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Submission for round two of NGADM

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NGADM Round 2 Reviewz0rz

What I liked:
- Jumpy, had me bobbing my head a little.
- Good use of vocal samples.
- Fairly unique.

What I didn't:
- More or less aimless, the song never really felt like it had a purpose for what it was doing aside from, "This sounds cool".
- A lot of empty space that I think could have been filled up with a pad or another synth. The track sounds pretty bare bones as is.
- Extremely repetitive, it's more or less repeating the same phrases over and over again in independent sections.

Has potential, but suffers greatly from repetition and overly minimalistic instrument usage.


- NGADM Round 2 Review -

I'm liking the production of this one. Very clean, and clear. Tons of funk in this song, and it's pretty cool to listen to. One thing I really didn't like is the vocal sample from 0:20 to 0:40, as it got very repetitive, very fast. The transition at 1:46 was nicely done, and the bitcrushing toward the end of the song was just wonderful. Your actual ending though was poor compared to the rest of song, and sounded rather dull. When it comes to the song as a whole, I can't say too much about melodic work, as there is relatively little of it in substance. What there is an abundance of, however, is rhythm. To put it short, this is a highly danceable, unique track, and that is its main strength. Good work! This is a track I'll be listening to again for sure.

Score: 9


The Good:
-Intro has a lot of cool sounds in it. There are some great effects.
-0:40 onward also sounds really cool, you definitely stuffed plenty of awesome FX samples and effect ideas in this.
-Transition at 1:46 is sweeeet, totally unexpected but feels so right. The chords there are great as well.
-Guitar at 2:06 is also nice. Also soon after that BITCRUSHING. Bitcrushing is awesome.
-Overall production quality is pretty darn awesome. The mixing is clean and clear.

The Not-So-Good:
-The vocal melody from 0:20 onward sounds extremely annoying to me. This applies for most of the chopped vocal melodies.
-The constant four-on-the-floor beat gets kinda dull after listening to it for two minutes.
-This entire thing sounds almost like it's chopped up and slapped together, which reduces the song's quality IMO.
-Ending sounds dull and uninspired, to put it bluntly.

Overall: Score of 7/10. I thought there were some really cool aspects to this, but the song itself is just kinda dull and choppy, it feels really rough.

This is an NGADM Round 2 review.


Your audition was unique and unlike anything I've heard before; then it moved on to something a bit more generic and now we're back to the unique style we had in your audition. I think that, where style is concerned, this is a change for the better; this track has such a fantastic blend of different sounds that come together with different rhythms and at different times to form an entirely rhythmically-cohesive and ridiculously enjoyable track. Not only is the blend of sounds so good, but the sounds themselves are excellent. Everything is wonderfully punchy (no doubt due to your solid production skills as well). The vocals are cool (sneaky use of that Vengeance vocal loop!).

Composition-wise, you don't have definable melodies, preferring to stick heavily to creative use of rhythmic elements to deliver an enjoyable listening experience. That's perfectly fine, because this sure as hell is an enjoyable listening experience. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff in this track seems to be lacking proper development. The track isn't very long and there actually isn't that much content in it once you think about it. You repeat certain patterns quite a lot, and there's so much potential for you to branch out into totally new sections with more clever rhythms and whatnot, but throughout the song you only seem to play it safe and stick to the sections and rhythmic interplay that you've already established at the beginning, with only one section being truly new - 1:48 - and then even that is repeated more times than it should have been!

There are some other issues that need to be mentioned. Both your intro and outro are dull. I mean, you have cool filter/flanger effects at the beginning and some awesome bitcrushing at the end, but both the intro and outro don't do the track much justice. Some transitions are a bit too abrupt. 0:38 is very abrupt but I absolutely love how abrupt it is. However, I can't say the same for 1:46 which feels too sudden for me. Vocals at 0:20 could've been a bit quieter as well. Lastly, the drums feel a bit unprocessed/plain but I think that's just me.

Anyway, I admittedly enjoyed this more than my score would imply. It's a very fun track, but I can't put aside its lack of content and other miscellaneous issues. While I think that stylistically, this is better than your Round 1 track, that track had far more development and felt more like a full song, which ultimately led me to giving this a lower score. That said, good job overall!

Score: 7.9/10

The lead up to 0:48 after hearing the voice sample change is really, as JC mentioned, very dance-worthy. You have a certain way of making the vocal blend smoothly into the melody. Got some cool transitions in here, too - soft, understated flangers after a break are a nice touch. Very clear production value. Diggin' it!

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Aug 23, 2013
8:33 PM EDT
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