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Saharan Sunrise

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My submission for NGADM '13. I figured I'd shy away from dark and epic, as Papkee tends to lean in that direction ;)

As always, review and vote!

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Your NGADM Round 1 Review
Now, as I don't really work with cinematic music much, yours and papkee's tracks were very difficult to judge. However, I'll review this as best as possible for you :)

As soon as the first few notes came in, BAM SMILE ON MY FACE. It just sounds so soft, it's a perfect little background piece (Actually reminds me of elevator music and when you're on hold on a phone haha) and it just works. The melodies are lovely and choice of instruments to sit amongst the mix like the guitar sliding away in the background just adds to simple and beautiful texture you've created here. Your dynamical range is perfect as well. Everything has power exactly where it needs power and sits just right. Beautiful work.

However, holding on to Steps' comment, IT'S SO SHORT. I tried to avoid judging based on length where possible but this track stands out as one of the shortest and it's really disappointing. You really should have pushed this to be much longer, it holds great potential and an abrupt ending really knocked back everything I'd smiled for!

Apart from that, I love the mood, the texture, the melodies, the simple beat. It's just beautiful. Awesome work!

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.

Really cool texture you have here in the beginning. I love the atmosphere. This kind of feels like Wii loading screen music to me, which isn’t really a bad thing. Very ethereal and pleasant. I liked the chord change at the end – the violin run “ending” was a little abrupt. This sounds a bit more like an introduction to a larger piece. Either that, or it should be set up to loop. The ambient strings add a lot to this, very subtle dynamic changes which are effective. That said, I think that this piece is lacking some substance for such a large contest. While it is a pleasant piece of music to listen to, I feel like you could have done so much more with it! Still, great job, I enjoyed it very much!

Score: 7/10

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


This is ridiculously cute haha. Sensational choice of sounds, ranging from the upfront to the subtle. This is a real pleasure to listen to because of all the detail you put into it. There's are plenty of different harmonic layers that slowly build up together to create a beautiful, enjoyable result. I love how precisely at 0:39 you start to portray a sense of movement, rather than just keeping this subtle background music which, given then style, must have been tempting. Your composition is simple but very elegant, I love those warm string chords and your use of percussion is just right. This is absolutely lovely and relaxing.

But - you really have a habit of doing this - the track is far too short! You've done it in the past with previous contest entries (except Apotheosis which was years ago!). This sounds so good and you've effortlessly set an incredibly likeable mood, but then everything just stops. It doesn't help that the ending is abrupt too. I mean, the cadence you use at the end is fine and does give a sense of the track finishing, but it's still very premature and kind of like a "right, I'm done here" ending, as I like to call them. It leaves me nearly begging for more, and there is plenty of room for you to make more. I'm actually curious - why did you make it so short? Was the deadline an issue or did you just want to make something small and simple?

Anyway, that was an amazingly enjoyable listen. You weren't very ambitious with this track which is a darn shame, because I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Score: 7.8/10

This is great but also agonizingly short. I've barely started to feel the warmth of the sun on my face and then it was over.

I think the little part starting at 1:18 could very well turn into the start of a B-section. And then you could go back to a more filled-out and active variation of the main theme, and end it there. It's already really enjoyable as it is but I also found it somewhat unfulfilling.

O.o this was not what I expected at all. And I like it!

I really like how you went almost exact-opposite of me. The vibe in the piece is fantastic. I'm loving the strings throughout. You've got a solid piece here, but the ending could've wound down a bit more before that big flourish. There are a few little nitpicks that don't deserve mentioning here but I love this track.

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Aug 3, 2013
8:04 PM EDT
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