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EDIT [18/08/2013] Replaced file with a SLIGHTLY better mix that fixes the voice getting drowned out by the instruments. Sounds equally shitty, though!

My entry for Round 1 of the N G A D M '13 contest! Couldn't have submitted any later lol.

Had a ton of trouble with this one because moving, unpacking, no space, broken microphone, and as always, production trouble because I just suck at producing... BUT I DID IT. And I'm quite proud of it, regardless of audio quality. I hope y'all enjoy it! I really put a lot of effort into the melodies and instruments!

[Written and performed by Wolftacular]
Open up and listen
It is you who I want near
I know my voice isn't
Something you are used to hear

I want to show you places
And fly through all the spaces
But I'm mistaken
This fantasy is shaken

I lived the most confusing dream
About an angel who spoke to me
And though my head can make things seem
I've faith that this one might truly be

But if you're really up there now
Are you just planning to leave me here?
Why don't you fly and come right down
So you can pluck me right off this sphere

You have not been dreaming
I've had my eyes on you
But they'd call this scheming
We could never make it true

I want to break the skyline
Renounce to what's divine
But I would risk
Your life and more

I've gone in circles in my head
And my decision I have reached
So prepare your wings to spread
And I will do anything you preach

Please forget it all
It's impossible to do
You and I are small
They'd cut us both right through

Of all the stars in heaven
You're the one who's made me leaven
But it's forsaken
We must both awaken

If I could change the rules
Or fight against those fools
You know I'd do it
But I can't come through with it

It is best to leave you
Pretend I only deceived you
I'm gone forever
Forget this endeavor

I lived the most confusing dream
About an angel who loved me
And though the stars can make things seem
I've faith that this one someday I'll see

So if you're really up there now
I hope you're warm, safe and well
And if you ever do come down
I know the skyline will be where you fell

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If memory serves, you remade this song (different submission), but this is the one I like best. The instrumentals accompany the lyrics perfectly. Wishing you the best of success, either personally or professionally :)

Wolftacular responds:

Wow, thank you man! I didn't remake it, but a buddy in here helped me remaster it. I plan to re-record it eventually with more time for better quality and stuffs. Thanks a bunch for the comment! I don't get many nowadays :)

Regardless of how you feel about the quality this is simply an awesome song. I can feel from listening to it that this took a long time Im sure, between recording and writing. I almost feel tired after hearing it now not because I don't like it but because as someone who's recorded music on my own with many limitations I know how taxing it can be.

I honestly only noticed the less than perfect quality when the piano played solo. There was some white noise in the back, but who cares if anything it just feels more real. Really great words too, you managed to write a song of mostly verses that still had a chorus but maintained the element of story telling, while letting me not realize how many verses it had until it was over. I sense a Leonard Cohen influence in you. Very nice work!

Wolftacular responds:

Man, thank you so much! Your words really made me feel good. Thanks a bunch for listening and commenting!!!

I heard this track through MetalRenard's NG page and I just wanted to say how much I loved the vocals and writing of this piece. I'm not the most experienced with audio so I can't really say anything useful in my commentary. So... I'll simply say thank you for sharing your talents for everyone to enjoy.

Wolftacular responds:

I appreciate any and all comments! Thank you for listening! Glad you enjoyed it! (:

- NGADM Round 1 Review -

Your singing is very good. The lyrics are great, and they go very well with your voice and chosen melodies. The progression is good, as well, and there a definite flow to the track. The production of your track is nicely done, for the most part; however there is some muddiness in certain parts that definitely take away from the clarity that the song strives for; the vocal mixing could also use some work integrating with the rest of the track. Overall, this was a pleasant song to listen to.

Score: 8

Wolftacular responds:

Glad to hear you enjoyed the track overall, and thanks a bunch for the feedback!

This is so good!!!!

Wolftacular responds:

Thank you so much!

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Aug 3, 2013
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