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NGADM 2013
IO Vs Sinerider

Best of luck!

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- NGADM Round 1 Review -

Yes, there is a lot to be liked about this song. There is a certain unique quality to your composition that I can't shake. It's a very good thing. Your choice of instruments and how you use them work brilliantly together. You've got an excellent rhythm, and the whole song is quite catchy, to say the least. Drums are great, and your progression and structure is very solid. There is dirtiness in the low-end for sure, but it's... minor, considering the number of instruments you have at play, no matter how well you use them. An excellent track, no doubt!

Score: 8.8

InvisibleObserver responds:

I'm pleased the instrument selections stand out, I focus on cohesive and unique mixes of synths/samples/instruments/textures. Everything is made up and tweaked before being written with. As for progression, I like to have songs adventure a little, allowing me to play with mood, while also stopping any section from becoming particularly stale. Thank you for the comments!

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


I haven't listened to your music in such a long time, and this track is a pleasant reminder of how much I loved it. This is one of the most unique tracks of this round. The best word to describe your choice of sounds is fascinating. There's a lovely mix of different sounds, along with excellent glitching effects and interesting composition that make this one hell of a listen. Regarding structure and flow, this track is near-perfect, with smooth transitions, a solid structure, and a great intro and ending to boot (but leave the ending's reverb/delay tail to ring off some more so it doesn't cut off like that please). One particularly nice touch, I thought, were the strings that can be first heard clearly at 1:05. What a wonderful string sound, and what a great way to use it!

I think the mix has a few problems, even if generally it's very good. The low end is unclean, and you've got so many different elements in interplay here in this track that it inevitably gets cluttered and too busy in the more crowded moments. I'm not a huge fan of your piano sample; sounds a bit thin and flat to be honest. Also, the glock melody at 0:35 is very directionless and bland. Thankfully the glock is used more creatively and effectively later on in the track! I think that glockenspiel melody is the only bad thing about the composition, because other than that this was composed well.

Fantastic song. Great to see you submitting music again after two whole years!

Score: 8.8/10

InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks Steph for the review, I know it was semi mandatory, but thanks reguardless.

Pleased you think my musics nifty unique. With some luck I'll be able to stand out in uniqueness each round. I rather pride myself on my sound design/sound palettes I use so its good others notice.

Most of the major issues in the song (bass clipping to crap, end cutting out, poopy glock motif repeating) are competition timing issues.

I fully intend on actually mixing this guy down, cleaning up some of the loops/writing, as well as extending the section at 2:40, while working in some drum rolls to mix up the gallopy drums.

Fully agree and appreciate your criticisms!

Incredibly unique. I was a bit surprised around 1:10 when the synth came in. It almost seems like it should be out of place but it isn't. Such a beautiful sound you have here. :)

InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks for the kind words. That 1:10 synth went through an awful lot of versions of it until it felt not out of place. Its hard to have contrasting sounds 'work'. It was a real problem spot.

not bad. I hear strings behind

InvisibleObserver responds:

Me too!

I liked the ominous mood at the beginning, as well as the instruments throughout. The intro is a little long, but I like that distorted bass at 1:10. You really play a lot with the mood of the piece. It goes from ominous to angry to blissful to ominous again! I love pieces that do that. I also like the transition at 3:09 a lot. Overall, the structure and transitions were good, cool instruments, not too repetitive, and nice work with the mood! I thought the ending was cool too, but it cut off a little suddenly (did you intend to loop this?). Great job, though! Best of luck at NGADM! ;D

InvisibleObserver responds:

I love to play with elements of different genres, instrument styles, sonic values, aswell as altering moods within peices - awesome that its super clear without having anyone feel disrupted by it.

The cutting at the end was more a result of me having finished the song half an hour before I went to work, and my work shift going over the final submission time... so I was balls to the wall rushed to just get it pumped out and uploaded.

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4.88 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2013
5:46 PM EDT
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7.3 MB
3 min 58 sec

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