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Aug 17, 2013 | 11:22 PM EDT
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Rated 4.56 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

Symphonia Excelsius is translated as Highest Symphony. This song is a shift from my typical techno/electro music, as I wanted to make a piece of music without all the synths and extra stuff that's used with techno, and instead make a song using only real orchestral instrument sounds. I hope I achieved my goal with this song by making a beautiful piece of music that takes listeners to a musical place that is "higher."



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Time to get my reviewing ideas out.

I have no complaints with the instruments -- they are real-sounding after all.

This song still has a part-electro vibe. If you were aiming for orchestral, this could technically fall under Cinematic, because of how epic-sounding these things are.

0:00: Sounded like a soft intro, except for the electro-sounding cymbal roll. A cymbal with a lot more decay could've been used for authenticity. We will also take this as our proverbial A-section.

0:59: Counter-melody could've been appreciated here. It would accompany the harp, because a single line of the same note slightly mismatches the epic feel of this piece. Let us take this as our proverbial B-section.

2:08: A crescendo would've been appreciated here, rather than the silence. My understanding is that you're building up to something louder and more complex.

2:11 brought back the main theme beautifully.

2:44: This blend of electro and orchestral here is splendiferous, to say the least. <3

3:22: Back to the theme of 0:59 I see.

3:52: That loudness, and then the introduction of a softer melody, that was well done.

5:00: That silence again was not necessary -- you could've smoothly transitioned to 5:08, piercing through people's hearts as you would want to.

5:39: Again, 2:44. <3 A bit more instrumental buildup, something in winds or percussion, or even harp flourishes, would've been much appreciated here, to essentially tell people, "THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE CLIMAX!"

I agree with Kajenx that the song was a bit repetitive. The melodies certainly had potential -- what I heard in the A-section was memorable, and I could sing it after having listened. This song, as I hinted earlier, seriously could benefit from counter-melody use.

Another thing that could be of use is a "bridge" of sorts, a proverbial section C. You have an A-B-A-B-A structure, which makes it repetitive. A-B-A-C-A-B-A would make it a rondo, which would already suggest you've mastered an orchestral form. Also, it switches things up. In that bridge, you could take liberties with key changes, chord changes, borrowing previous melodic themes and adding more original melodies to make it distinct. Musically, I felt this was sorely needed.

Mixing could use some work as well. The instruments sound like they've been panned alright, but we could use some reverb and decay. Now different instruments will have different levels of decay, as you may be well aware. Try to imagine, say, a Super Mario Galaxy song playing in your speakers, and compare and contrast with this. Hopefully, you'll be able to add whatever decay is necessary. No worries, I've been there before. ^_^

Also, I agree with Kajenx about the compressors -- I used to compress my works a lot, so I've been there too. Thing about compressors is that they seem to bunch all the instruments together in a small space, and you can hear that when the file's been exported. If you have to use compressors on individual instruments to avoid peaking, do so -- but do so as a last resort. I trust you'll use better judgment and not compress the whole piece.

You have done some very solid work with this piece, but the kinks need to be knocked out. I must assert that you have a winner in the works -- and I would really love to hear this piece once more, once the changes are implemented!


larrylarrybb responds:

Very good tips! I might change the "B section" to make the song less repetitive, and I agree that there needs to be more buildup at 5:39, but I wasn't sure what to use for that buildup. I think I will also remove all of the "silence" areas before the transitions except for the first one, which I think is needed to separate the song's melodies into two distinct sections. Thanks for all the excellent advice!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'll do 3.5 too, lol.

I think the melodies have potential, especially around 2:00. Haha, wait, now it's a techno song! *thump thump* Anyway, the mixing could some work. ATM it sounds a lot like a SNES song - very midi. Maybe that's what you're going for, but it didn't seem like it. It's also a bit "overexposed" to use Photoshop terminology. I used to get that a lot in my own stuff when I was trying to push it louder and louder but I had a compressor on it and didn't realize it was getting muddy. Try turning off all your compressors, adjusting the levels so nothing is peaking out, then turn them back on. It makes a world of difference.

The song was a bit repetitive, and the melodies weren't too memorable, but it's got some nice bits about it that kept me listening. You said you were trying something new, so it was a good experiment. :)

larrylarrybb responds:

Thanks for the tips! This song has an A-B-A-B-A sequence, so it may seem repetitive. This sequence is common for techno songs, but maybe not as much for orchestral songs, so I will think of some changes I can add to make it seem less repetitive. As for the mixing, the volume may be "maxing out" in some areas, so I will lower the volume of some of the louder instruments. I'll also try your idea on the compressors. Thanks for the tips!!!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I am a long time classical music composer (so take away whatever you deem necessary), and while I gave every one of your tunes 5 stars I must say this tune was very good, but contained some mistakes that really doesn't do justice to your previous tunes. I am not stupid, and I fully appreciate this tune had some elements that is still very associative with your previous genres which is perfectly fine, but it didn't quite work out in my opinion. Allow me to explain... one primary mistake made here is that in this tune the focus has been lost in many places (especially before 1:30).

The biggest flaw and in particular, the cymbal was truly awful, it was too loud and stuck out like a knife edge in what would otherwise be a very emotional moment (with the rest of the instruments). I felt the cymbals disrupted the flow of the music. In techno and electronica this may be just fine, but with the use of classical or anything with classical instruments as the focus in this genre such as in this tune that is not a good thing.

A second pointer I can give is that lower the volume of your percussion slightly OR raise the volume of your focus instruments. This way it gives listeners a greater capacity to focus on what you want them to hear as the 'message' of your music.

Lastly, I feel it is important for tunes like this to have a proper ending rather than a simple 'fade away' resolution. Reasoning is I feel your tune contained quite a lot of power and emotional message (yeah, maybe you didn't quite intend for that, but regardless it had...believe me), and because of the sheer power of your 'message', your resolution didn't quite properly close that, hence when your went into the 'fade away' section, I was quite surprised that it had ended. Now... maybe this is what you intended, for the listener to feel wanting for more. But in this case I believe it may not be the best option, as this tune had magnificent potential for something greater (especially as an ending), and to leave listeners in limbo when they were BOTH not expecting it AND not truly satisfied with a resolution is a toxic mix. It's either one or the other, but usually not both.

Hence, my rating reflects my critique. 0.5 points taken away for each point. I hope you will take my post constructively. I don't normally post long comments, but this tune had so much potential in it I sincerely hope you may rework it in some way and re-post it in a much more um.....'satisfying' form.

As always, well done nevertheless on another good piece of music. Despite this you can be assured I will continue to listen to your music and cheer you on!

Kind Regards,

larrylarrybb responds:

Thanks for the very thorough review! I will work on the lowering the volume of the cymbals and percussion. As for the ending, yes, I was trying to leave the listener wanting for more, but I wasn't sure if this was the right approach for this song. I will now probably use an abrupt ending instead.