Cthulhu Surfaces

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NGADM, Round 2!

So this was a fun one to make. I've always had a fear of creatures of the deep, ESPECIALLY gigantic ones that want to kill you.

Made in Logic Pro with a ton of different samples.

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Dat transposed theme at 1:34. Skye must not have been paying attention, I hear your :46 theme everywhere. It's back again at 2:02, and then again at 2:11. It even makes an appearance at the end.

Listening to this piece has convinced me that you are not actually one person, but actually a collective of at least 6 different people who work together under the same name. Seriously I have no clue how you write songs that sound so diverse. And the pieces have almost nothing in common, except maybe that you like to emphasize those strong chord movements like at 2:34. (But who doesn't!)

Sound choice is crazy here. I love the pizz strings, the crazy percussion - and I'm going to be contentious and say I even love the we will rock you claps (though I guess I would admit that a better choice of clap might help the song). The only thing I don't really like, and it's the only thing holding me back from a 10 here, is the final 40 seconds. Like, I feel like the climax comes in the first minute and a half and then the rest is kind of a build down, and if you switched the order the song would be way better.

There's also a minor problem I have with coherence, like I feel like the dynamics are rapidly going from loud to quiet in a way that's hard to get a hold on. But I think you improved on that in your more recent tracks.

Anyway, this song is awesome. The number of great ideas it has is ridiculous. Pretty much every chord change in the first half is a joy. I would love to hear you write more stuff in this style!

headphoamz responds:

Aw, thanks johnfn! Hey, good luck to you!! :D

NGADM Round 2 Reviewz0rz

What I liked:
- Absolutely fantastic creation of atmosphere. I was impressed quite a bit by your use of instruments not just to create a song, but create a world around it.
- Composition was excellent, everything sounded natural, as if it could have been played live at something like Video Games Live.
- Everything about this just oozes personality. There's a story in the sound, and I get a little bit of a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe from it, mixed with something like... I dunno... something awesome.

What I didn't.... ?:
- Gonna be totally honest, I'm not sure what I didn't like... nor am I sure how I pulled a 9 out of my ass for this, cause it deserves better. This is arguably my favorite submission for Round 2.

I'm at a loss to come up with something about this I didn't like... soooo... Good on ya. This was just downright awesome in every way. I did officially give you a 9, and I'm not sure why after listening to it again, but this deserves at least a 9.5... I soz.


headphoamz responds:

Wow, thanks BFP! And hey, no worries. I still really appreciate the 9, and the sentiment that it was your favorite definitely makes me very happy!
The Video Games Live reference is a huge compliment too, my goodness. Thank you ;__;

Where to start. This is a great cinematic piece. I'm impressed with your use of instruments, and you come up with some really great rhythms throughout the piece. Oh and the section at 0:46 was introduced very nicely. The dynamics in this piece are excellent, and this can be seen all throughout. Your chorus at 2:19 was beautiful, but short-lived. The transition right afterward at 2:21 comes off as abrupt, although the percussion tries to smooth it over and becomes somewhat successful with it. Same with the transitions at 1:01 and 1:38. Melodically, they are fine, but the way they are integrated is not.

Unlike your intro, what I didn't like about this piece was its ending, which gave it an unfinished, unsatisfactory feel, and almost completely offset the unique, memorable sections in your song, and left the song overall as entirely forgettable - which is unfair, because you have some really strong sections, particularly the one from 1:02 to 1:38.

Overall, this is a very solid piece, filled with an abundance of beautifully integrated melodic and dynamic variation.

Score: 9.6

headphoamz responds:

Hey, thanks so much alternativesolution! Great detailed review, and I appreciate the feedback very much. Got some things to work on I see. Glad you liked it overall and thanks for the score :)

Alright, who's been listening to Bosa? ;)

Great emotion, great chords. I'd say more but unfortunately I can't listen very loud so I can't get the full breadth of the piece, but very good from the quiet level I can listen to it at!

headphoamz responds:

*raises hand* Haha, I do love me some Bosa! I actually was inspired by Bolero de Ravel and Ride of the Valkyries.
Glad it's good at the level you're listening, hopefully you can pop on some headphones and listen to dat bass a little easier. Mm, mm.

Hi. I love Cthulu, he's a beautiful tentacle-y thing.

The Good:
-Oh man those strings right at the beginning. That is niiiiiiiiice. Really sets the mood well. Me gusta!
-The bass in the first section is extremely well-done.
-At 0:46 it's VERY obvious what your main theme is (or should be), it sounds very nice.
-The section at about 1:26 is very very tasty. :) It's extremely well-put-together.
-2:21 sounds amazing. The atmosphere is really great.

The Not-So-Good:
-Your transitions are fairly rough, they often just 'end' one section and begin another without really actually transitioning except by a few of the same effects which really don't work. You can't just throw a timpani or cymbal roll in there and call it perfectly good.
-You know what I said about 0:46 and a main theme? Why the hell does it only reappear at the very end? >:( More overall compositional technique please.

Overall: Score of 9/10. Despite the flaws I mentioned, this is extremely impressive to me. Your composition for individual sections is spectacular, and your command of atmospheres is impressive. Good job!

headphoamz responds:

Hey Skye! Thanks for a great review. Understand where you're coming from on the main theme. Really happy you enjoyed it as much as you did, though :3

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