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Author Comments

This jazzy electronic thing came out of my head recently.
I liked the contrast between the very melodic piano line vs the pretty monotonic "down" section of the song. I'm also quite proud of the arpeggiator buildup with its acceleration.
Then I panned everything so the mix shouldn't be as mashed together like my last piece (wich was a completely different style but hey :P). Probably not many of you are going to like the "minimalistic" approach in the song but I never did anything like this and I wanted to try out this style of music. Also this tune is in 108bpm what makes it kind of slow, but i like it, that way the bass trotts along really nice and it gives kind of a mellow vibe. So without further ado, klick that play button and enjoy ;) (it's probably on auto play xD)

VSTs used: Massive, Harmor, 3xOsc, PianoOne


I honestly think this is the best track you've created out of everything you've made so far. The ideas are out of this world... I still can't get over how jarringly smooth that arpeggiator fade transition into the house beat and the syncopated piano chords. I've listened to this before but I never got around to reviewing it... but holy hot damn this is a masterpiece. Well balanced and well mixed throughout the track, although I feel like slightly compressing the right hand on your piano and adding a delayed reverb would be really nice and would fill out the piano/drums parts in the intro and the middle. Those synth rolls in the drops that fade in after 8 bars or so... so good.

Please please please revisit this sometime. PLEASE!

Voltus responds:

Thanks for the Review! I'm really jazzed you like it that much. The whole Reverb and delay thing is just something which I only recently discovered how much of an impact even just small adjustments can make. I'm not one to revisit something like this piece because I'm quite glad how it turned out even though it has some minor flaws. But maybe it'll happen.


wow! it's very beautyful this music! greetings! :D

Really Fun for me to Listen...xD

Great track man!!! I would LOVE to here more from you!

Voltus responds:

I'm on it

Oh hell yes. I found this randomly while browsing the Audio Portal and I am not disappointed. Despite the fact that it has a few issues, you have creative ideas that I just don't hear very often in tracks of this genre. Excellent work.

Right, I'm going to start with that arpeggiator buildup. That is literally the second coolest thing I've heard in ages. After analysing it, I think it's actually brilliant. You start playing arpeggiated patterns slowly, and then you build up in speed while everything else is playing at the original tempo. This rhythmically throws the listener off, and the only way to remain in touch with the meter of the track is by listening to the chords in the background.

Then, the arpeggiator is playing so quickly it's almost like it's a synth playing single notes, and all of a sudden it's back in time with the tempo of the track. I don't know how long it took you tweaking the tempo and the notes that the arpeggiator plays but damn, man, that's just fantastic. I love it.

Apart from that really cool idea, you've got plenty of other excellent things about this track. The production, while not out of this world, is commendable. Everything is clear and fairly punchy, and while I would've liked a more pronounced low end on the kick and some brighter high-end sounds in general, it's quite obvious you've been producing for quite a few years now.

Your jazz electronic combo is awesome. I loved hearing that piano playing jazzy chords and how you seamlessly integrated it with the house beat you've got going. I think the piano's melody is a bit flat. You could've expanded the note range of it at times, rather than keeping it confined to the middle/lower register. I enjoyed your repetition of it in the latter half of the track, since at that point it became quite an iconic element, but again, you just repeat the same riff over and over again. Still, while the execution could have been more impressive, it's another creative touch I have to commend you on.

The sounds you use are MOSTLY great. While your piano is nothing special and your arpeggiated synth sounds quite plain and raw compared to the other sounds, your drums are punchy and sound great, and the variety of synths you introduce in the more house-like sections like 1:30 are sweet. Some bongos would've actually worked really well for this track; I'm surprised you didn't add any considering your jazz influence with the piano.

Lastly, I'll talk about one final issue with this track. It can get a bit boring eventually. The second half of the track does not introduce any ideas that weren't present already in the first half. From 2:50 onwards it felt like I've heard it all and that what followed was "been there done that" filler to lengthen your track to over 5 minutes. Of course, you do introduce plenty of changes in the second half, such as the pretty sweet outro and the modified buildup, but nothing feels ground-breaking, making this eventually sound directionless, anticlimactic and ultimately monotonous.

Overall, this has its problems, I won't lie. Problems aside, however, you've got a super solid track here with spectacular ideas and impressive production value. Great work!


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Voltus responds:

Thank you for your review. Well I'm too lazy to really make it a 10/10 track :D

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4.31 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2013
5:45 PM EDT
File Info
13.4 MB
5 min 52 sec

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