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So, this time around, I decided to make something with a hacking theme lol
Really though, she's (Hatsune Miku) just saying a bunch of numbers xD

Oh and this is for the NGADM round 2


Hack begin.
1 3 5 6 7 3 2 2 8 5 6 0 1 2 3 4 0 4 7 0 1 8 9 6 2 2 6 7
Hack Finish. Go!

Level up!

Hack begin.
1 3 5 7 9 0 2 4 6 8 3 1 5 7 7 8 0 1 2 2 7 1 3 5 6 0 2 5 1 0 1 0

Danger! Danger!

1 2 5 7 9 0 2 7 6 8 0 1 5 1 7 8 0 1 2 2 7 8 1 5 6 0 5 1 0 1 1 0 1 0

You Win!

Hack Finish.


Oh and I used Japanese Miku
English Miku isn't out yet lol

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NGADM Round 2 Reviewz0rz

What I liked:
- Ok... I'll admit it right off the bat, vocaloid use. Opinionated point is opinionated. But reviews usually are, they can't be entirely objective.
- The overall idea behind the song I thought was really cool, I can't really say it's really all that unique, but it's not something I hear too often, and was a refreshing change of pace to songs that try so hard to have deeper meaning. It's simple, it's catchy, and it makes me bob my head.
- Paints a picture. This is always a big plus in my book, if a song manages to create a flowing and uninterrupted video in my head while I listen, I feel it's worth an extra point or two. I could really picture a music video along with this. I can't begin to explain the visuals I get, but suffice to say, they are cool, and fit the song well.

What I didn't:
- There wasn't much about this I didn't like... but that synth bit at around 0:58 threw off my headbobbing. So I'll just say that.
- I think you could've done a little more with the section after "Danger! Danger!"... When I heard Miku say that, I thought something crazy was gonna happen, but then it just sort of shifted up a bit and kept doing what it was doing, which I was a little disappointed by.

Really cool idea, dance worthy (Aside from that odd synth rhythm at around 0:58), great, if uninspired (Not necessarily a bad thing), use of Hatsune Miku. Wish the section after "Danger! Danger!" built on that sense of "OMG, something's going down!" that I got... but then never happened.


NGADM Round 2 Review


Let it not be said that this track isn't creative. Definitely one of the more intriguing tracks I have ever listened to. I had no idea what 'Hatsune Miku' was until I heard this song, and I think based on the theme of this track, it was a solid fit and a wise choice to use it (her?.... :S ). I absolutely love the melodic portions of the song (0:52-1:23, 2:08-3:06) as they really grip the attention of the listener and don't let go! I mean, they were ridiculously catchy to the point where I found myself humming these sections long after I had finished listening to the song.

The whole idea of using Hatsune Miku is both compelling and frustrating. While I appreciate the notion of uniqueness that this vocaloid represents, it became tiring to hear randomized numbers after a while. I love the creativity that this brings to the song, but it gets...well...really stale. The spoken words were pretty cute but I can't say that I enjoyed listening to those random numbers over and over again. The mix of the track's instruments is superb, but overall the track is quite loud.

To reiterate (and add), this is one of the more creative pieces so far in the NGADM. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. To top it off, you have made a great production here, keep it up! :)

Score: 7/10


The Good:
-Cool idea, nice use of vocaloid.
-I recognize that phaser preset at 0:34 (singing whales), good way to transition. :)
-Melodic sections are sweet, I like the harmonic lines along with the melody.
-Transitions are nice overall, including the ending. Thanks for that. :)

The Not-So-Good:
-This is hella repetitive, and honestly gets kinda boring when there's barely any change in the background or the monotone number recitation for about a minute straight, which happens several times. Even SOME melody or at least a change in background would have been nice.
-The key changes at 1:40 and 1:54 are honestly extremely cliche and make me personally dislike the track more. If someone is going to do a key change, it really should be accompanied by something different rather than just shifting everything up.

Overall: Score of 6/10. There are some really cool parts which are awesome, but the repetition and cliche key changes REALLY killed it for me.

This is an NGADM Round 2 review.


It's so hard to be creative in this genre, because it's done to death, but I do believe you've just managed to achieve that. This is very creative. You've portrayed the theme perfectly without sounding gimmicky at all. The sounds you've used are perfect. I love the "virus bass" you used in this track. It's such a good sound for this kind of theme, and it works extremely well. What really takes the cake, though, would be the alarm-like synth you used at 0:45 and 1:39 though. What an excellent way to build the atmosphere. You even sped the theme up which created an audible rise in intensity. I think your classic electro bass which comes in at 0:17 is a bit crude (but it made me smile because it reminded me of your older tracks!) but otherwise, the sounds are very suitable and this is generally well-thought-out.

The production is very similar to your other tracks. Everything is ridiculously well-produced, but loud and brickwalled. Again, just like in your Round 1 track and some other tracks of yours, I feel like the loudness of this track makes it sound overbearing and tiring to listen to. It's tough to make a mix that's loud and still roomy enough, but I feel that you didn't quite manage to get that right. Still, other than that (and your kick which I think could have a bit less mids) you have great production. Your composition is actually quite interesting. Let me also commend you on your super-solid structure, great intro, and fantastic transitions!

I feel like the whole theme of the track, while being creative, hampered the musicality of the track a bit. The sections where the numbers are being spoken feel a bit redundant after a while. As much as I love how intense they sound, I feel like they could've been a bit more melodic. The vocals themselves sound a bit off at times. As much as Hatsune Miku is awesome, the spoken words were often awkwardly pronounced (because it's the Japanese version I presume) and the numbers were sometimes off-timing and occasionally drowned out by other sounds. I think it would've been better had you asked a female voice actor to speak that in a monotone voice and then you added some effects on her voice to make it sound computerised. Also, silly little suggestion - would've been better if you put "access granted" at the end rather than "you win" haha. Obviously not reducing marks for that but it would've fit better with the theme.

Anyway, fun tune you have here, and very creative. Great composition, great production, a few issues here and there but it's a high score from me!

Score: 8.5/10

When i listened the first time to tis song i didnt really know what i should thing about it. After listening to is several times i know now that i like it :D Hatsune is just funny! I got prima and avanna (english) but never used them in a song until now - maybe i should, too :D

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