The Holy Pixel

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The holy pixel can be found when a game becomes self aware and is able to contemplate it's own existence.

My submission for NGADM 2013 part 2

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Hi! I was a replacement judge for NGADM round 1 and this is my review of your track!
I scored mixing and composition/arrangement separately so I'll explain here what score I gave you and why. 8/10 in my scoring scheme is "Great", 10/10 is exceptional. To get 10 the piece needed to go beyond expectations, to have a unique sonic quality and present an original aspect (or several) in terms of composition.
Production: 7
Each individual section is well mixed and you have good sounds. A lesson you still need to learn is that mixing isn't just about the broad strokes, it's about the details too. If you want to transition between two completely different things quickly you need to work on the mixing side of this too.
(If we were chatting via PM I would give you an example but I won't link to things I've done in a review).
Composition/arrangement (where valid): 7
Well it certainly is unique. That scored you a lot of bonus points. On the other hand it's a little repetitive and you really need to work on your transitions from a composition perspective too.
Most people struggle with this aspect so don't worry too much on a personal level.
You just need to put more time into constructing the details.

7/10 good work on some aspects, lacking on others. Over all good score though, congrats.

Slug-Salt responds:

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my work so carefully. I'll take your criticism into serious consideration for my future work.

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


This is definitely not something I'll ever be able to understand that easily haha. I'll start by saying that some of your sounds are actually quite good. You have an incredibly good intro with this lovely, silky string ensemble that leans a bit on the synthy side (perhaps due to the large amounts of reverb you put on it [and everything else for that matter - sounds like I'm hearing this in a massive hall]). You've got some pretty good ideas over here and surprisingly enough you manage to create a pretty impressive atmosphere.

Still, to be honest I struggled to find good things about this track. The voice sounds incredibly artificial (although some of the glitching on it was interesting enough), when the voice hits high notes the track sometimes it sounds like it distorts. While the intro is amazing, the outro is just odd. You have some good compositional ideas, but most of the time you've just got vocal melodies that are hard to follow, and short string spiccato melodies that you repeat constantly, with subtle melodic variations occasionally. The flow of the piece is bumpy and weird. From a great intro, you introduce the string spiccato very harshly and abruptly, and then out of nowhere, you introduce a female singer. The second half of the track feels even more directionless, with an unfortunate lack of distinguishable or memorable sections, as all of the elements you use in the second half were already introduced and developed in the first.

So, maybe I'm missing something here, but I don't quite get this track. It has some nice qualities, and sure as hell made for an interesting listen, but falls short of the structured and well-composed track I was hoping to get from you!

Score: 6/10

Slug-Salt responds:

Thanks for taking the time to review my work Step. I know it took a big risk submitting something so minimal and experimental but I stand behind my song regardless.

I asked myself before submission if I wanted to go with something more suitable for mass appeal and came to the conclusion that if I were to go that route it would have been a mistake.

Again thank you for the nice review, I will be sure to participate next year!

This is freaking hilarious. The vocals was obviously really funny, but to me the humour actually started at 0:46 when the strings came in, and started playing this dull-ish melody. It's like it was thinking about a joke but trying to keep a straight face.

So yeah, this is really well done. I heard some peaking at ~2:25 but don't know if that's just my crappy headphones or the song. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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4.59 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2013
10:30 PM EDT
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