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NGADM stuff. round 2 n stuff
this is some electro post-pop stuff with super obnoxious pitch-corrected vox :v
i've been listening to heaps of shpongle lately so there's ear candy all over the place. bit of guitar and analog synth action too. fun times!


- NGADM Round 2 Review -

I really like the progression in this one. Your lyrics are thought out, and the way they're sung and mixed into the song is great. They also help offset the repetitiveness of the background melody and beat. I like the change around 2:12 as it leads up to the final chorus. The section that followed did sound muddled, due to the lower frequencies mushing together in the beat, rather than in the vocals- of which I really, really liked in that section. Your intro and outtro both work great for this piece, so no complaints there.
As Neon-Bard said, this song is also one of my favorites.

Score: 9.4

NGADM Round 2 Review


I really don't like to pick favourites midimachine, I honestly do not... but this is definitely one of my favourites from round two. The quiet and melodic introduction grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go and when the singing starts up I was really impressed. The lyrics are quite thoughtful and speak of an interesting story, if you listen carefully. In your description, you stated that there was some ear candy scattered throughout the song, and you were certainly right! The softness of the analog sounds paired with the other synth work and then with the voice is just wonderful. 2:13 to 2:46 was most definitely the highlight of the song.

I can honestly say that it was hard for me to pick through this piece to find something to critique. However, I did find something! The mix from the 2:46 to 3:20 section sounded awfully muddled and it really took away from the intricate qualities of the track. The vocal work along with the synth and guitar portions were too much for this part of the track it seems. However, it only lasted a short while and then the conclusion swept it away. Speaking of the conclusion, it seems that there could have been more to it than just a simple fade-out.

All in all, this is a splendid track. Medals and ribbons and cake all around! Awesome stuff! :)

Score: 9.25/10

I'm a big fan of Shpongle! In fact it's funny that Shpongle was an influence for your 2nd round song because they actually influenced my round 1 song.

Bridge at 2:33 is really great, I really enjoy the use of noise on top of the otherwise simple passage to keep things interesting. Nice vaguely-post-rock-influenced (guess?) sounding climax too. Vocals coulda been mixed a little louder at that point, but that's just me.

I'd wish you good luck on NGADM but I don't think you need it. Honestly I think you're much better of a musician than me. Good stuff.


The Good:
-I like the whispering sound in the background of the voice, it sounds really cool.
-Great synths and instruments, they sound really cool.
-Lyrics sound nice, I'd like to see what they are.

The Not-So-Good:
-The buildup at about 0:50 seems kinda disappointing, I was thinking it would actually lead somewhere.
-By 1:30, I'm wondering if the drums and bassline will change at all.
-Mix at about 3 minutes in sounds like some parts are being drowned out.
-Ending's meh.

Overall: Score of 8/10. The main issue was the kinda 'monochromatic' feel of it with the constant four-on-the-floor beat.

This is an NGADM Round 2 review.


Damn, this is the second song I've listened to in this round, and it's the second time I've crapped brix. What a lovely improvement over your Round 1 submission in almost every department - production, variety, structure, etc. It's hard to compare this to a chiptune track of course, but while your chiptune tracks can occasionally get a bit obnoxious or hard on the ears, this is the total opposite - something I'd love to leave in the background for a nice, relaxing soundscape that rivals that offered by a great ambient track. Because of my hearing problems I can't really understand the lyrics that well but I'M SURE THEY'RE COOL.

Of course, your singing is excellent. You've rarely had any problems when it comes to singing. The effects you put on your voice are very tasteful and meld well with the atmosphere. The atmosphere itself is great; you've struck a commendable balance between making something pop-like and relatable, and giving it an unconventional, dreamy earcandy of an atmosphere. The production is very nice as well. Great climactic section at 2:13 that gives the same kind of awing effect to the track as the glorious 1:27 section of your track We Don't Talk (yes I still remember that part). Your drums, while being simple, work well, and are nice and punchy, just how I like them!

Unlike what other NGADM tracks often have, which is a bunch of cut corners and little issues here and there, your track has only one problem, but it's pretty big. Your composition feels like a downgrade from your Round 1 track. The melody generally resides in the vocals, and it was, quite frankly, a pretty boring melody. It made the track feel like it drags on at a slower pace than what would've been felt had this track made use of more interesting melodies. Perhaps this can be fixed with a great instrumental section or simply some more exciting or effective melodies sung by the vocals. Some more vocal harmonies could perhaps do the track justice as well, although I'm not quite sure if that'll fit with the style.

Anyway, so much for doing chiptune for the whole NGADM! This was an excellent change, though. Brilliant job, just work on those melodies a bit more!

Score: 9/10

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