frees the secret weapons. He raises them to fight each other in a reality television show. The fourth episode ends with a cliffhanger, where the main characters (the secret weapons) break free from their bondages, while fighting Link Ano and a Clown infused with alien cells break free of their and unleash their full power. The series was supposed to really kick off after that. Oh well. The best things are the ones that aren't made.

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The first thing I noticed when listening to this song is its atmosphere and clarity. Your percussion is crisp especially at your intro, and works well with your bass through the track. It's a great combination and it lets your bass lines shine by letting them not be obstrusive and still noticeable when given adequate attention. At 0:17 the sudden transition sounds a slightly out of place; I blame that not on the composition, but how the drums were mastered. After that you've got an excellent main melody. Very catchy. And it gives off a very cool vibe, and definite color. It's this great retro 'color', with brightness swirling all around. This goes for almost all of the song. At 0:35 there is distortion, although slight.

At 1:21, the song has an abrupt change, which caught me off-guard at first. The melody at that part was great, and fits well; however, the mixing of the instrument could have fit better. The instrument causes a definite change in mood, which came quite abruptly and could have been smoother, too. Aside from that, the uniquity of its composition caught my attention for sure. Then your main melody comes back again, and you add on to it excellently. The way you use your strings is wonderful. That really added onto the vibe you had established so early on in the piece. Your ending is also good. It brings all the energy you've built up throughout the song and ends it on a satisfying note.

Score: 8.8

SourJovis responds:

Thanks for the review. I got a lot more reviews for this round than the previous. Must be because there were less contestants. Glad you liked it. I made a second version called "L Kano's Fighting Show S2", where I hopefully fixed many of the issues of this version.


NGADM Round 2 Review


I think you have perfectly captured the atmosphere of a fighting show/game, especially that of an older series. That 90's anime-esque feeling that this track gives off is superb. The introduction is solid and I love the subtle and light choir queues that just float about, they really add an additional layer to the track as a whole. I loved that transition around 1:20, this portion of the track has such a mysterious air about it; I love it! The mixing for this track is well done for the most part.

I will reiterate several things that Skye and Step have mentioned. The bass: while the bass-line itself is impressive, the bass practically sits in the background of the song and so the listener cannot clearly make out the notes due to the volume and overall mixing of the instrument. The guitar: the lead guitar riff is catchy but repetitive, by adding some extra notes here and there or altering the note progression, the riff would become far less cumbersome. The general sound quality of the instruments does not really bother me because I believe that you were aiming for that more 'retro' sound, yes?

I have one lingering question though...what was that distorted sound that can be heard at the last few seconds of the song? It almost sounds like a voice in my left ear...is this an effect or an attribute to the show? I am just curious.

Great track and an interesting concept for a song. I'll have to check out “Ling Kano's Fighting Show”. :)

Score: 8/10

SourJovis responds:

Didn't expect to get another review from the judges. Thanks. I've already uploaded a newer version of this song where I made some adaptations of things people commented on. Mainly the things Step and Skye mentioned. It's called L Kano's Fighting Show S2. I will change some of the guitar notes there to make it more varied. Good idea. The part at the ending is a voice singing. It's a hidden message.

Okay, let's post this on the RIGHT song this time.

The Good:
-That's a sweet intro, me gusta. I like the clicking and overall atmosphere.
-The lead guitar-like lead is pretty sweet, I like it as well.
-Overall clean and decently clear mixing.
-The change at 1:20 is REALLY cool, I like the feeling of it, particularly the little taps with the chimes.
-I like what you've done in the second half of this, it feels more full and there are a lot of little details, the section at about 2:20 is very nice as well.

The Not-So-Good:
-The transition at about 0:17 is a tad sloppy.
-Your bass is very unclear and could be improved by quite a bit. There are some times when it's very clear and other times when it's very muddy and weak. It sounds like the kick is overpowering it as well.
-The section at 1:35 definitely isn't copied from anywhere or anything. Also, the transition isn't very good. Fortunately, the transition out of it is better.
-I don't think the ending is particularly good. You do seem to like having a couple repeats of the same phrase as a 'conclusion', but it's somewhat sudden and messes up the flow of the music. Also, there's a strange sound in my left ear right at the end of the track.
-I don't know what it is, but I always feel like your instruments are sub-par quality, they have a rough and slightly bitcrushed feel to them. This is extremely minor though, more of a personal pet-peeve.

Overall: Score of 7/10. The mixing is fairly clear and there are no particular parts that stick out as 'bleh' aside from the transitions I mentioned.

SourJovis responds:

Thanks for your review. I agree with the positive parts, and I will leave those things as they are. Some things about the negative parts confuse me though.
-Why do you think the transition at 0:17 is sloppy? Would it help to have a base guitar there? Should I increase the low frequencies of those drums? This would make the fill stronger, and the part after less sudden. Or do you not like the type of fill? Or should there be no fill at all but something different?
-With bass you mean the base guitar? I think the base guitar is clear when it's at its most interesting and when it falls back when it has a more supportive function. You can call it muddy, but it doesn't play any too interesting notes there. You can hear enough to know what note it plays and I think you can hear the rhythm very well. I thought the grimy sound is characteristic. Perhaps a matter of taste or I don't fully get your comment.
- What do you mean with "The section at 1:35 definitely isn't copied from anywhere or anything." You state the section isn't copied from anything, but you make it sound as if that's negative. Was it a question? Do you mean the opposite? Fact is; it's similar to the intro, but with different choir chords, different velocity levels and an additional dulcimer melody. So no, not copied, but a revisit of the intro. Do you mean it's too similar? I like it overall, because repetition isn't a bad thing in music, as long as there's still a sense of progression and I think in this case there is. I could perhaps leave out the kick in the intro, to make the 1:35 part different. You mean the transition to where the kick starts is too sudden? I rather agree, but I don't know how to make it better. After a while I just got used to it. At first I wanted to leave a gap between parts, but that didn't sound too well. Then I just let the melody of the part before end a quarter note early, so you still get a pause but without breaking the flow. Is there a way I can make the transition better? Do you have suggestions?
-This ending is what I had in mind so there must be something good about it, at least for me. Perhaps it only sounds good when you expect it? You're the first to notice the part at the end. It's a line "Ling Kano liep door het bos" and a tin whistle that drowns out the word "bos". It's a hidden message. If you figure out its meaning and what it refers to, you'll win a copy of the complete series Ling Kano's Fighting Show.
-I do my best not to have my instruments sound too clean. I was afraid they would be too generic in this song, but I guess not. I take it as a compliment. I don't know what you mean by bitcrushed though. Many of my other songs have digital distortion over the entire track, and/or over individual instruments. This one doesn't though. Only the synth kick is bitcrushed. The drum kit has distortion and compression and such. Most instruments are clean though, with no clipping, just a bit of EQing, and are of at least cd quality, before I rendered the song as cd quality wav, and converted it to 320 Kbps mp3. There isn't much compression and the limiter only flickers slightly. So I'm not sure what you mean. Many instruments are from cheap old fashioned instruments to get a low budget 90s feel, but the recordings are top notch.

This is an NGADM Round 2 review.


I'm just instantly going to start this review by telling you that if there was one thing you did right in this track, it's the mood. You've set the mood absolutely perfectly. Your pacing feels just right for a "fighting show" kind of idea, and you use highly suitable instrumentation to give this a retro and classic sound, which to me is reminiscent of something you'd hear in Japanese-styled animated show. Thankfully, the mood is NOT the only thing you did right in this track. Your instruments work beautifully together. The drums in particular are a great driving force, but know their place as a background element without disrupting the piece.

The way you structured the piece is excellent. While this feels dynamically flat for the first half (which, for this track, isn't such a bad thing), at 1:20 you introduce a dynamic change, which, albeit being a bit abrupt, led well to the next section which was a pretty badass buildup. The listener is treated to some excellent interplay with the song's various elements, and once we get to 2:20 the song really comes together into a phenomenal climactic section which gives such an awesome lasting impression. Your composition has never really been bad and over here is no exception. You've got a catchy (although occasionally tiresome) main guitar riff, but your composition's strength lies in the 2:20 section. My favourite part about your composition is how you highlight the foreground melody with a drum roll like at 2:33 and at the very end. Great idea.

I like this a whole lot more than your Round 1 submission, but unfortunately I still have production-related complaints with it. There's something off about your mix/master which I can't quite put my finger on. I hate saying comments like this because it makes me sound so unprofessional, but I really can't tell you for sure what's wrong with it. It might be a bit too much compression, or it might just be too much EQing. What I mean by that is, some of your elements sound a bit thin, as if they've been stripped too much of their frequencies during EQing (like the instrument at 1:20). Maybe your mids could do with a bit more volume. What I can say for sure, though, is that 0:17's drums sound incredibly thin and lacking in power. Also, the mix can get a bit cluttered, mainly towards the end. Some simple levelling could fix this.

Anyway, whether your Round 1 track was a success or not, this was. You've got such a great mood and likeable composition that I'm willing to set the production issues aside and give you a good score.

Score: 8.3/10

SourJovis responds:

Glad you liked this song better. I still like the previous one as much as this. The production didn't go nearly as smooth in this one as in the previous round. But overall I'm not too unhappy with this song. In retrospect I understand why people like this one better. The other song had too many unusual things that the listeners who didn't share my thought process (every listener beside me) wouldn't understand. It also had things that didn't bother me much but I should've known others would dislike. Such as the sampled guitars and vocoder. Though I intended to use live guitars and vocals that wouldn't require vocoding.

I too like the melody at 1:20 that returns at 2:20 best. Catchy melodies are my strong point. Perhaps I should've made two more melodies like that, to make this song a string of catchy melodies, instead of one big build up for one short main melody. Unfortunately only this melody came to mind. The rest was just drag and dropping of notes by the book. Did you notice the main melody is the only part that has chord progression? The rest of the song is just one Gm chord. I almost wanted to make a song that was entirely with one chord. Thought that would be funny. But then I thought, it'd be too boring. It really should have a catchy melody to have some right to exist.

So you don't like my mix and master, but you can't say why? What a help you are. No I agree. I had the exact same thing while making this. That's why I couldn't make it any better. I really had a hard time mixing it. If I had to change one instrument from right to left to make one part sound better. I had to reverse the panning of all of the other instruments as well to compensate and make the other parts still sound good. The song quickly got cluttered so I had to make the individual instruments sound thinner. I also left out a lot of instruments that sounded quite good by themselves, but just sounded too messy with the other instruments. It can't really be too compressed I think. I had a style in mind that usually has a lot of compression and I wanted to put distortion on the track to make it sound old, but in the end I didn't do it. It barely has compression now, and no distortion. Perhaps it's something else, or it’s the compression and the distortion on the individual instruments. The drums for example have a lot of compression. The drum kit at 0:17 probably sounds weak because it's not very loud, so it doesn't drown out the other instruments later in the song. It doesn't have a lot of bass frequency boost either, because most of the low comes from the synth kick and the base guitar, and I didn't want the bas tones to become muddy. Perhaps I should've layered that drum fill with the base guitar, to make it sound more powerful. I think the drum kit could use some more bass frequency boost then it has now. The tape strings (at 1:20) could use more low yes. It wasn't originally intended as a solo instrument, but as lead for the end of the song. I didn't use it there because it became too cluttered, and I liked the high strings better. With less other instruments to get in the way I should give it a wider spectrum.

I also noticed my songs often sound soft or thin compared to other louder songs. This is easily remedied by increasing the volume. I often think the louder songs sound too loud in the middle. I think my songs sound fuller and more lively than many of the louder ones when you just adapt the volume of the individual songs to a volume pleasant to the ear. That's because I try to use frequencies across the entire spectrum and leave in a lot of dynamic. At least that's what I think. I could be doing it wrong.

Thats some funky vibes you got going there Jovis!

The theme fits well with the story. Also I really enjoy the melody line, although IMO it fits a video game better then a movie.

I really think you did a great job on this piece. I hear no flaws, and enjoyed listening to it.

SourJovis responds:

Thank you. I think it would work either as opening theme for a tv show, or as opening or first stage for a game. I don't know what would work best. Depends on the game or show.

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