Pokemon Sex, Sweet Pokemon Sex

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Yet another track we made for a freestyle song thread we started on a certain online forum, and like the last time, we asked posters to suggest things to incorporate into the song, or to post images, and we'd rap about them. The following is what was either quoted, mentioned, or posted by the users, whether it was text or pictures:
- "WTF is this? stupid fucking topic"
- A forum regular would join our threads, and he'd proceed to post images of various nude Pokemon's, involved in various sex acts. We had to give a very minor reference to this.
- "Brushie Brushie Brushie"
- "OP, I am intrigued. Why would you do this?"
- An image of someone brushing a tiny fruit bat's teeth, as he keeps posting "Brushie Brushie Brushie"
- Again, a post with toothpaste on a tooth "brushie"
- Furry/Artwork depicting two male wolf-people about to have sex
- "In '93 and they be shittin' on the industry"
- An image with the Haters Gonna Hate motto
- Another furry/art piece, this time it's a nude wolf-woman. Thought she had a thong on, turns out it was just a lighter strip of fur where the genital parts are located. My mistake
- A drawing of a pink monkey giving the middle finger
- Yet another drawing of a naked fur woman in an attractive 'put the ass in your face' pose, but it's still a goddamn wolf person
- A photo of someone's dog, with human teeth photoshopped over his mouth
- Had to refresh at this point. People were still posting.
- The infamous Pikachu image returns. It's Pikachu with a penis & testicles for a face, instead of his normal, not-penis-&-testicles face. I choose you, pikachu
- A poster left a really large amount of text, all comprised of a nasty, hate-monger word. We left that out, but kept in the rest of his comment, "Big Sean quoted that shit". He then requested it to be inserted, "preferrably at the start of this song". We put it at the end
- Image of someone smashing a plate of food with a baseball bat
- Image of someone tugging it
- Drawing of Spongebob Squarepants in MS Paint , complete with a penis and lipstick
- "Your band sucks you cannot play guitar your drum loops sound like shit your autotune voice is making a mockery out of the fucking music industry. I should fuck your sister when she is eighteen"
- An animated GIF of the Joker (from the Dark Knight), in the disappearing pen trick scene, he slams the guy's head on the desk, but instead, Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants' face is replaced with the normal film version
- Another drawing of animal people doing the sex
- The infamous Goatse picture (a man pulling open his ass with both hands. don't look for it)
- Painting of Jesus, resurrecting with two six-packs of beer
- Animated GIF of the film 'Se7en'. Brad Pitt is wondering what's in the box
- "Fight the powah! Roww roww"
- GIF of Obi Wan doing the force push

For everything else in-between & leading up, of course we came up with material to bridge in, but it was all on the fly.
Normally, we don't show these to people, but if these are your kind of thing, follow us on Twitter & look out for our future song threads, so you can be a part of this shitty magic!
We create videos & throw up links once done, and it's pretty well the only time to link to the rest of 'em.

See you soon!



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AnalogByNature responds:

Sweet crushie, brushie, pokemon sex!

This was just... Exquisite. I'm such a sucker for dat ol skool. Your rapping on this song very very faintly reminds of one of the guys on 'A Tribe Called Quest,' but only at certain parts.

This is really great. Really.

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AnalogByNature responds:

wow, quite a throwback! It's been years since we've heard ATCQ!
Big up & thanks to you for the review and the comparison. Looks like we got something right! :)

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Hip Hop - Olskool
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